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The members of Seo Dojoon’s attack team gathered behind him. 


“Hello, I’m Jung Haeun.” 


Since the first impression was the most important, Haeun approached the group and greeted them with a smile.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says Seo Dojoon looks very happy today.]




Even the skin looks good. Today, Seo Dojoon’s skin glowed even more. Did he put on a face mask before he went to sleep?


“Ohh, Hunter Jung Haeun!” 


A man who looked like a bear hurriedly ran over, grabbed Haeun’s hand and swung it up and down.


“Oh my, you’re really here! I thought our guild leader was lying.”


“Kwon Joongseo, what do you mean by lying?” 


“Nice to meet you! My name is Kwon Joongseo. I’m a support-type hunter. It’s such an honor to meet you!”


The opponent, who identified himself as Kwon Joongseo, had a very solid-looking body compared to his short stature. Looking at his appearance, he seems like a tanker who can destroy anything but is unexpectedly a support-type hunter.


“Thank you for coming! Did you have breakfast?”


“Of course, I just ate a bowl of cereal.”


“Oh, my, you can’t do that. You are doing an important job! I just wanted to make a special power-up energy nut bar for Hunter Jung Haeun if you come! Please have one.” 


Kwon Joongseo handed Haeun a homemade nut bar. After saying thanks, Haeun tore off the wrapping paper and took a bite. It was delicious. 


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says he’s a good person when it comes to socializing.]


Haeun pursed her lips and agreed. A food giver is usually a good person.


“I am Yoo Jihyun and I am a dealer. I’m looking forward to working with you.” 


The person who approached Haeun after Kwon Joongseo was a young woman in her late 20s. Yoo Jihyun, with her red-dyed hair tied up high, especially stood out for her tight biceps muscles.


She hesitated for a moment after her brief self-introduction. Why? Yoo Jihyun slowly opened her mouth while Haeun smiled at her first.


“I… that…” 


“Yes, Yoo Jihyun-ssi.”


“If you don’t mind… Can you give me an autograph later?”


Haeun laughed lightly, knowing that her request was really easy compared to the time she had been waiting for.


“Sure. But I don’t have that special sign.”


“Anything is fine.”


“Then I’ll do it later.”


A bright smile appeared on Yoo Jihyun’s face.


Then someone tapped her on the shoulder. As Haeun turned behind her, a familiar face appeared.


“Haeun-ah, you’re here.”


“Aunt Yeojin!”


Haeun hugged Choi Yeojin.


Choi Yeojin, who plays the role of a healer for the Ahyeon guild leader’s exclusive attack team, was someone Haeun knew very well.


This is because she is Lee Yoonkyung’s direct junior and worked as a civil servant healer in the past, but she moved to the Ahyeon Guild. She hasn’t seen her lately, but she used to come over to Haeun’s house often.


Choi Yeojin, who heard the request from Lee Yoonkyung in advance, smiled brightly and said.


“Oh my. It’s been a while. I think the last time I saw Haeun was at your high school graduation!” 


“Hehe. Auntie, how have you been?”


“I’m always fine. By the way, Haeun-ah. Congratulations on your awakening! Besides, it’s EX. As expected, I knew Haeun would have talent.”


“I’m so happy to go with my aunt today!”


“When I heard you were leaving, I asked the guild leader to join. Right? The guild leader?”


“That’s right.” 


Haeun and Choi Yeojin laughed at Seo Do-joon’s answer at the same time. 


In this way, the self-introduction of the team members who will be with Haeun today is almost over. Seo Dojoon, Kwon Joongseo, Yoo Jihyun, Choi Yeojin—.


‘Huh? But they said there were five team members.’


Haeun, who looked around her, found the last figure.


At a distance from her group, a boy who looked younger than Haeun stood with his back against the wall. A boy wearing school uniform pants and a black windbreaker-type hunter suit was staring at his cell phone with his head down.


‘I think that person is the last team member, playing the role of a tanker and dealer….’


Seo Dojoon, who followed Haeun’s gaze and turned his head, found the other person and opened his mouth.


“Jinyoung-ah, you should say hi”


But there was no return answer. Seo Dojoon said it again.






“Hunter Oh Jinyoung.” 


When Seo Dojoon’s voice became stricter, Oh Jinyoung raised his head.


Oh Jinyoung’s eyebrows drew a mountain crookedly as he met Haeun’s gaze. He didn’t look very happy. At first glance, the mobile game was paused on the cell phone screen.


It was the first negative reaction for Haeun, who had only tasted enthusiastic cheers since she revealed her awakening.


‘Of course, there were people who wrote bad comments on the Internet.’


It’s her first time facing it in person.


The opponent opened his mouth slowly.


“Oh Jinyoung.”


Then he lowered his head again and focused on the game on his phone. 


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is offended by the other person’s attitude, asking where he ended up cutting off his words.]


Seo Dojoon, embarrassed by Oh Jinyoung’s attitude, apologized to Haeun.


“I’m sorry, Haeun-ssi. Jinyoung is not a bad kid….” 


“It’s all right. Don’t worry about it.” 


Generously, Haeun decided to take into account the fact that her opponent was a minor.


In fact, Oh Jinyoung was not the first person to quarrel with Haeun. In the meantime, people have been both jealous and envious of Haeun, who comes from an S-class family. 


‘My middle school days were the worst.’


There were still some immature aspects of the children when she was in elementary school, but by middle school, they all became clever. Among them was a group of so-called bullies who were jealous of Haeun and intentionally quarreled with her.


“I heard your real parents actually abandoned you and ran away?”




“They say Hunter picked you up and raised you. Where can an orphan fool around without knowing a subject?”


It was a provocation and an insult to Haeun. Haeun wasn’t just someone who was patient, so she jumped on the student as it was.


It was only after Haeun’s parents and the perpetrator’s parents were summoned to school that the children stopped bullying Haeun.


The fact that a middle school girl who is very interested in her appearance had a big patch on her head that would not be easily repaired must have had a gentle shock to the students.


‘Compared to them, he’s on the level of cute.’


Haeun thought that she wouldn’t care if he got on the line alone or not as long as Oh Jinyoung didn’t directly challenge her.


“More than that, Seo Dojoon-ssi. Look.”


Haeun, lightly ignoring Oh Jinyoung, turned around in front of Seo Dojoon. Seo Dojoon blinked at Haeun’s change.


“You wore what you bought last time.”


“You wore what you bought last time.”


“Right! Doesn’t it look better in a set?”


“Black suits you well.”


“Right, right? Because I wear them together, there is a set effect. And ta-da.”


The most important thing is this! Haeun pulled out a silver dagger from her bosom.


When Haeun held the handle, the initial came to mind in gold color on the item recognized the owner. It was the trademark of the item Jung Jinho made.


“My Dad made it. It is <Legendary>!”


“It’s cool.”


Seo Dojoon’s eyes looking at Haeun’s new weapon were somewhat bitter.


Unfortunately, Seo Dojoon failed twice in the work requested by Jung Jinho, and the reservation was delayed for several months. It was a small retaliation from Jung Jinho, which Haeun didn’t know.


“Guild leader, preparations for entering are complete.”


“Everyone, let’s do a short briefing.”


Seo Dojoon conducted a general lead for Haeun, who had no experience raiding dungeons as a team.


“The main goal of this dungeon attack is rooting.”


In fact, it was a dungeon attack that was originally planned to win Haeun’s favor.


Unless it was an S-Class dungeon, there weren’t many cases where the guild leader’s exclusive team stepped forward like this. It was usually carried out by a subordinated team of A-Class leaders or by receiving requests for assistance from lower grades.


In addition, <The Mansion of Nebiros>, which she will enter today, is a dungeon with a genealogy. That means nothing is difficult.


So, this attack came like a kind of outing to Seo Dojoon’s team.


Even if everyone didn’t say anything out of their mouths, they were thinking about rooting for items while relaxing their bodies.


“<The Mansion of Nebiros> is divided into three areas. The garden from the main gate, the starting point of the gate, to the mansion is Area A, and the main monsters are skeleton soldiers. The 1st and 2nd floors of the mansion where Nebiros’ familiars appear are Area B, and finally the 3rd floor where Nebiros resides is Area C. If you proceed with the standard attack method, it is expected to take about 10 hours.” 


“Question. What’s the current energy level?”


“It’s 73 as of today’s morning.”


“It’s higher than I thought.”


“If we complete the raid today, it will go down to the early 30s again.”


“Still, the number is high, so there must be a lot of rooting. That’s great.”


“Yeojin-ssi, didn’t you say you needed a lot of ‘moss in the shady mansion’ the other day?”


“That’s right. I tried to make a new reagent, but the items on the Hunter Market were not enough.”


The team members set the goal for this attack peacefully. Individual items obtained from killing monsters became personal property, so everyone was enthusiastic.


‘Neviros’ notebook is mine.’


Haeun also made up her mind.


“Then let’s enter.”


Haeun stood in front of the red gate with a strange feeling.


After that day, she thought that she wouldn’t even look at the dungeon, but she entered the dungeon of her own will.


There is both excitement and tension. Her heart was beating faster than usual. Her heart was filled with an unidentified mix of emotions.


After revealing the fact of her awakening, Haeun received mixed cheers from the people and had two thoughts until now.


The joy of finally being able to stand side by side with her family and the anxiety of whether she can do well enough to receive their cheers. 


It’s been six years since she Awakened, but she feels as if she was reborn after breaking the egg.


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ cheers for Haeun’s first start.]


She has to do well. She will do well no matter what.


Haeun swallowed her tension and stepped inside the portal.


She felt a huge pressure and felt like her body was being torn apart. It was like a well-kneaded, shaped, and hardened lump of clay that was roughly crushed with a hammer.


It was only for a moment that she felt a little nauseous, and the airflow changed instantly. At the same time, cold water drops fell on Haeun’s face.


Tuk, tuk, tuk.


“Oh, it’s cold!”


Haeun was surprised and wrapped her head in her hands. It was raining close to heavy rain in the gloomy sky. Then, an umbrella was placed over Haeun’s head.


“Ah, thank you.”


Seo Dojoon approached and held a black umbrella to block the rain from pouring over Ha-eun’s head. However, it is not an actual umbrella, but Seo Dojoon’s magical ability to shape it.


“It’s nothing.” 


Seo Dojoon lightly raised the corner of his mouth and received Haeun’s thanks.


Tuk, tuk. Raindrops fell on the surface of the umbrella and made a splashing sound.


The umbrella made with magic was not large, but it was enough for Haeun and Seo Dojoon to avoid the rain. However, their bodies were close together, and their forearms kept brushing.


‘Seo Dojoon-ssi wears perfume.’


Being close together, it smelled like a refreshing, woody scent.


This is Seo Dojoon’s perfume taste. The perfume had a nice scent, which bothered her.


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