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“Seo Dojoon-ssi?” 


Flustered, Haeun called Seo Dojoon’s name.


The smell of perfume that had been felt subtly in the rainy garden comes out. While hugging Haeun tightly, Seo Dojoon put his hand behind her waist.  


‘Oh, my.’


Haeun’s body began to stiffen and tense in a situation where she couldn’t feel any sense of distance. It seemed that the slightest movement would bring him closer.


Rather than that, why the hell is he acting this way all of a sudden?


“Excuse me…” 


He didn’t get hit in the head while dealing with monsters, did he? She… wanted to say that too loudly, but the words she couldn’t bear to come out lingered around Haeun’s lips.


The fact that Seo Dojoon got hit in the head from somewhere is just as ridiculous as saying that boiled beans sprout.


However, the situation where he hugged Haeun tightly like this didn’t make any more sense.


Yes, even monkeys sometimes fall from trees, and Seo Dojoon could have been hit on the head. Just give healing to his head, and he will be better. 


Haeun, who came to a rational conclusion, spoke earnestly.


“I’m going to go find Aunt Yeojin, not Oh Jinyoung.”


“Are you hurt?”


“No, Seo Dojoon-ssi…” 


I think you’re the one who hurt your head! 


However, Seo Dojoon did not move as Haeun wanted.


He buried his face in Haeun’s shoulder. Haeun was struggling with how close the breath felt to her neck.


“Haeun-ssi, aren’t you tired?”


A languid sigh tickled Haeun’s ears.


“Would you like to go somewhere where only two of us can be together?”




“Why don’t you relax for a while?”


The soft voice was quite seductive. Haeun was shocked inwardly.


‘Where has our Confucian scholar gone!’


It seems he got hit on his head. This was not something Seo Dojoon would say. And most of all, she wants to tell him to keep a little distance. Every time he speaks, his breath keeps touching the nape of her neck, and even Haeun feels weird. 


“Let go of this for now.”


“I don’t want to.”


“Seo Dojoon-ssi, what Seo Dojoon-ssi needs right now is a healer. Anyone can fall from a tree. So don’t be stubborn…aww!” 


Haeun struggled, but her feet slipped, and she fell backward. Haeun, who hit her buttock, let out a painful sound.


At that moment, a shadow formed above Haeun. Seo Dojoon took a seat between Ha-eun’s legs and sat halfway down.


“Are you okay?”


Seo Dojoon smiled dizzyingly and ran the back of his hand over Haeun’s cheek.


She didn’t hit her cheek when she fell, so what is he doing with her cheek? However, that hand gesture was a direct blow to Haeun.


In the meantime, this and that have happened, but if she looks at Seo Dojoon from the outside, he still has an appearance that matches Haeun’s taste. 


However, when such a man smiled dizzyingly and touched Haeun’s cheek, the heat suddenly rose to her head. 


“I’m okay. Rather, please get out of the way. We have to finish the attack first.”


Haeun was so flustered that she said to attack first.


“I’m sure the others are waiting. Let’s go back quickly.”


“What does it matter?”




“The attack is not urgent. So I want you to focus more on me than on attacking.” 


Ironically, at that moment, Haeun realized that her opponent wasn’t Seo Dojoon. 


Seo Dojoon was a person who would keep the rules even if the earth perished tomorrow. There was no way he would say that the attack was not urgent and put it off.


Haeun, who was selecting possibilities, came up with the correct answer.


‘Is it Nightmare?’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that Haeun finally noticed it, and it was fun because it felt like he was watching a crazy drama] 


‘If you noticed, don’t keep it to yourself and let me know.’


Haeun, who was really swayed by Seo Dojoon thinking he had gone crazy, grumbled.


The Nightmare in the form of Seo Dojoon laughed as she rolled her eyes. 


Since she knew it was a Nightmare, she could look at Seo Dojoon’s strange behavior with a little less judgment. Haeun grumbled to herself as she looked at the seductive smile she had never seen before. 


“Wow, tore it up.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ suddenly feels anxious that Haeun might have fallen for the Nightmare.]


‘Because I’m sane?’


She was just interested in the current situation.


The Nightmare Seo Dojoon made much better use of his appearance than the real Seo Dojoon. There was an atmosphere in him that felt drowsy, decadent, and dangerous somewhere. That may be more emphasized due to the nature of Nightmare, but it was really great.


‘I’ll have to tell him later.’


Haeun is determined that when she meets the real Seo Dojoon, she will tell him what happened in detail. Just thinking about how embarrassed that wooden man would be made her happy. 


As if responding to the temptation, the mischievous Haeun placed her hand on the Nightmare’s cheek. Seo Dojoon’s eyes widened and then slowly folded into a crescent shape. He put his hand on top of Haeun’s and whispered.


“I love you, Haeun-ssi.”


“Yeah, me too.”




“Yeah. How about an outdoor wedding at our venue? Having three children is impossible, so I’ll think about one.”


Haeun giggled. Too bad she can’t record this. She will tease him all her life. 


But at that time, she felt a sudden presence in a place not far away. 


Haeun turned her head—.




She found Oh Jinyoung, who was spying on Haeun and Seo Dojoon with a blushing face as if he were a tomato.


Why are you coming out of there?


Haeun, embarrassed, tried to explain the situation to Oh Jinyoung quickly. But—.


“I’m sorry!” 


Oh Jinyoung left an apology that sounded like he was screaming, and then he ran away with a face that looked like it would explode.


She suddenly regained consciousness as if she had been doused with cold water.


Currently, the Nightmare in the form of Haeun and Seo Dojoon was lying on the floor, exuding such and such an atmosphere. It was a perfect situation for anyone to misunderstand.


“I, I have to catch that guy.”


Haeun jumped up. She had to grab Oh Jinyoung and cover his mouth right now. Haeun and Seo Dojoon aren’t even close, and Oh Jinyoung, who feels disappointed for Haeun, could spread false rumors about them! 


Haeun pushed Seo Dojoon’s face with the palm of her hand.


“Hey, get out of the way quickly!”


“Haeun-ssi, why all of a sudden….” 


“Stop playing around and avoid it yourself if you don’t want to die.”


Haeun, who had played along with the Nightmare’s pranks until now, growled, baring her teeth. Sensing Haeun’s warning, the Nightmare dropped his body. Haeun jumped up and brushed off her clothes.


‘Let’s catch Oh Jinyoung first.’


Haeun, who was contemplating whether to kill the Nightmare in front of her eyes or catch Oh Jinyoung first, decided that the latter was more urgent. She brushed her messy hair back and then turned around.


Then the Nightmare, who backed away but didn’t give up, followed Haeun.


“Haeun, where are you going?”


“The joke is over, now go.”


“Why are you leaving me?”


“Don’t you know I’m leaving because I’m really busy? If you know your life is precious, would you please go?”






No matter how insincere it may be, half-talk is unacceptable. The moment Haeun turned around, her hand was grabbed by a small hand.


The eyesight is lowered abruptly. It wasn’t Seo Dojoon.


A boy wearing a gray hoodie, taller than Haeun’s waist, held Haeun’s hand and looked up at her.


In an instant, the thought of Oh Jinyoung completely disappeared from Haeun’s head.


She froze in place as if possessed. Haeun’s eyes examined the child’s body everywhere. Dirty clothes with a lot of dust as if they were rolling somewhere, and a young face full of worry.


After seeing how surprised Haeun was, the Nightmare knew he would win.


“It’s dangerous out there. Don’t go anywhere. Come with me… Ugh.” 


But that was an illusion.


“Who are you impersonating now?”


Haeun’s hand stretched out in an instant and squeezed the Nightmare’s neck. A disgusting little body was lifted from the ground. The Nightmare twisted his body in agony and shook his legs wildly.  




“How dare, you.” 


From Haeun’s toes, the intense magic flowed threateningly. Her energy was similar to that of a monster that had her prey in front of her eyes. 


The Nightmare giggled at the clear feeling of anger. He had never felt such intimidation from his master, the demon Nebiros. 


Haeun’s eyes under her hair were colored like a black abyss. And at that moment, the magical power that had been revolving around her opened its mouth wide and swallowed the Nightmare into her body in an instant.




The outer skin made by Nightmare burned with Haeun’s magic. The burned body created acrid smoke as if it had been destroyed by a hot fire.


The Nightmare, who was barely alive, groaned as if in agony.




“Who told you to peek into my memory?”


Haeun’s teeth gave off a chilly voice. It was a markedly different attitude from when Nightmare imitated Seo Dojoon.


It seemed as if she would twist the Nightmare’s neck like breaking a chicken’s neck and kill him. The Nightmare felt a great fear of death.


“I, I was wrong. Please spare me… Uhh.” 


Tendons sprouted from the hand holding his neck. The Nightmare brought back the face of Seo Dojoon, whom Haeun had shown favor to in order for him to survive in the blink of an eye. 


Seo Dojoon gasped for breath in agony.


“Please save me, Haeun-ssi.” 


“Can’t you stop joking around like that?”


He had no intention of accepting the pranks played by the Nightmare in front of her. It was already long after the line was crossed.


Haeun lightly flicked her finger up. A finely compressed solid golden line cut through the Nightmare’s ears.


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  1. Ahhh it wasn’t Seo Dojoon. Hahahaha thought he was weird, but seeing something fun definitely got me hoping. (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)