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On the surface, the conditions said it would be given “specially” to Haeun as if it were a huge benefit, but as expected, it was all just to show off.


‘The Internet said they would give me fifteen billion.’


Even the contents of the down payment are completely missing!


Haeun said as she closed the contract.


“I will refuse.”


“Why? It would be hard to find a better condition than this.”


Haeun stuck out her tongue at Lee Hyeonok’s pretentious behavior. It seemed that a slightly thicker face wasn’t enough for her to be a guild leader of the Daehan Guild. 


It wasn’t such a good condition, and this was what other guilds suggested. In particular, the small and medium guilds were eager to pull Haeun up to the roots of the guild pillars.


If they want to bring Jung Haeun, they have to do that.


In addition, an American Hunter Association has already approached Haeun for 50 million dollars. The contract, which her family turned down because they were all living in Korea, but she wanted. 


Haeun hid her inner feelings and gave her reasons for external use.


“Because it’s still time to learn.”


“Awakening is nothing short of a rebirth. As soon as you awakened, you would have realized how to use your strength.” 


“I’m strong at individual play but still inexperienced in team play.”


“Come to Daehan and learn.”


She doesn’t understand at all. Haeun murmured, thinking she was the top of the people who acted bossy. 


“What did you believe in and learn from a guild that kidnaps people?”


Of course, the voice was loud enough for the person sitting next to her in the car’s back seat to hear it clearly. Lee Hyeonok’s eyebrows twitched. 


What did I say wrong? I didn’t lie at all. Haeun shrugged her shoulders.


“Okay. I apologize for asking for a conversation in a somewhat coercive way.”


Surprisingly, Lee Hyeonok apologized. Although the adverb ‘somewhat’ was added. 


“But the words to join the Daehan Guild are sincere. Throw away the lame excuses that you still have to learn. Is there any reason not to join the Daehan Guild? Do you think Ahyeon and Dawn can beat Daehan no matter how hard they try?”


“Ahyeon seems to have more top rankers.”


“Anyway, the guild that represents Korea is the Daehan Guild.”


Lee Hyeonok was also very proud of her own guild. In the end, Haeun sighed and said.


“I don’t want to belong to one guild, but I want to work freely.”


She will do what she has to do, but she will refuse her more than that. She wanted to decline the ending of death from overwork.


Moreover, Haeun and Jung Eunwoo had already promised to participate in a dungeon raid every two weeks. Yesterday too, Jung Eunwoo had been contemplating on which dungeon to send Haeun to first! 


“That’s why I refuse to join the Daehan Guild.”


“Can you really do that?”


Lee Hyeonok smiled. It was a kind but ominous smile.


“Once upon a time, there was a child I cared for.”


Suddenly, it’s an old story. Haeun listened in silence for a moment.


“The grade was good, and the learning ability was good, so if I let the child know, that child would do it well. The attack performance was also good. Everyone said that when that child grows up, that child will succeed me and become a guild leader.” 


Was there such a person in Daehan Guild? Lee Hyeonok asked Haeun, who tilted her head.


“What do you think that person would be like now?”


“Seeing that the guild leader hasn’t changed, is that person still the vice guild leader?”


“No. That person quit being a hunter.”




“That kid had a disagreement with me on an important point. There’s no need to have unnecessary personnel. Of course, I wanted to use it if I could fix it. But no matter how hard I tried to persuade him, he didn’t listen.” 


“…Do you mean that you talked to him?”


“It’s not even a child, so it can’t be.” 


Lee Hyeonok, who smiled at Haeun as if she was innocent, hardened her face.


“I stopped the activity. He couldn’t do raid activities because the government didn’t permit him to attack, and he couldn’t buy goods because he was hit by a van in the market. Personal requests came in from time to time, but even that was cut off. Don’t I have to do that to get your act together?”




“Unfortunately, he went a different path because we didn’t agree until the end. Now he’s farming tangerines in Jeju Island.” 


Haeun looked at Lee Hyeonok coldly.


Lee Hyeonok is now threatening to do the same thing if Haeun doesn’t listen.


Moreover, the threats didn’t end there. 


“Lee Yoonkyung. Jung Jinho. Jung Eunwoo. Jung Sehyun. They are all good hunters.”


“Don’t even think about touching my family.”


Haeun growled when she mentioned the name of her family. Even if she doesn’t know her, she can’t forgive her for touching her family. No, even touching Haeun herself is unforgivable. Who are you trying to touch me? 


“If you did that, I wouldn’t stay still.”


“What is Hunter Jung Haeun going to do?”


Haeun stopped talking. Then, she raised an eyebrow and smiled.


“First of all, I should say thank you. I just learned something good.”


Lee Hyeonok kindly told Haeun how to kick out the antagonist in detail.


“I will do the same. First of all, I will contact Haniel and ask them not to sell items to hunters belonging to the Daehan Guild. The same goes for all the items from other workshops exhibited at the Haniel Expo, right? Wow, the quality of the entries this time is really good! it’s a shame!”


Lee Hyeonok ferociously hardened her face.


“The government’s permission to attack is, hmm… First of all, it is not likely that my mom and brother will remain silent. If that’s not enough, can I lead the American political community? Actually, I have done a small favor to a famous politician there.”


“Hunter Jung Haeun.” 


“Of course, they can’t directly interfere with the situation in Korea, but they can put pressure on it in other ways, right? I really don’t want to do this, but what can I do? I’m not interested in tangerine farming.”


Lee Hyeonok looked at Haeun fiercely. Haeun also received Lee Hyeonok’s eyes without losing. 


As if the second game would begin at any moment, the atmosphere inside the car became grim.


At that moment, someone knocked on the car door.


Knock, knock—.


Haeun and Lee Hyeonok, who were fighting a war of nerves, turned their heads at the same time. They could see someone standing over the black tinted window. The opponent burst open the door.


“Hey, what are you doing here?”


The car door opened and it was Jung Eunwoo who suddenly appeared.


“What, how do you know I’m here…” 


Haeun, who was muttering, bewildered, looked at it at that moment. Dozens of people who followed Jung Eunwoo are looking around this place with curious eyes!


Oh, she made eye contact.


The people who found Haeun screamed.


“Kyaaa! It’s Hunter Jung Haeun!” 


“Whoa, what to do! It’s really Jung Haeun!” 


“Haeun-ah! Do you remember me? We saw each other at the opening party two years ago!” 


I don’t know! I don’t remember anything like that!


Fortunately, people didn’t come right in front of the car. Instead, they were gathered in a place far away.


Leaving behind a huge fuss, Jung Eunwoo made a scene.


“Hey, you told me to come quickly and you’re hiding here.”


Haeun was furious.


“I wasn’t here because I wanted to. And I told you to be here by one o’clock!”


“Hey, Jung Haeun. I spent half my time because of you.”


Jung Eunwoo’s expression became ugly. Haeun was a little scared. Why is he being so sensitive?


“Hunter Jung Haeun, Hunter Jung Eunwoo.”


Lee Hyeonok called the two. The fierce look was over, and before she knew it, she was back to looking like a guild leader with a lot of experience.


Jung Eunwoo gestured as if telling her to get off. As Haeun had hoped for, she quickly stretched her legs out of the car. Haeun said, putting her body halfway out.


“Anyway. I will not join the Daehan Guild.”


“You will regret it.”


“Then come with a better offer.”


Then she’ll think about that little amount. 


“Kyaaaa! Hunter Jung Haeun! Please give me a sign!”


“Let’s take a picture!!”


First, after running away from here!


* * *




The car that was running fiercely came to a stop in the underground parking lot of a building. 


An hour from Haeun’s school, the building standing tall on the outskirts of Seoul had a total of five stories. Haeun muttered as she got out of the car. 


“Uh, I feel like throwing up.”


From school, there were people who quickly followed, and they ran wild to get rid of them. Unlike Haeun, Jung Eunwoo, who has a clear face, said casually.


“Work out.”


“You didn’t drive properly!”


And she doesn’t want to hear that from a muscle pig who spends three hours every day at the gym. How far is he going to build up his body? Is he thinking of entering a bodybuilding competition? 


Jung Eunwoo pressed the button on the monitor right next to the elevator.


“Open the door.”


The high-tech system that uses the magic stone scanned Jung Eunwoo. The door opened as soon as the scan was completed, and Haeun and Jung Eunwoo got on the elevator. When they arrived at the second floor after passing through the first floor, the landlord stuck out his head and greeted the two.




Currently, Haeun’s family is staying in a building owned by Jung Sehyun located near Seoul until the preparations for the new house are completed.


Originally, after their whereabouts were revealed in Gyeonggi-do, they decided to stay in a suite at the Westwood Hotel until they found a new place to live.


However, as people continued to follow them, they had no choice but to revise their plans. Some even rang the doorbell on the pretext of room service they didn’t order.


“We can’t do this. Don’t stay here. Let’s go somewhere else.”


“Where else?”


“My house.”


At first, Jung Sehyun, who didn’t say anything, confessed to his family that he had a building.


It was natural for the family to be surprised.


“What do you mean a building? Not a house, but a building?”


“It’s nothing special. It’s just a small thing.”


“Oh my. When on earth did you buy it?”


“Hmm. Just in the past?”


Jung Sehyun, who replaced the answer with a smile, led his family and moved to his own building that day.


Park Yeongsik, the president of the Westwood Hotel and acquainted with Haeun’s family, decided to decorate the suite as if Jung’s family were staying there.


When Haeun first arrived at the building Sehyun mentioned, she was surprised by the much better facilities than the apartment she and her family lived in. Jung Jinho and Lee Yoonkyung probably didn’t know this, and it was clear that they were embarrassed.  


“Why didn’t you say anything when you had a house like this?”




Again, as expected, he covered it with laughter.


Haeun thought maybe Jung Sehyun had another hidden building.


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  1. Maybe Jung sehyun also has a lover…… I mean, idk why else would someone buy a house separate from their family

    1. Naaaah there’s gotta be some underworld in which he’s highly influential or running from behind the scenes hahaha. ꉂꉂꉂꉂ☞( ゚▽゚)☞