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I found Hunter Hwang Soomin. [1:10 PM]


Tring—. A notification popped up on Haeun’s phone.


Haeun widened her eyes terribly. However, the reason Haeun was surprised was not because of the content of the message Seo Dojoon sent.


It is because of a video recommended by Youtube’s artificial intelligence algorithm that appears behind the message.


Title: [The target ♡ Carries ♡ Love] Seo Dojoon X Jung Haeun passionate love! Summary of all rumors!!




She coughed after drinking the iced Americano. She wiped the coffee dripping from her mouth and read the title again.


[The target ♡ Carries ♡ Love] Seo Dojoon X Jung Haeun passionate love! Summary of all rumors!!


The title of the video didn’t change even after reading it again. Haeun’s eyes shook like crazy.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ asks Haeun how long she has been dating Seo Dojoon, and asks if she deceived him.]




What dating? But she’s not in any relationship? When was she secretly dating?


Haeun played the video with trembling hands.


– Hello! Hunter TV subscribers! It’s Civilian Kei from Hunter TV.


– I think there will be people who are surprised to see today’s video, and there will be people who think that something is coming! It was such a famous story that everyone knew it.


– Hunter Seo Dojoon and Jung Haeun’s dating rumor!


It was a data screen in the video, and a picture of Seo Dojoon and Haeun came out. They didn’t forget to add a heart effect in the middle.


– WOW! The relationship between No. 1 and No. 2 in Korea!


– First of all, I’m in favor of the two datings! The time has come for a couple representing Korea to be born! There was a first-generation couple, Jung Jinho and Lee Yoonkyung, but after that, well. In fact, there weren’t any couples that caught your eye that much, right?


A picture of the newspaper article appeared in the video. This is a family photo taken at the press conference of the central Hunter Management Office.


– Considering that Hunter Jung Haeun is the daughter of Hunter Jung Jinho and Hunter Lee Yoonkyung, maybe there is something in this family that attracts Hunter?


– But sometimes there are people who think of these two as rivals and push them. NO NO. Are you a rival? Are you two dating each other? I couldn’t stand the civilian Kei who purely supports the SeoJung couple!


– That’s why it’s revealed today! Proof that the SeoJung couple is love love, not rivals!!


– Before that, let’s take a look at the commercial~


In the past, the Constellation had participated in the livelihood to protect their drama viewing rights and YouTube premium rights, so the video was skipped without interruption. Haeun, who watched the video that followed, opened her eyes wide.


– If you look at these two photos, you can see that they both have the same ring! Most people who are interested in Hunter Seo Dojoon will know but Hunter Seo Dojoon always wears gloves. So, when I first saw this picture, I thought it would be rare because it was just a picture of Hunter Seo Dojoon taking off his gloves? But what is this? If you look closely, do you see the ring here? Zoom in to see it better!


– After watching this, I checked the other pictures all the time, but all the gloved fingers were sticking out! I didn’t know it was black. By the way, this ring, there’s a picture of Hunter Jung Haeun having the same thing!


The photos uploaded as evidence were taken at the convenience store Haeun stopped by on the night she returned home after raiding <The Mansion of Nebiros>. A part-timer at a convenience store said he wanted to take a picture with her, so she readily took one with no reason to refuse.


Haeun grabbed her hair.


“Why did I do a V pose that time?” 


Because of the pose, the ring worn on the middle finger stands out.


– By the way, that ring is by Leonesa. Leonesa is a very famous hunter-only armor workshop in Italy, and it is especially famous because it manufactures ring-shaped items!


– That’s why it’s also famous as an item that hunters use when they want to show off their dating. The Lee X Cheong couple, who had previously succeeded on Hunter TV, also matched their rings here!


– Here is the link on the left for friends who want to see Hunter TV’s Lee X Cheong couple video! Friends who want to know more about Leonessa, please click here on the right side of the Leonessa ring review link! Please!


– Currently, in Korea, you can only buy this Leonessa ring at the Hunter Premium offline market. So, Hunter TV visited again! But… the security here is really tight. At first, I thought I was just being kicked out…!


A short interview with a mosaic employee appears in a Vlog video taken directly. 


– (Voice change) The two have been here before.


– (Hunter TV) Oh. What did they buy?!


– (Voice change) I can’t tell you that far. Goodbye.


– Smart subscribers would have noticed, right?


She was dumbfounded. If they’re going to talk, they should do it properly. Thanks to the ambiguous answer from the employee, it became like throwing bait for no reason.


“You should say I bought six of the same rings.”


Seo Dojoon wasn’t the only one who shared the ring with her.


Her mom, dad, older brother, and younger brother all had one. She doesn’t know about Jung Eunwoo and Jung Sehyun, but Jung Jinho and Lee Yoonkyung said that they were gifts from their daughter and that they wore them every day.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ speculates that the two have already become a couple because they have gone beyond it.]


“Oh, is that so?”


It sounds pretty plausible.


– Besides, Hunter Seo Dojoon started an activity to attack <The Mansion of Nebiros> last week. This official record is announced on the Dungeon Management and Safety Department site. However, those below A-Class rarely participate in the original Ahyeon Guild Leader team. And <The Mansion of Nebiros> is B-Class. Where should I check the Dungeon Management and Safety Department website again?


– When you go to the Dungeon Management and Safety Department site, the list of participants in the dungeon raid is released like this. But let’s see. There is an undisclosed assistant in the number of <The Mansion of Nebiros> participants, huh? Who will this be?


– Of course, there is no official record that Jung Haeun Hunter entered <The Mansion of Nebiros>. But they’re guessing that this undisclosed assistant is a designated hunter. Hunter Seo Dojoon and Hunter Jung Haeun went on a dungeon date. It’s so chaotic outside these days, maybe they want to go out and go on a date in a suitable dungeon, right?


– Besides this, there is a lot of evidence. Isn’t the hat that Hunter Jung Haeun often wears the same brand as the hoodie that Hunter Seo Dojoon wears? These photos were taken on similar dates, but if you look here, the sneakers are the same Nike brand sneakers that came out as a limited edition this season.


– There was a story that the two met at a Korean beef restaurant before, and there is a rumor that the family members had already greeted each other. It’s a famous story that everyone knows, even if they don’t talk about their trip to the United States!


– I’ll say it again, but I’m in favor of two people dating! I hope that a couple representing Korea can be born like this! I’ll come back with another video when I hear the news of a new pink love story. If you enjoyed watching it, be sure to click the like button and subscribe below! Bye!


The video ended. Haeun is speechless. One more message from Seo Dojoon seemed to have arrived, but she didn’t even think about reading the message.


What’s all of this?


Haeun’s small actions gathered together to create a big conclusion that the two were dating.


Of course, Haeun also had a past where she rolled and drank kimchi soup, but not anymore. (T/n : means to assume success before it is actually achieved.)


But people don’t seem to be like that.


(Comment 1392)


– This is a real thing: Honestly, everyone who knows it’s a secret. ㅋㅋ How many rice cakes have been sprinkled so far, including Outstar and Gangnam before that.


– 12345: oops… But I think it could be. All of Jung Haeun’s family are originally S-class. I have a Kingly feeling that you must have already been friends with other hunters before awakening.


ㄴ o o : It’s just thatㅋㅋㅋ


– nadid: Seriously, even though you’re not sure they’re dating, you make it seem like they’re going out on a date. That’s very gross.


ㄴ Lucky boy : ㅇㅇ Even so, your Oppa is in a relationship 


– Coffee Addiction: They went all the way to the ring… but I speechless about the hoodie


ㄴ 3000 : For real ㅋㅋ Isn’t it just a national brand?


ㄴ This is a real thing : I have that hat, too ㅋㅋㅋ


ㄴ Uni · By the way, how much is the ring?


ㄴ Park Gugu : 50? But it’s out of stock right now.


ㄴ 12345 : (Link) Leonesa, temporarily paralyzed by a sudden rush of orders, making a ring took at least a month


Jeju rockfish: But do you usually wear a couple ring on your middle finger?;;


ㄴ  o o : That’s what I’m saying ㅋㅋㅋ


ㄴ Coffee Addiction: Seeing what my boyfriend is doing sometimes makes me want to put on my middle finger…


ㄴ Kiwi Bird : In the meantime, Seo Dojoon faithfully wears it on his ring finger.. ㅠㅠ


All right, let’s stop seeing each other.


Haeun closed the application after reporting the YouTube video.


Hunters of this era are a kind of entertainers. Their private lives attracted people’s attention, and there were many entertainment programs broadcasting with the daily life of hunters as the theme.


Haeun has also read stories or chirashi on the Internet, such as saying that someone is buying a hunter. It was usually interesting, so she just enjoyed reading it at the time. (T/n : chirashi is like insider gossip.)


However, after all of those things become her own, she becomes mentally and physically exhausted.


Even the ring in the video was not currently worn.


“It wouldn’t be unfair if we were dating.” 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ raised his forehead, asking if that was the problem.]


She doesn’t know what to do with this. Does she really have to date and make the rumor true?


“Eung, it’s impossible.”


Realistically, the possibility that Seo Dojoon would do so is zero. If so, it seems that they should also prevent false rumors from spreading and put things right.


“First, let’s call Seo Dojoon-ssi…”


“Hey! Jung Haeun!”


The door burst open.


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