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“There are two benefits.”




“First of all, Haeun-ssi can control the content of the rumors as she wants. It’s image making.” 


From the first, the reason why it was not interesting came out. Haeun nodded her head as if telling him to continue. 


“Before people fantasize about it, we use the media to create a flow first. You can control it. In addition, Hunter is recognized as a brand in modern society. The public is always interested in what Hunter eats, wears, and does. Haeun-ssi can also use this to create the image you want and promote it to the public.”


“But do we really have to use the title of lover?”


“Why would there be a virtual couple entertainment show or a program to find a partner? Love and romance are always a topic that works well.”


Haeun’s mouth twisted crookedly. She crossed her arms and asked for the next reason.


“The second reason?”


“I think it will be much easier for me to help and receive help from Haeun-ssi if I announce that we are in a relationship. Currently, Haeun-ssi doesn’t have a guild you belong to.” 


“That’s right.”


“Do you have any plans to join a specific guild?”


“No, I don’t think so.”


“Of course, Haeun-ssi’s family may help, but basically, hunters join the guild to benefit from being guild members.”


Seo Dojoon put down the teacup.


“For example, unless there is an emergency situation such as a dungeon break or crack when entering a dungeon, a government report must be made preemptively. However, there is pressure from large guilds here.”




“yes. It is to monopolize advanced dungeons by blocking certain hunters from raid activities, or by allowing only those places where the quality of dungeon by-products that can be acquired is poor.” 


“Aha, like Ahyeon monopolized the <Mansion of Nebiros> where the Lycoris came out?”


“…It is customary.”


Seo Dojoon, who was caught off guard, made an excuse. Haeun shrugged her shoulders.


“Okay. Anyway, what about that?”


“If it is announced that Haeun-ssi and I are close, I am sure that at least there will be no problems with Haeun-ssi using the dungeons managed by the Ahyeon Guild.”


“Wow, it’s so petty. Then, if we’re not dating, I won’t be able to see the dungeon of the Ahyeon Guild.”


“No, it’s not like that!” 


Seo Dojoon hurriedly refuted.


“I’m always looking forward to going on the raid with Haeun-ssi. However, it meant that other guild members may have complaints. Didn’t Jinyoung have some complaints in the beginning?”


It was true.


“Hmm, so you’re saying we’re going to be a show-window couple?”


Haeun was in trouble. She listened and saw nothing wrong. Rumors would be the same anyway, but it was a proposal to sweep them first, rather than being swept away by rumors like reeds.


However, she wondered if there could be a reason for being so romantic. Haeun knew it wasn’t true, but she was still worried, so she pouted.


“Of course, there are ways to deny it actively. In the case of the ring, Haeun-ssi shared it with all of your family members, so the misunderstanding will be resolved soon.”




“I apologize if my suggestion offended you.”


“No, it’s not like that.”


She just found out that Seo Dojoon is a thorough businessman. As expected, his level of emotion is dry as a guild leader.


“But I think it is a good opportunity. I can help Haeun-ssi in many ways, and I think the Ahyeon Guild will also benefit from synergy.”


As Seo Dojoon said, she thought it was an opportunity to make a strong back. 


Of course, Haeun already had a huge family of four S-rankers, but none of them ran a guild. There is no doubt that individual support and guild support are different. 


In addition, it took the Daehan Guild. 


Haeun recalled that the guild leader Lee Hyeonok wasn’t friendly to her. Even now, she won’t be so nice unless lightning struck her in the head. 


Even the Ahyeon Guild, managed by the principleist Seo Dojoon, monopolized the dungeon. If a large guild’s monopolization of a dungeon is an act considered customary, the Daehan Guild would have done more, but not less.


The dungeon attack is blocked. It can’t be helped. It’s not Haeun’s fault, and should she just play? 


However, there were several reasons why Haeun should make money now to think it was just good. She has a notebook from Nebiros, which contains all kinds of information about the flora and fauna of the dungeon, but shouldn’t she actually be able to use that information?


Besides, if Haeun has trouble moving around in the hunter market or other service areas, it will be very unpleasant. At that time, she needs another large group to fight instead of Haeun.


And if the Ahyeon Guild could do that.


“We’re just pretending, right?” 


“Of course.”


“Okay then.”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is surprised by Haeun’s decision and asks if she is serious.] 


[He has already disposed of all of Seo Dojoon’s stock, but now he cries out what to do if she makes such a decision.]


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


Haeun also grinned as Seo Dojoon held out his hand.


* * *


A white car drives along the highway at high speed.


“Sehyun, would you like some walnut cookies?”


“Eung, I want.” 


“Say ‘Aah.’”


Haeun put the walnut cookies into Jung Sehyun’s mouth, who opened his mouth like a baby bird. He’s a good eater. Haeun, who fed Sehyun, also put a walnut cookie in her mouth.


The two people, who were traveling by car, were on their way to the main building of the Zenith Guild located on a quiet beach in Incheon.


“It’s farther than I thought.”


“Are we going right? I think the exit to the city center passed a while ago. “


“It’s true on the map. But I really don’t think there’s anything. It’s a complete corner.” 


Considering that most guilds intend to have their headquarters in Seoul, it was a very suspicious location choice.


It was not just yesterday or today that the hunter concentration phenomenon occurred in the metropolitan area. It’s a normal phenomenon to happen since nearly 10 million people live in Seoul. It was inevitable because it was dominant in the manpower pool and easy to receive requests.


In addition, since large guilds had already established themselves in Seoul, any place that hoped to grow to a middle rank or higher would try to advance to the capital even if it was too much. If that is difficult, they will try to build a building in a metropolitan city, or at least in the city center.


They would never choose a secluded space where they could see the sea with no one in the background. 




The car stopped in one place.


She heard the sound of seagulls flying. Haeun couldn’t hide her doubts when she saw the sight, which looked like an empty field. 


“Is this right?”


“On the map.”


“There is only one building.”


Excluding the Zenith Guild, only small supermarkets with low ceilings are nearby.


To think that three A-Class hunters were born in a place like this.


Just like the expression ‘dragon from the stream.’ At this level, it seemed like it would be better to describe it as a ditch rather than a stream. 


Before entering the building, the two conducted the last inspection.


“Noona, please repeat your self-introduction.” 


“Kim Younghee. Age 35. I awakened 2 years ago, but was judged as an E-Class—awakening and being kicked out of the old job. I’m currently unemployed because I don’t have combat skills, so I can’t participate in dungeon-clearing activities often. I have debt. If possible, I want to reawaken as an attacker Hunter.”


“Eung, perfect.”


“It’s your turn, Sehyun.”


“My name is Kim Cheolsoo—age 38. I awakened 16 years ago, but received an F-Class. 10 years ago, I tried re-awakening through an awakening broker, but failed. As a result, I can’t hear well in my right ear.”


These are miserable lives. They were also coveted talents in the Zenith Guild. 


“Isn’t F-Class too much?” 


“I wanted to give it a try.”


Jeong Se-hyun smiled softly.


“A Hunter who was only an F-class becomes an S-class Hunter through crises and trials. Isn’t it funny? It’s cider.”


“Ugh, I hate it.”


Haeun is sick and tired of it. Everyone else was doing well, but she didn’t want to do it again to remain in a position where she was begging alone. She had enough of that in the last 16 years.


“But can I really go in like this?”


She came to the interview to join the guild and thought she had to wear a suit. Haeun, who came wearing a T-shirt and jeans and was completely comfortable, murmured anxiously.


“I don’t look like a 35-year-old.”


“It’s okay. Do you have what I gave you?”


Haeun took a small bead out of her pocket. The brilliant purple bead is a mana stone in which Jung Sehyun’s mana is condensed. It gives the person who wears it a different appearance. It is a kind of hallucination. 


“In the eyes of the other party, we will look like awakened people in our 30s who came to Incheon in search of work. It will last about five hours, so that’s enough. Shall we go then?” 


Haeun nodded her head.


It was then.




Haeun stopped in her spot at the sudden vibrating sound of her cell phone. Haeun’s face, which confirmed the sender on the screen, was strangely blushed.




Haeun cleared her throat and cautiously answered the phone.




– Ah, Haeun-ssi. I didn’t call you late. Can I speak to you?


The person who called Haeun was Seo Dojoon.


And now he is also Haeun’s boyfriend.


[The Constellation ‘Mutan of the Abyss’insists on making it clear that it is a contractual relationship, saying that he cannot tolerate Haeun’s stock price manipulation.]


Haeun opened her mouth, ignoring the Constellation who was constantly complaining about what he didn’t like.


“Yes, I am still fine.”


– You will visit the Zenith Guild today, right? Take care of yourself and if you need anything, feel free to ask the Ahyeon Guild. If you tell Hyunsuk, he’ll prepare it right away.


He said that it would be nice to help each other if they were dating, and Seo Dojoon was taking care of Haeun quite delicately.


Calling her like this makes her feel like they’re really dating. Haeun raised the corner of her mouth and smiled.


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