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However, there was a problem that Haeun had not thought of. This happened about three hours after Rick was tied up. 


“I’m sleepy…”


Haeun blinked heavily.


Haeun planned to stay up all night. But while she was starving all day, she dealt with Zenith’s guild leader, crossed the sea, escaped from solitary confinement, ran around the building, and even robbed Rick. 


The fact that Rick, who had been grunting for her to release the restraints on his wrists, said that he would sleep and lay down on the floor earlier, also played a role in helping relieve Haeun’s tension. 


“Ugh… I can’t sleep.”


She’s so sleepy. She’s so sleepy that she’s going crazy.


She closed her eyes without realizing it, woke up suddenly, and then gently closed her eyelids several times. In the end, Haeun couldn’t overcome the rushing tide. 


Now that the days are getting colder, she hesitates to find a warm place, and before she knows it, she covers the bed with a blanket and falls asleep in earnest.  


Gradually, the sound of her breathing began to fill the room.




Rick, who was lying on the floor, rose quietly.


It is an expressionless face without a single smile. After a few turns of the wrist, the cable that was binding him was easily released.


In the first place, he was an expert in this field. He just stayed still to catch the moment by letting the other person off guard.


Rick got up and approached Haeun, who was sleeping.


Her face, which was sleeping beautifully, seemed to have fallen into quite a deep sleep. In this way, she will never know who is carrying it. (t/n : 누가 업어가도 모르는 척 This expression usually refers to when someone is in deep sleep.) 


Haeun took Rick’s key and put it in her own subspace. There are only two ways to get it back.


The other person will take it out. Or the owner of the subspace dies.


Rick, who had been silently looking down at Haeun and predicting the possibility, slowly reached out his hand.


The moment his hand was about to touch Haeun’s neck.






The snake that suddenly appeared seemed like it was going to bite Rick. 


It was so small that he didn’t think it was particularly threatening, but it was quite surprising that this snake had just been a bracelet. 


Even something he had coveted before!




The small creature acted faithfully to protect its owner. If he decides to kill it, it won’t be impossible, but Haeun will wake up in the process. And Rick didn’t have the confidence to beat Haeun because he didn’t have the key, which was the same as his skill. 




Rick sighed and sat down.


In the end, it seemed that he would have no choice but to move as Haeun wished. 


If so, he should revise his plans. What should he do in order to flee?


His troubled night only deepened.


* * *


Another floor of the laboratory building called the Factory.


Just like Rick’s assigned quarters, there is one room that is still lit.




The man with gray hair sighed. His name is Kim Youngcheol. He is the general manager and head of the institute. 


He was also a man who had spent over 20 years researching to uncover the secrets of the system and awakening.




His face was full of worry as he reviewed the results of the previous experiment. He tried to make extreme environmental changes and induce awakening within a short period of time, but the result was not good. Not a single Awakener was created.


‘It’s disappointing.’


It’s been a long time since investors, who used to always be nice, turned cold. They will not stand by and look at an incompetent researcher who only forgets research funds. 


“This time, we have to come up with the right results…” 


The head of the institute chewed on the edge of an empty paper cup. 


The factory’s goal is to acquire the correct method of awakening.


Actually producing re-awakening is only a secondary result of the research process, but the biggest purpose is to analyze the awakening system itself and control it directly.


■■ recognizes you.


The same perception system window that everyone sees upon awakening can be seen by everyone, but at the same time no one knows the exact meaning.


So, they wanted to become ‘■■’ themselves.


In order to produce stronger and more awakened people according to their taste.


If they can create a Hunter as they want, just like manufacturing industrial products in a factory, future supreme power is guaranteed. 


However, in order to study the awakening system, research funds were needed. In particular, it was essential to have experimental subjects that would constantly experiment and accumulate results.


However, the act of allowing a non-awakened person to enter a dungeon is strictly punishable under the International Law for the Protection of Non-Awakened Persons.


In response, they took the bait of reawakening and called in people who had already awakened.


There were laws to protect non-awakened people from dungeons, but there was no law to protect hunters from dungeons.


In addition, in Korea, once registered as a hunter, they could enter the desired dungeon under prior notification regardless of their rank. This is because there was once a large-scale protest against the freedom of hunters to select and attack dungeons.


Instead, all results after entering the dungeon were attributed to individual responsibility. Hunter couldn’t even buy death insurance, so he said everything.


The factory actively took advantage of this blind spot of surveillance.


Fortunately, there were so many people in the world who were eager to reawaken, so it wasn’t too difficult to find a test subject.


However, despite such a long experiment, nothing was properly revealed about the secrets of the system.


The facts he has uncovered at the end of his research so far are as follows.


First, The system creates the largest energy wave the moment humans awaken. This is similar to the number measured when the gate first occurs. 


Second. Similar energy waves are identified among those with similar awakening abilities. They are grouped together and reveal a kind of commonality, but the interesting thing here is that they actually show a lot of similarities in skill and personal stat growth potential.


In addition, it was confirmed that when the environmental conditions were adjusted and the experiment was conducted by reflecting these matters, the number of cases of awakening with similar abilities actually increased. 


Third, There is a significant proportional relationship between various dungeon events such as flooding and cracks, which have recently been increasing, and awakening levels.


In particular, the awakening success rate, which had been stagnant for a while, has recently risen sharply.


But that’s all.


How to intervene and adjust the awakening system is still unknown. 


“In the end, is it an unknown area that humans cannot find out?”


The reason why the number of successful re-awakening has increased in the past six months is because the number of subjects has increased by conducting experiments on a larger number of subjects.


His investors were short-tempered. Even now, it is already showing the bottom. 


The anger that might come out at any moment frightened the head of the research institute, and eventually he came up with a special countermeasure.


“It’s kind of expensive to have me do the work. You know?”


Thinking that this is his last chance, he has invited celebrities from each field. Awakening Broker Rick was one of them.


Research funds jumped exponentially, but there was nowhere to retreat anyway.


And the humans who will be the subjects of the experiment also came in today through the ship.


Please, this experiment should be the last study. The head of the institute repeated his wish over and over again.


* * *


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ urges Haeun to get up quickly.] 


[He stamps his feet, saying that now is not the time to fall asleep slowly.]


[Wake up, Hunter.]


Haeun frowned as she closed her eyes. She wrapped herself in a thin blanket and curled up, muttering in her sleep. 


“Let me sleep a little more…” 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ cries out to stop sleeping and please stand up and look in front of her.]




She can’t sleep at all because of the buzzing voice. Annoyed, Haeun buried her face in the pillow and struggled to open her eyes. 


And the moment she woke up, Haeun realized why the Constellation woke her up so anxiously.


As soon as she opened her eyes, what she saw was fine yellow hair. It’s also very close!


She doesn’t know when Rick crawled up, but he was waiting to sleep in the rest of the bed.


There is a slight wrinkle between the eyebrows of this deep sleeper. Usually, he only smiled while folding the corners of his eyes, but when he removed his laughter, all that was left was a flat, tired-looking face.


Upon closer inspection, the cables that bound his wrists were all undone.


Haeun thought calmly.


‘Whoa. Our Rick must have been tired.’


Then, mercilessly, she kicked the body of her opponent.


“Ugh. W, what?” 


Rick, who rolled down to the floor, jumped to his feet. He soon opened his eyes, caught Haeun’s gaze, and grasped the situation. Rick laughed and made excuses.


“The floor hurts my back…”


Haeun glared at him coldly and sighed. Soon, she started freaking out when she saw the time on the wall clock.


“Eight o’clock?”


When did time pass like this?


Originally, Haeun planned to find Jung Sehyun this morning, taking advantage of the lack of active people. However, it was not enough to fall asleep suddenly, so she even overslept.


She doesn’t even know when the hell she fell asleep. Haeun’s expression became serious at the plan that went wrong from the beginning.


Rick, on the other hand, was carefree.


“It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t worry.”


Haeun turned her head and glared at him, and Rick shrugged and said. 


“It’s because of people, right? I can just call you an assistant. Because it’s a free pass?”


“Who will believe it? Besides, everyone knows who I am, so you think that excuse will work?” 


“There are ways.”


He first recommended that Haeun wear his clothes. Making the ridiculous argument that she has to dress similarly to look like his assistant. 


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