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At that time, most of the researchers were summoned to the indoor gym and were busy conducting awakening tests.


There was a man who was still in the lab.




Jung Sehyun sat down in front of a computer with a password. He tapped his fingers on the desk, lost in thought, and after a while, he quickly started tapping on the keyboard. A series of blue windows opened on the monitor. It wasn’t long before the alarm that security had been released came up.




A smile formed on Jung Sehyun’s lips. Soon a small USB appeared and disappeared between his sleeves. He lazily sat cross-legged and waited for all of the data to be copied. 


This is a laboratory where re-awakening experiments are conducted for awakened people.


The institute is situated on an island in the western sea, which divides the border with China. It was characterized by the fact that there was always a thick fog around the island, making it difficult to spot it from the sea.


Last night, Jung Sehyun looked around the research center and headed straight for the mountain. And he found an active gate in it.


It didn’t seem like a dungeon break would occur any time soon and monsters would pour out, but the presence of an active gate was a risk factor.


Jung Sehyun speculated that the fog surrounding the island might also be the effect of the gate.


“They did a good job hiding this facility.”


Jung Sehyun muttered as he clicked his mouse.


At first, he thought it was just a place where illegal awakenings were proceeding indiscriminately. But in the process, they are collecting huge fees and growing the underground economy.


But looking at the data, he changed his mind.


They were conducting research to produce an awakening system, especially a high-grade awakener. 


Of course, the experimentation process was not ethical at all. This was especially true of the treatment of those who failed to awaken.


It’s natural, since this is not where charity work to help the hunters reawaken is conducted.


Haeun and Jung Sehyun wrote an A-Class contract that was no different from a slave contract, and the others wrote the same. The routes that led to this place seem to be various, but as a result, everyone was confined to solitary confinement after arriving.


By the time they felt something was wrong, it must have been after the escape route was blocked. There will be no one who can swim out of the open sea without a boat. 


The only way they can get out alive is to participate in the experiment and succeed in awakening.


Of course, apart from that, they had to pay back the amount he paid in the name of the re-awakening application fee.  


If re-awakening succeeds, it is possible to repay the cost with the next dungeon attack activity, but if it fails, even that is impossible.


And the research institute made a lot of money by selling humans that were useless. Most of the organs that were taken out went to China, and it was a part that made him guess why they had to write a memorandum giving up his body before coming here.


“It must have been because of the confidentiality clause that the Zenith Guild reawakeners stayed silent.”


At most, there was a reason for making A-Class contracts for lower-level hunters who would be D-Class or lower. This is because if you use an A-class contract, its effect will continue to apply to those below A-class.  


Still, judging from the fact that the S-Class contract was not written, it seems that there was a calculation that it would be difficult to reawaken the S-Class.


“Did they spread the supply all over the place? The Zenith Guild signed a one-year contract… This is Laboratory 3?”


Jung Sehyun frowned. Surely there aren’t three in Korea, right?


Just when he thought he should look for more, he felt a presence.


The door to the lab, which had been closed, opened, and three people entered.


“I was counting on you. Isn’t our research absurd?”


“Maybe we can really figure out the awakening rules this time. Are you with the research director now?”


“I think so. He went in together. He must get an autograph!”


The chatter seemed quite excited. They took off their gowns, changed into clean new ones, and quickly left the room.


In the room, there was Jung Sehyun, who was sitting proudly in front of the computer and leaking internal data. But the researchers didn’t see him at all and passed him by.


Were they too excited about the interesting news that they couldn’t find Jung Sehyun? He doesn’t think so.


In their eyes, the laboratory was very quiet and tidy, with not a single ant in sight. To be exact, Jung Sehyun made it look that way. 


A mysterious purple light dyed Jung Sehyun’s eyes and disappeared.  


“Getting autographs?”


He tilted his head to one side and removed the USB. It wasn’t a story that would come out of a laboratory conducting unethical awakening experiments.


Jung Sehyun stood up from his seat as he had extracted all the necessary data. Then, he started following the three people who had just visited the lab.


The place they arrived at was the cafeteria where lunch was being served.


However, the restaurant was strangely noisy. It’s not simply because of the delicious food on the lunch menu today. Jung Sehyun went through the crowd and peeked inside.


And soon after confirming the reason for the commotion, he hardened.




The woman standing at the front of the long food line holding a tray was his older sister Jung Haeun.


Why is his sister taking a meal over there?


Jung Sehyun doubted his eyes. Haeun wasn’t even hiding or wearing a disguise.


“And what’s that outfit?”


She is wearing a flashy sky blue Hawaiian shirt that can be seen from a distance.


Of course, because the man standing next to her was dressed more flashy, Haeun was relatively buried. However, it only meant that she was less compared to the men, and she stood out uniquely among the people wearing all-white gowns.


Haeun held out a plate to the employee serving the meal.


“Please give me a lot of bulgogi. Except for the mushrooms.”


The employee holding the ladle asked in a trembling voice.


“I… Perhaps, can I ask for your autograph later?”


“Yeah. I’ll do it for you later.”


“Thank you!”


An employee piled a mountain of bulgogi on Haeun’s plate. A very satisfied expression appeared on Haeun’s face.


When the man next to him bent over and whispered something, Haeun nodded.


At that time, the researchers who were buzzing beside Jung Sehyun shouted in unison.


“Hunter Jung Haeun-nim! Hunter is the hope of our research!”


Haeun, who was talking to the man, raised her head. Then she looked around and she found the source of the sound. Haeun said this as she waved her hand in a serious way.


“I know it.”






There was a commotion next to him.


“Everyone, trust me!~”


Jung Sehyun, who was watching, opened his mouth.


What the hell is he playing right now? Isn’t this like the religious leader accepting the believers’ greetings!


It seemed that too much had happened while he ignored Haeun’s contact.




With Rick’s help, Haeun became a living miracle, awakened to the highest grade.


It was unsatisfying to have Rick, a mere criminal, floated like that, but at the time it was best to say so. She couldn’t hide her identity. It is because Haeun’s face has already been broadcast all over the world through broadcasting.


A person who doesn’t know about the one and only EX. It would never be possible if it were not for the tribal people living in the wild where it was not even developed. And in the first place, these days, the reality is that tribal people are also earning money by filming tribal Vlogs.


However, in a situation where she couldn’t find Jung Sehyun or complete the request requested by Hunter Hwang Soomin, she couldn’t raise the alert level by treating the research director with force.


In the end, there was only one option left.


“Even though Rick said he wanted to test it on a large scale this time. It would be better if it could awaken many people at once.”


Haeun, who changed seats and moved to the private office of the research director, said arrogantly, crossing her legs.


For reference, she sat in the highest seat. With such a natural attitude, Haeun seemed like the owner of the research institute.


On the other hand, the research director was a little confused when he noticed her.


“I have expenses, but when…”


“Is that so important? Isn’t it the most important thing that I’m here?”


Haeun smiled brightly.


The director of the research center seemed to think that Haeun’s words couldn’t be trusted unconditionally.


The institute was treated as top secret and operated. And Jung Haeun, who suddenly appeared there, was such a big shot.


Even if Haeun really came for personal interest, there were two national public servant Hunters by her side. If it gets into their ears, the institute will be unable to continue its research.


‘Should I worry about myself first rather than the lab?’


The research director let out a self-deprecating laugh.


For him, tomorrow’s experiment was no different from the last one. If it didn’t produce satisfactory results that would appeal to investors, he could have lost his neck next week.


“You must be very worried, director.”


An infinitely light voice interrupted the research director’s thoughts.


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