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<The Mansion of Nebiros> 1st floor main building.


Due to the influence of the location, area B took longer than attacking area A. It was because they needed to be more careful when moving inside, where there were many hiding places and many traps, rather than the open outside. 


Kiiik. A low-class demon with a tail floated about, threatening the Hunters. The servants of Nebiros, the owner of this dungeon, looked really unique.




Oh Jinyoung swept the monsters away with a huge shield. 


“Tch. It would be nice if even a nightmare came out.”


“Oh my. Come here, you punk.” 


Kwon Joongseo lightly criticized the immature words.


Oh Jinyoung, who had been grumbling since entering, showed dissatisfaction with Lycoris rooting and continued to be annoyed. 


It seems that he is angry because even a devil with a fascinating appearance doesn’t appear in a dungeon that he is not interested in. 


However, judging from the atmosphere of this mansion, it seemed more likely that an eccentric devil who would sing a lullaby from hell would emerge than a beautiful dreamer who seduced the opposite sex.


“We’ll take a break and move on.”


Seo Dojoon told everyone to take a break when the first floor was finished. It had been quite some time since they entered the dungeon, and it was time to have lunch outside. 


When Seo Dojoon’s decision fell, people quickly arranged their seats.


Haeun, who felt she moved too much in the garden, stayed behind in area B, barely stepping out. Haeun, who seemed to be doing well in the bored car, approached Seo Dojoon and snooped.


“Is there anything I can help you with?”


“Ah, there it is.”


“What is it? Please let me do it!”


Haeun exclaimed with joy. Seo Dojoon asked Haeun with a very serious face.


“Please choose a meal for lunch. Do you prefer tuna or ham?”


Haeun twitched her lips. Did he just want her to choose the lunch menu? 




Still, the likes and dislikes were certain.


Seo Dojoon held out a large tuna sandwich to Haeun. It was a hearty sandwich with mayonnaise-tossed tuna salad, lettuce, and tomatoes between rye bread.


It looks very appetizing. It is all the more so because Seo Dojoon has shown fantastic cooking skills in the US as well.


“Wow. Did you prepare it yourself?”


“It’s nothing.”


“Wow. It must have been really hard getting ready in the morning. If that’s the case, I guess I haven’t done too much…” 


“It’s okay. Haeun-ssi, you can just watch.”


Haeun, who had already had enough of watching since entering Area B, embarrassedly raised the corners of her mouth.


In fact, there were other circumstances besides Haeun’s own decision that she was stepping back and holding her back. 


‘There’s no room to intervene.’


First of all, the teamwork of Seo Dojoon’s team, excluding Haeun, was excellent. And most of all, whenever Haeun tried to step out for a moment, Oh Jinyoung ran like crazy and snatched Haeun’s share. 


Haeun shook her head at the increasingly severe check.


‘Is this all because I’m too good?’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says Haeun is not wrong, but somehow, it’s a little annoying.]


‘It’s comfortable because still.’


But she doesn’t think it’s a little right to stay like this. In addition, she didn’t want to leave the impression that she played and ate with Oh Jinyoung. Such people always leave malicious fabrication slander on the Internet.


Haeun, who was agonizing, came up with a trick.


“From the second floor, let’s split up and attack.”


Haeun pointed out herself and Seo Dojoon, respectively, and tied the remaining four together.


“This is a team of four. It’s not a difficult dungeon anyway, and I think it’ll end faster if we split it up. How is it?”


However, Seo Dojoon immediately opposed it.


“Haeun-ssi, dungeon raids must be done as a team except in unavoidable cases. This is because unexpected things can happen in a dungeon, no matter how light it is.”


“There is also a genealogy here. I think it will be fine….” 


“We don’t allow situations that create unnecessary risks.”


It’s a stubbornness that won’t even go through a needle. Anyway, Seo Dojoon was the best in the world to be strict. Haeun pouted her lips, and an unexpected person supported her.


“I think it’s a good suggestion.”


Oh Jinyoung laughed meanly with a scheming face. Then, she began actively persuading people.


“I gave up on rooting, but we don’t have to stay long. Why don’t we aim for an achievement reward by attacking in the shortest time?”




“The guild leader is in good condition today and there is EX-Class Hunter, so let’s try it. Do you agree, Hunter-nim?”




She didn’t know what the opponent was planning, but Haeun nodded because things were going the way Haeun wanted.


“I think I’m fine.”


“Me too.”


When the other people who Oh Jinyoung had convinced to set a record agreed, Seo Dojoon, who was left alone, finally sighed. 


“Even if I tell you, you won’t listen.”


“Ah, guild leader. We usually listen to our guild leader very well.”


“As Jinyoung said, Hunter Jung Haeun Hunter is here too, so let’s try it.”


“Still, I can’t send Haeun-ssi alone. I’m with Haeun—” 




Haeun stopped Seo Dojoon, who was unnecessarily trying to show the appearance of a guardian.


“Don’t you know that it’s a loss of power if Seo Dojoon-ssi goes with me? Let’s go separately.”




“Hmph. If you insist, I won’t go to dungeon raids with Seo Dojoon-ssi anymore.”  


Seo Dojoon reluctantly stepped back as if he didn’t like that. She said what she wanted, but it worked pretty well.


‘If he’s stubborn next time, I’ll have to threaten him in the same way.’


She got a good intimidation tool.


“As soon as each person has completed their assigned area, please join others or gather at the central staircase. Further single action is not permitted. Do you understand?”




“In case of a dangerous situation, we all work together.”


“We understand~ Guild leader.”


Only Seo Dojoon disapproved of it, but the others just seemed excited. Haeun’s sudden proposal seemed to be interesting to them as well.


They would have thought differently if it were a dangerous dungeon for the first time, but this is a dungeon that has been safely attacked many times, even with a genealogy. Everyone was burning with a fighting spirit to finish clearing the area as first place.




Seo Dojoon sighed as he looked at his teammates, who were all on the same side except for himself. 


“Then see you later.”


Haeun left happily.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ urges Haeun to take first place unconditionally.]




Haeun turned her arms around. Now that there was nothing to get in the way or bother her, she could move around as she wanted. 


And above all, there was an important goal.


“Unconditionally, I must take care of it before Oh Jinyoung looks for it.” 


He’ll say something like, “What were you doing that you still haven’t finished?” Because Haeun had a good understanding of childish fighting. It’s not a big deal.


Just in time, she saw a low-ranking demon floating in the distance.


Good. Haeun took out the dagger that Jung Jinho made for her.




It jumped out like a bullet with light steps. The demon, noticing Haeun’s approach, flapped its wings as if to flee. Haeun, who kicked the wall and bounced back, swung her dagger. 


Slash. One wing, which had been cut very lightly as if cutting paper, fell to the floor. Haeun threw a dagger into the demon’s heart, which lost its wings and leaned to one side.




As she twisted the dagger halfway through the demon’s heart, it quickly died from the pain.


[SYSTEM: You have defeated a low-level demon!]


[SYSTEM: Contribution increases.]


First one.


Kiik—. A demon nearby showed an attack posture toward Haeun. There were quite a few numbers that seemed to have been dragged by even colleagues.


Haeun twisted her mouth and pulled the dagger out of the corpse.


* * *


The areas to be handled by individuals were fairly divided.


Haeun was in charge of the area on the left until the corner of the building was bent around the central staircase. There are a total of five rooms attached to a long corridor.


In the beginning, it seemed like low-level demons popped out like on the first floor, but as she went deeper, more intermediate-level demons began to appear. Of course, it was only a bundle of pretty good items for Haeun. 


Haeun stretched her back.


“Doesn’t it seem like everything is almost sorted out?”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ applauds Haeun for her perfect play, saying that not a single ant cub was left.]




She ran like crazy at the thought of dealing with it faster than anyone else. Now, she plans to go to the area assigned to Oh Jinyoung and leisurely watch with her hands behind her back. 


“No. If he fools around, I’ll take them all away.”


She will intervene in the name of helping and then just take the last shot.


As who kills the last monster is also a factor that greatly affects the contribution, so Oh Jinyoung will be very upset if Haeun gets the last hit.


It was when Haeun talked with a happy imagination. 




Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and the lights in the room flickered. After a while, a familiar voice came from behind Haeun. 






Seo Dojoon was standing right in front of her. Haeun, who hadn’t noticed Seo Dojoon’s approach, opened her eyes round like a rabbit. 


Didn’t those who had done their part in the discussion earlier decide to join the others or gather at the central staircase? So the meaning of Seo Dojoon’s coming here was clear.


“No way, are you done already?”


Seo Dojoon tilted his head slightly and smiled as if he understood.


“Yes, it was easy.”


“No way.” 


Haeun’s facial muscles twitched. She thought that she had lost to Seo Dojoon.


She had just dealt with all the monsters, but Seo Dojoon even came to find Haeun after completing his part. It’s phenomenal speed.


‘Isn’t it a loss to bring your teammates with you? I think it would be more efficient to go around alone.’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ raises a reasonable question as to whether it is simply following the standard because the standard for attacking is team play.]


‘If you think about Seo Dojoon’s personality, that might be right….’


He has strong beliefs and isn’t very flexible, so that could be the case.


“But why did you come here? To help others….” 


“Because Haeun is the first priority.”


“Hmm. But you are late. I’m done too. By the way, I just finished it. I was resting.”


Haeun, who added a few more words because she didn’t want to lose, quickly regretted her remarks.


I’m not asking for praise because I did so well, and did I really need to say that? Embarrassed, Haeun coughed and changed the topic.


“Hmm, more than that, I’m going to see Hunter Oh Jinyoung. Do you want to go with me, Seo Dojoon-ssi?”


“Why are you going to see Hunter Oh Jinyoung?”


“I’m going to tease him… No, I’m trying to help him!” 


However, Seo Dojoon’s expression slightly hardened.


‘What is it?’


Could he be mad at her because she made fun of his guildmates? It was the first time this had happened, so Haeun hurriedly changed her words.


“Ah, you know it’s all just a joke, right?”


“I am disappointed.”


“Huh, to that extent?” 


“Why are you going to see Jinyoung first?”




Haeun’s hand was suddenly grabbed.


And after a while, in the blink of an eye, Haeun found herself trapped in Seo Dojoon’s arms.


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