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When she opened the notebook, she saw a lot of writing written on it. 


Haeun, who flipped through the notebook, muttered with a despairing face. 


“I can’t read it.”


It’s written in a language she has never seen before.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ whispers to Haeun that he can read it, so don’t worry.] 


‘Oh, really?’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shrugs his shoulders, saying he is an amazing being.]


As long as it can be interpreted. Haeun packed the notebook and looked around.


The room is a mess due to Nebiros’ rampage. 


It was a dungeon to escape from anyway, but Haeun felt a bit disappointed. Now that she was safe, she thought it would have been a good idea to ask Nebiros about the person on the record. 


In addition, Nebiros was also a demon who knew about the Constellation, which was unknown to humans. 


“I think he definitely takes the portrait earlier….”


Haeun checked Nebiros’ body once again, but the portrait was not found. Haeun sighed in regret and stood up from her seat. 


She will have to wait till the dungeon is reopened after being reset for another chance to meet Nebiros. 


Hwang Soomin, who noticed Haeun’s gaze that couldn’t escape from Nebiros, approached her, rattling the bones.


“Is there any problem~?”


“Hmm… no. I just wanted to ask you something.”


“To Nebiros? Can I help you?”


Haeun turned her head. The Skeleton Knight laughed and rattled his lower court. 


“Because if I make them into my household, it is possible to bring them back to life and have a conversation with them.”




“Instead, will you do one thing I ask of you later?”


The opponent immediately came out with a condition. Hunter Hwang Soomin’s request. She couldn’t even guess what he would ask for.


“It won’t be a difficult request.”


“…All right.”


After thinking about it, Haeun slowly accepted.


As acceptance fell, the Skeleton Knight stepped forward. A gloomy aura spread around the Skeleton Knight. The purple smoke that rose slowly enveloped Nebiros’ corpse. Haeun frowned at the smell of the rotting corpse.


A system window popped up.


[SYSTEM: The demon Nebiros, the boss monster of The Mansion of Nebiros (B), has become Hwang Soomin’s (S) subordinate.]


[SYSTEM: The Mansion of Nebiros (B) detects an anomaly. The boss monster is absent.]


[SYSTEM: The Mansion of Nebiros (B) begins the succession. The owner of the dungeon is changed.] 


[SYSTEM: Demon Stolas has become the new owner of The Mansion of Nebiros (B). The dungeon changes.] 


The air vibrated. Along with the notification, the space surrounding Haeun also began to change. 


Although it was a little broken, the collection room, which had been organized in its own way, melted down. Empty picture frames and miscellaneous objects were dragged into the waddling walls.




After the heavy noise that seemed to continue, a new space appeared. The reassembled dungeon was a completely different form from its original appearance. The gloomy mansion is completely gone, replaced by a spire full of thorns—added bleakness.


[SYSTEM: The aesthetics of Dungeon Stollas (B) have been re-established]


[SYSTEM: The owner of the dungeon requests the intruders to leave.]


The gate leading to the outside opened.




Haeun bounced into reality beyond the gate and rolled to the floor in the blink of an eye.


In an instant, the gate that drove out the intruders closed again. She realized something as she looked at the gate that Haeun had closed for no reason. 


“Hunter Hwang Soomin!”


The skeleton knight Hwang Soomin possessed also disappeared. Although Hwang Soomin made them his own, they were basically undead that belonged to the dungeon, so it seemed that they were swept along when the dungeon changed. 


Wait. So, isn’t this scam?




Seo Dojoon, who was thrown out without warning, also found Haeun. 


Haeun’s face hardened as she realized what this situation meant. 


To say that the dungeon has changed means that they learned that the dungeon, which had helped the Ahyeon Guild with the supply of stone acid, had disappeared. Even <The Mansion of Nebiros> was a dungeon where even a genealogy existed. 


Obviously, Seo Dojoon must have received an alarm that the dungeon had changed. 


“Guild leader Hwang Soomin…!” 


If that’s the case, I’m suspicious!


Hwang Soomin even promised to let Haeun talk to Nebiros, but after getting only a decent demon, he jumped out. This liar! 


Haeun, who had no obligation to protect her opponent, immediately told Seo Dojoon as soon as he approached.


“Hunter Hwang Soomin stole Nebiros! That’s why the dungeon suddenly changed!”


“I saw it.” 


Did you see it? Seo Dojoon, who noticed the question on Haeun’s face, added. 


“Didn’t it appear in the system window?”


“Ah, that’s right.” 


“And it’s not just today that Guild leader Hwang Soomin behaves like this.” 


Seeing that he was calmer than she thought, it seemed that it really happened often. However, Haeun saw Seo Dojoon hardening his impression uncharacteristically and thought he must have suffered quite a bit from Hwang Soomin. 


“Rather than that, the dungeon has changed. Is it okay?”


“Once the gate is closed, I think we will have to watch the situation for a while.” 


“Ugh… I didn’t take anything else.” 


“I have to send an official letter of protest to the Dawn Guild. More than that, Haeun-ssi.” 


Seo Dojoon came closer to Haeun.


“Are you hurt?”


“Yes? Huh.” 


When she put her hand on her forehead, following Seo Dojoon’s gaze, a little blood came out. Suddenly, she remembered that she was touched by magic in the record.


“It looks like it was scratched by magic.”


Seo Dojoon sharply identified the cause. Then, he took out his handkerchief from his bosom and pressed it on Haeun’s forehead as if to stop the bleeding.


“You should probably get treatment.”


The scent of Seo Dojoon came out as they got closer. Then, the memory of being caught by Seo Dojoon, who suddenly turned into a dreamer, came to mind. Haeun, whose ears became hot for no reason, pushed Seo Dojoon away. 


“I, I’m fine.” 


At the same time, Haeun was taken aback.


‘Why am I like this?’


It was Haeun who was determined to make fun of Seo Dojoon by telling him about the eccentricities that the dreamer had shown. But rather, the person being teased now seemed to be herself, not Seo Dojoon. 


Haeun shook her hand, trying to shake off her thoughts.


“It doesn’t hurt at all.”




“Y, yes.” 


“Then it’s fortunate, but I hope you receive treatment for your wounds.” 


“All right.”


Haeun smiled embarrassingly at the overreaction. As if Haeun’s smile was a signal, other guild members rushed in like bison at that moment.


“Huh, Hunter Jung Haeun! I missed you!”


“Did Hunter-nim handle Nebiros alone? There must have been another entrance beside the central staircase. It’s amazing that you’ve found a hidden route!”


“Haeun-ah, I’m so glad I met you safely!”


“Y, yeah…” 


Haeun couldn’t come to her senses because of the people hugging her tightly. She felt like the mood had suddenly turned 180 degrees.


Originally, they were on the friendly side, but it doesn’t seem to be this friendly? Their attitude was as if they welcomed a savior they had finally met.


In fact, the guild members who had been scolded by Seo Dojoon for Oh Jinyoung’s bad attitude did this on purpose so as not to offend the guild head and Haeun, but Haeun had no way of knowing what was going on inside.




In the midst of the fuss, Oh Jinyoung hesitated and approached Haeun. Haeun’s eyes became triangular.


Come to think of it, she had to cover his mouth, but she put him off to a subordinate position because this and that happened. No way. He hasn’t already talked about everything, right? 


Contrary to Haeun’s expectations, however, the opponent suddenly bowed at a 90-degree angle. 


“I’m sorry!” 


Haeun opened her eyes wide.


“I have caused you trouble! And as a team, I apologize for not cooperating with Hunter Jung Haeun!”


It was a sudden apology. Of course, Oh Jinyoung didn’t like Haeun, but she didn’t expect him to apologize so quickly. 


Oh Jinyoung exclaimed quite desperately.


“It’s all my fault! So… Can you please forgive me?”


“Oh Jinyoung.” 


“Hiik. sorry! I was absolutely wrong!”


At Seo Dojoon’s cold voice, Oh Jinyoung bowed deeply again.


Haeun briefly glanced at Seo Dojoon.


Looking at Seo Dojoon, who is hardened, and Oh Jinyoung, who is struggling, he somehow seems to have been scolded once.


That’s right. Is it because she got in trouble?


Haeun, who was watching, opened her mouth.


“One finger flick.”




“I’ll give you a flick.”


Haeun made a circle with her thumb and index finger. Oh Jinyoung, who had opened his eyes wide, soon approached Haeun calmly. Seeing the twitching mouth, he seemed to think how painful it would be.




[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’  says that Oh Jinyoung is still out of his mind and tells Haeun to teach him.]


Haeun, the Jung family’s finger flick champion, blew on her fingers. A little bit of magic was poured into the thumb and index finger.






There was a cracking sound, and Oh Jinyoung rolled on the floor. A red mark was left on his forehead. Haeun, who came to Oh Jinyoung’s side, leaned over and whispered to her.


“If you talk about what you saw earlier, then it’s not one, but three.”


Oh Jinyoung nodded hurriedly. He shouldn’t put what he saw in his mouth again if he doesn’t want a hole in his forehead.


Then, Oh Jinyoung is solved.


“Guild leader Hwang Soomin… How dare you eat and run?”


She won’t let him go if he gets caught. Haeun gritted her teeth and made up her mind.


* * *


[SYSTEM: Synchronization rate has increased.]


[SYSTEM: Current Synchronization rate ??.??%]


A quiet space where nothing exists to the extent that it feels bloody. In the middle, a figure is looking at the opaque system window.


The window, which had been stagnant for a while, began to move again. It’s a fast pace, but it’s clear that something has changed.


It took a really long time to make this change.


That person did two things.


Covering the opponent’s eyes and blocking their sensitive senses.


Those two alone could remove much of the anxiety that humans feel.


That person’s lips went up.


Again, the intervention was a wise choice. Even though he gave away a part of himself in return, still, he got good results despite the loss.


That person quietly lowered his eyes.


What can he do to make it go faster here?


The stuck cog finally started to move again, but he couldn’t do much yet. 


If the other person hadn’t acted lukewarmly, there wouldn’t have been a need to worry about this.


In a place where the concept of time itself doesn’t exist, where there is no beginning or end, long worries continue like an eternity.


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