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It was a sudden subquest.


‘You want me to prepare a present?’


Haeun, who was carefully reading the quest, held out a dagger with only the handle left.


“How about this?”


Nebiros twitched his mustache.


“Are you trying to change my mind with such trash?”


“What do you mean trash! It’s a le.gen.dary item that my Dad made for me!”


Although it is now a lump of scrap metal with only the handle remaining, that was the case until 10 minutes ago. But Nebiros firmly shook his hand.


“I don’t need trash.”


“Tsk. I can’t believe my Dad’s masterpiece is treated like this.”




Nebiros’ gaze touched Noodle that came up on Haeun’s forearm. He said with a mean grin.


“If you offer that little monster, I’ll invite you, my insignificant human, to my dinner.”


“You’re talking nonsense.”


Haeun immediately growled.


It is not worth reconsidering. How dare he ask for Haeun’s small and precious pet? Haeun hugged Noodle tightly.




Like the swindlers she met in the U.S., those who constantly covet Haeun’s cute and lovely Noodles popped up.


Didn’t he even say that the Constellation gave her Noodle just now? If that’s true, Noodle might be the only way for Haeun to talk to other constellations beside the ‘Mutant of the Abyss’.




Haeun decided to give up the sub-quest. She was curious, but since what the other person wanted was Noodle, she thought she should give up accessing the secrets of the Constellation through Nebiros.


Haeun glared at Nebiros and relaxed her ankle. Although her body didn’t fully recover, she was able to move. Most of all, she thought Noodle was hanging, so she couldn’t help but move.


When Haeun showed no willingness to negotiate, Naviros smacked his lips with regret.


“This body doesn’t propose to anyone. Wouldn’t you regret it?”


“I don’t need it.”


“My dinner is extremely splendid and beautiful. You can enjoy extreme pleasures that you won’t experience as a mere human being.”


“But I’m not curious about your dinner? Looking at your clothes, I think the dinner will be exactly the same?”


“Does it mean beautiful?”


“No. That’s so tacky.”


Nebiros’ face turned red at Haeun’s relentless evaluation. Then a system window popped up saying that the quest had failed.


[You receive the failure penalty.]


[Nebiros’ hostility increases by 200%.]


“Such arrogance!”


Nebiros flapped his wings and reached out.


Boom—The building shook. The skulls, which had been thought to be decorations, stood up. They looked much stronger than the skeleton soldiers buried in the garden.


“My loyal subject!”




The Skeleton Knights thumped the floor with the tips of their huge spears. The floor vibrated as if it would break.


It is a different development from the attack that Haeun read. It seemed to be because of the creation of the subquest.


‘It’s six, so it’ll be okay.’


Noodle that came down Haeun’s wrist turned into a dagger and was caught in Haeun’s hand.


“Go! Give me the life of that arrogant human being!”


Skeleton knights rushed toward Haeun.


But at that moment, something unusual happened.




One of the six knights acted alone and blew off the other knight’s head.




Individual actions don’t exist for the undead. Skeleton knights who only followed the input commands continued to target Haeun. As a result, he couldn’t protect himself from the other knights who were rampaging alone.  


Nebiros shouted urgently as he watched the skeleton knights falling one by one. 


“Listen to my orders! My loyal servant!”


They didn’t listen at all.




The skeleton that behaved uncontrollably until the end blew away all of its comrades and stood there. He threw the spear he was holding onto the floor. Nebiros shouted in rage.


“What are you doing!”




Skeleton rattled and laughed, bumping his chin up and down. Lightning flashed over the window for a moment, creating a scene like a horror movie. The timing is amazing.


When everyone held their breath, a voice flowed from between the bones.




The moment he heard the polite greeting, Haeun immediately recognized who the other person was.


“Hunter Hwang Soomin?”


“Nice to meet you~ Miss Haeun. Is this the first time we’ve had a conversation like this?”


The one who borrowed the body of the undead and showed up was Hunter Hwang Soomin, an S-Class necromancer and the guild leader of the Dawn guild belonging to Haeun’s younger brother Jung Sehyun. 


“Before this place was handed over to Seo Dojoon, it was a dungeon that the Dawn Guild was in charge of attacking~.”


The Skeleton Knight laughed and trembled. Apparently, it seemed that he had made and planted one of the undead with a suitable temperament as one of his followers.


Haeun asked at the sudden appearance.


“But now it’s a dungeon in charge of the Ahyeon Guild. Isn’t this an illegal trespass?”


“I couldn’t help it because my cute clicker kept showing me the fun things.”


So the skull has a name? Haeun crossed her arms. 


“This… lowly human…!” 


Nebiros was furious because he had lost his subordinates. At the same time, Nebiros’ body began to swell enormously. 


The dark red suit Nebiros was wearing was torn apart. Huge wings with tangled bones protruded from the wings. The vertically elongated pupils shone terribly.




Hwang Soomin said while avoiding the steel-hardened fist.


“It seems that Nebiros is very angry~.”


“Isn’t that what you did by stealing at will!”


“Because I couldn’t throw away the useful clicker. More than that, it’s uncomfortable to move around here, so let’s go out and talk. The weakness of Nebirus is the nucleus planted between the wings, so if you pull it out….” 


“Oh, wait a minute.”




Haeun, who stepped back to avoid the falling stone fragments, concentrated on her hearing. She could hear something like a cell phone vibrating somewhere.


After looking around for a while, Haeun realized that it was the sound coming from inside her pants pocket. When she searched her pants pocket, she found a ring-type communication device that she had bought a few days ago. Haeun made a look of oops.


“I forgot!”


She completely forgot to contact him.


Haeun hurriedly took out the ring and put it on her finger to receive the transmission. The ring finger didn’t seem to be zero, so she put it on her middle finger, completing the splendid middle finger. 




– Haeun-ssi!


An urgent voice echoed from the ring. Haeun frowned and moved her hand away for a moment. Even in the midst of that, the ring was humming, and communication continued. 


– Haeun-ssi! Is it connected?


“I’m listening, Seo Dojoon-ssi.”


– Haeun-ssi! Are you all right?




Haeun answered while rolling on the floor, avoiding Nebiros’ attack.


“Yes, yes. I’m fine.” 


– Where are you now? Are you on the second floor?


She went up the stairs as Dreamer guided her, so she didn’t think it would be at least on the second floor.


– Did Haeun make this vibration? I’ll go where you are right now. Where are you right now!




Haeun looked around. An angry Nebiros is stomping about. Beyond the rainy window, demons responding to Nebiros’ call were flying in, creating black clouds.


“There is Nebiros.”


– I’ll go up soon!


A commotion was heard over the communication, and the connection was cut off with a bang. And at that moment, Nebiros’ foot landed on Haeun’s head. Haeun, who hurriedly avoided it, shouted. 


“Hey! I heard this is his collection room!”


“I was angry because Miss Haeun pointed out the way she was dressed.”


“What should I do with the dirty ones!”


“What do you want me to do with the bad smell?” 




The wooden floor where Haeun was standing shattered and left a huge hole. Perhaps because of the 200% increase in hostility due to the failed quest, the attack was purely directed at Haeun. 


Nebiros’ weakness is the core planted between the wings, as Hunter Hwang Soomin said. However, the space itself was narrow, so it didn’t seem easy to break through that gigantic body and cross over to the other side. 


‘What should I do?’


Because of the large amount of mana consumed when swept away by the record, it is impossible to push forward with force.


‘Can I do it?’


Haeun once again recalled the movements the opponent showed in the record.


Haeun’s ability was fundamentally to open a dimension. However, she always opened randomly and never succeeded in identifying the world beyond. But today, she focused her mind as much as possible so that the world connected by the golden sphere could be within a radius of 1m from where Haeun currently exists. So that Haeun could aim for his opponent’s nape with a single move. 


At the end of concentration, a sensitive sense stabbed Haeun’s heart.


Haeun realized that her intention was successful. 


She jumped straight into the golden orb floating in front of her. The place where Haeun reappeared was right above Nebiros’s head.  




A sharp dagger loaded with mana cut off Nebiros’ wings. Haeun, who climbed on top of Nebiros, who was in agony with a scream, instantly stabbed a dagger into the buried core just below. 




The core pierced by her dagger was destroyed. 


And the waiting system window popped up.


[SYSTEM: Nebiros’ Mansion (B) has been cleared.]


[SYSTEM: Jung Haeun (EX)]. The reward is being processed.]




Haeun landed lightly on the floor. Noodle, which have returned to being snakes, are chewing on something. Looking closely, it is the core of Nebiros. 


Noodle, who ate after a long time, looked very lively. On the other hand, Nebiros, whose core had been deprived, shrank like a dried squid without breathing.


“Eww. It’s disgusting.”


Haeun frowned and turned over Nebiros’ body.


She could find a brown leather notebook on Nebiros’ body. Perhaps he had always carried it with him.


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