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“Oho. Hands down.”


Haeun, who was sitting on the chair, blinked fiercely.


Rick, who was trying to cheat, raised his arm again at Haeun’s point. However, his arms trembled without listening to the owner’s will.


It’s already been an hour. His arms couldn’t even shake, and he was about to be paralyzed. Rick, who was kneeling on the floor and being punished, said it with a cry.


“Kid, at this rate, all my arms are going to disappear.”


Haeun widened her sharp eyes.


“Don’t play tricks on me and listen to me properly.”


“I thought my arm would be pulled out!”


“Why don’t you be quiet? When I think about the trouble I’ve had because of you, I’m serious.”


Haeun gritted her teeth. When she thinks about the day she fell into an S-class dungeon in America, her anger still flares up.


They were escaping quickly in the hopes that no one would be hurt, but at the time, she thought that her father, Soyeon, and Baek Doohan were all going to die.


“You should be thankful that I’m not handing you over to the police right now.”


“It’s not that you don’t hand it, it’s that you can’t. Because there are no police here.”


“Haha, you’re starting to act up? As expected, it was a warm-up for an hour, right?”




Rick immediately lowered his tail at the menacing look.


Haeun snorted excitedly and looked at the stolen key pack. There are various keys attached to the keychain with the cloth doll.


When she ran into Rick, the first thing Haeun did was steal his key pack.


As a person with the ability to move space, he was able to connect the dungeon and open the door at his will. And he used that ability to run away at the last Haniel Expo, putting Haeun and her party in danger. 


There’s no way he won’t do it again this time, so she took away the opponent’s chance to run away first.


Haeun, who was looking at the key, frowned and asked.


“Where did you hide the golden key?”


Rick murmured back.


“I don’t have it.”


“Aha. As expected, raising your arm was too easy a punishment, right? I guess I was being too nice. Shall we try it?”


“I’m telling you! It’s a one-time thing. I used it last time and it’s gone.”


Rick exclaimed urgently. From the look on his face, he seemed to be genuine, but he had told a similar lie the other day.


Haeun warned in a firm voice.


“If it’s a lie, these keys, you know I’ll break them all.”


“I, I know.”


Rick nodded hurriedly.


Rick’s claims that he didn’t have the key were not believed at all, but Haeun chose to move on for now. Anyway, this keychain seems to be important for that man to use his powers, and she had to do a lot of work before she got rid of it and until he told her about the golden key.


“What have you been doing here?”




“Of course you won’t tell me the truth.”


“I am showing mercy to the lambs who want to be Awakaned.”


Although he is whining about how difficult it is, it seems that he still has the strength to mess around. Haeun clicked her tongue and glanced at him.


“You were originally in America.”


“The American business is closed. Damn it, it’s the biggest market.”


“Why did it close?”


“I can’t do anything because I’ve been publicly wanted. I have to wear a doll mask and disguise myself to buy a burrito.”


For a moment, Haeun burst into laughter as she imagined Rick going to buy a burrito wearing a teddy bear head.


“Ahaha. Aha. Ah, that’s funny. It looks good.”


“Damn it. That brat Nelson. It’s him who applied to awaken his daughter, but he put me on the wanted list.”


“It’s only natural for criminals to be punished.”


“How could Kid say that to me! I am Kid’s benefactor.”


“I guess the meaning of the word benefactor changed without my knowledge?”


“It’s all thanks to me that Kid awakaned! I heard you’re EX-Class! Good for you!”


It’s absurd, but just as the world knows that Haeun awakaned in the American dungeon, Rick thought the same.


Furthermore, he believed that Haeun’s awakening was partly due to his own contributions to creating the environment in which awakening was possible.


“Do you know how difficult it is to connect S-class dungeons? Kid didn’t pay a single penny and got the benefits, so you should rather thank me now.”


“I heard that a guy who farts gets angry, there must be certain limits that must be kept as a person.”


Haeun said it coldly.


Haeun didn’t awaken in the dungeon, but had already awakened. And because she was an EX-class Awakener, everyone was able to survive.


Rick’s remarks were still very unpleasant, although she said she was awakened in the United States for convenience because she couldn’t reveal all the truth about her awakening.


Rick grumbled as he received the contemptuous glances pouring on him.


“A devilish kid. Because of that incident, I’ve come to an island like this and do a variety of miscellaneous work.”


“Yeah. I should ask about that, too. What the hell is this place for?”


Hwang Soomin just asked Haeun to find internal data since the Zenith Guild seems to be leading the illegal awakening.


However, the Zenith Guild’s home base, which she actually encountered, looked more professional and organized. There are even gates in the mountains.


Perhaps because he thought he couldn’t avoid Haeun’s questioning, Rick surprisingly answered Haeun’s question with ease. 




“Could you make it so I don’t say it twice? Explain it in a long way.”


“It’s a place where we study the system and awakening. We conduct research on awakened people.”


“Are you saying that the Zenith Guild was doing something like that?”


“What is Zenith Guild?”


“Don’t pretend you don’t know. Even today, they brought hunters here.”


“I really don’t know? Oh, is it one of the guilds called the supplier?”


Haeun frowned at Rick’s reaction.


What does it mean to be one of the suppliers? Then it means that there are more people or organizations involved in this. Moreover, Zenith Guild appeared to be only at the bottom and had a separate head.


‘Guild Leader Hwang Soomin, what did you leave me to do?’ 


Haeun swallowed swearing at Hunter Hwang Soomin, who was absent.


Suddenly, she heard a grasshopper cry outside the window, and when she looked up, it was already dark outside the window. The sun went down faster because it was an empty island. Haeun’s face also darkened.


‘I have to find Sehyun.’


As she asked Rick questions, too much time passed by.


She fiddled with the ring on her hand, but there was still no answer. She thought she’d have to find him as soon as possible.


And to do this, getting help from insiders is the most efficient way.


Haeun said to Rick.


“Hey. You want your keys back, right?”


Haeun took out a bundle of keys that she kept in her own sub-space that any awakened person has and jingled them right in front of Rick’s eyes.


“If you do what I tell you to do, I’ll return this.”


Of course, returning the key to Rick would be after he was placed in a prison dedicated to the awakener, which is absolutely impossible to escape.


Rick asked carefully.


“What am I supposed to do?”


“We need to find someone. Do you know where the people brought here are staying?”


“There are a total of two areas that are used as accommodations for test subjects. Are you going to leave now? Right?”




“Today is the day the goods came in. The surveillance is the strictest. If you open the door after 8 o’clock and leave, a warning alarm will go off right away.” 


Haeun looked at the watch. It’s 7:50.


“There are ten minutes left.”


Haeun answered annoyedly at Rick, who grinned.


“We can move out of the building.”


“Well. It’s not easy to find the way because the structure of the building is complicated. It’s perfect to get lost. And the night on the island is much darker than you thought.”


The fact that it was perfect for getting lost made Haeun pause.


If they had lost their way unluckily, they could have diverged. Not only Haeun, but also Jung Sehyun, had trouble finding their way, which made her nervous.


“Security is also released at 5:00 am, so move according to that time. I will guide you.”


Although she was dissatisfied with the conclusions reached, it seemed good to follow Rick’s advice to leave quietly. Haeun let out a deep sigh.


“All right. Then I’ll move early tomorrow morning.”


“Yeah. Well thought out. Then, you need to rest now, right? Have a good night, and I’ll go out now…”


“Where are you going?”


Haeun grabbed Rick’s back as he opened the door and tried to run away naturally. Haeun, who dragged him in, said it terribly.


“Are you trying to run away?”


“Kid! Are you going to stay in the same room with me all night?”


“Of course.”


Until the moment Rick was put in prison, he had to be under Haeun’s watch.


At that time, Rick grabbed Haeun’s hand by the nape of his neck and turned around lightly.




Before they knew it, the positions of the two switched and Haeun’s back touched the door. Rick trapped Haeun between himself and the door and held the door with his left arm. As his body drew closer, a long shadow formed from Haeun’s head.


Haeun blinked her eyes.


“Kid, are you sure it’s really okay?”


A voice that was one tone lower than usual asked. Because the bodies were close together, the opponent’s face could be seen very clearly.


She felt it when she first met him, but he is a man with a very strange eye color.


The bright golden eyes reminded her of a cat. There was a twisted corner somewhere in the smiley eyes. The thin lips went up smoothly.


The opponent smiled seductively and put his hand on Haeun’s chin.


“Wouldn’t it be dangerous if we were together in a room at night? I don’t intend to sleep only holding hands—Arghh.”


“What nonsense are you talking about?”


Haeun pinched Rick’s hand strongly. In addition, it is very bad to touch a person’s face without permission.


The atmosphere that the relentless punishment had strangely captured vanished in an instant.


“Anyway I can’t do this, you punk.”


Haeun, who was looking around, eventually tied him up with a cable wire she found under a drawer. It wasn’t the perfect thing to hold him back, but it was the best thing right now. She’ll be watching him all night anyway.


Just like that, Rick was stuck in the corner of the room with his hands tied.


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