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“We can go out and come back together. I can’t leave Noona alone.”


“If we disappear together, the researchers here will surely notice and run away, right? We can’t miss all the people here.”


It was a one-hit opportunity. Besides, now is the right time for Haeun to be paying people’s attention.


“Go out and get him as fast as you can. You can do it, right?”


Jung Sehyun sighed at Haeun’s urging. Then he nodded reluctantly.


“I’ll be right back.”


“Of course. Oh, and tell the guild leader Hwang Soomin clearly. I did something really big on my own this time, so make sure to keep your promise.”


“All right.”


Jung Sehyun left, leaving the words to wait carefully until he returned.


Now, Haeun’s job is to distract the researchers and pass the time until Jung Sehyun brings the others along.


‘Then close the gate.’


Haeun thought that there would be no particular problem.




The moment he entered the island, Ahn Jinhwan realized that he had made the wrong choice.


“W, why doesn’t this open? Hey! Open this!”


After signing the contract at the intermediate headquarters, the island they moved to as an awakening training center was literally a prison from which they couldn’t escape.


The staff, who had been flattering him, immediately changed and put him in solitary confinement. He tried to escape, but the closed door never opened.


“Damn it. Those punk.”


Ahn Jinhwan, who was grumbling, took out a wrinkled scroll from his bosom.


This scroll was the first thing he bought at Hunter Market since he survived the last Gangnam crack.


Actually, he wanted to buy an escape stone, but the escape stone was too expensive for the money he had. So, he bought a moving scroll that was not too expensive and could move instantly within a 10 m radius.


Ahn Jinhwan, who stared at the object in his hand and pondered for a while, shook his head. It was his one and only precious thing. His gloomy life was telling him that there would surely come a more urgent moment than now.


And the next day came.


“Nice to meet you! Everyone. My name is Kim Yeongchul, the research director here.”


It’s funny how they locked people up in solitary confinement last night, and this time in a huge indoor gymnasium, they introduced themselves as contributing to humanity’s development by conducting awakening research.


Then someone shouted in a furious voice as if it was absurd.


“Why did you lock us up last night! Get me out of here now!”


“The solitary confinement is all for the safety of the participants. Here, anyone can suddenly reawaken at a high level even after eating and sleeping.”


“T, that’s a lie!”


“It’s not a lie. Our laboratory has produced numerous re-awakened people based on the vast database we have accumulated so far. The hunters who have guided you all the way to this place are also people who have seen the light of re-awakening.”


It was typical bullshit and drug dealer. However, the moment the word reawakening came out, everyone closed their mouths as if possessed and began to listen to the words of the research director.


It is because they were all driven to the edge of their lives to the extent that they came all the way to this place after signing a contract no different from a slave contract, believing only that they could reawaken in the first place.


“Our research team will do their best to awaken you.”


The director of the research center very skillfully grabbed the buzzing people and guided them through the basic examination and awakening schedule, then left.


The sudden change was a bit unsettling, but Ahn Jinhwan tried to pull himself together


In any case, he needed a reawakening and had no place to back down. He was upset when at the basic examination he was judged E-Class again, but he was able to bear it when he thought that he could soon be transformed into an A-Class.


However, someone who made Ahn Jinhwan agitate appeared.




“Is it going to be crazy outside now?”


At first, words that were responding around the researchers began to spread among the participants, and soon the entire gym began to be filled with whispers.


Just as Ahn Jinhwan frowned strangely, a group of people just passed by through the window. Ahn Jinhwan, who recognized the opponent, widened his eyes.


“J, Jung Haeun!”


“That person was also awakened by an awakening broker like us!”


At the same time, the words someone shouted loudly stuck in Ahn Jinhwan’s ears.


Jung Haeun recently became an EX-Class hunter.


But that EX-Class was the result of artificial awakening induction, not natural awakening?


For Ahn Jinhwan, Jung Haeun was the one who sparked the legal complaint, the beginning of all hardships.


It is true that Ahn Jinhwan cheated on his rating during the Gangnam crack incident. But Ahn Jinhwan wasn’t to blame when people hurt her at that time, right? The people rushed frantically at her, frantically trying to take the escape stone from Jung Haeun, and most of her injuries occurred then.


Of course, it was Ahn Jinhwan himself who first started the fight by asking for an escape stone, but anyway, Ahn Jinhwan did not directly harm people!


However, people filed a complaint against Ahn Jinhwan instead of Jung Haeun.


“Damn it.”


Recalling the face that passed by quickly made him boil with anger. Jung Haeun was laughing at the subject of pushing Ahn Jinhwan into the abyss.


If there was a God in the world, it wouldn’t be possible to treat oneself so unfairly who has worked hard so far.


His inferiority complex exploded and anger began to erode reason.


Jung Haeun needs punishment. Obviously, the awakening was also achieved using the family’s money.


He needed to show the bitterness of the world.


“I’ll go back to my room!”


Ahn Jinhwan’s heart started to beat as the hunter standing guard shouted loudly.


He thought that if he went back to his solitary confinement, it would be difficult to meet Jung Haeun again. Then, he can’t take true revenge on Jung Haeun, who pushed his life into the abyss.


Taking advantage of the gap where the hunters’ watch was neglected for a moment, Ahn Jinhwan tore the scroll, which was now crumpled by touching it.


The heat of the light burst, and before he knew it, his figure had completely disappeared.




Haeun, who sent Jung Sehyun first, returned to the place where Rick and the research director were.


But the atmosphere in the hall was strange.


“Warning Level 1. Once again. Warning Level 1. All personnel in the building will proceed with the search right now.”


“Hurry up and find it!”


Could it be that they rang the emergency alert thinking Haeun was gone? However, when she saw the researchers, who weren’t too surprised to see Haeun’s return, that didn’t seem to be the case.




Rick, who discovered Haeun, approached her. The research director had already left his side.


Haeun pointed to the people who were busily walking around and asked.


“Why is the atmosphere so chaotic?”


“They said three test subjects disappeared. Two already disappeared yesterday, and one more today.”


“Wow, really?”


Haeun responded soullessly.


The two people Rick mentioned were obviously himself and Jung Sehyun. And it looks like there was one more person who ran away.


‘I was thinking about how to divert people’s attention…’


The situation already seemed confusing enough, even without Haeun. It seems that the fact that three people escaped in just 24 hours seemed like a pretty serious thing to them.


“So, are you going to do the awakening experiment today?”


“No. Extended to tomorrow.”


Yes! Haeun cried out in joy. She had less work to do thanks to someone she didn’t even know.


It won’t take more than a day for Jung Sehyun to return here, so she can just leave the cleaning to the Dawn guild.


While the employees were busy, Haeun decided to go check the gate on the mountain.


“Kid, come with me.”


Rick followed Haeun’s footsteps. Last night he was desperate to run away, but today he was trying hard not to be separated from Haeun. Haeun thought angrily.


“Why do you keep following me?”


“Kim is more insidious than I thought. You have to go with me to avoid suspicion.”


A snort came out. Since Haeun had already left the head of the institute’s office, he had been following behind her.


There’s no way Rick doesn’t know that, and in the end, his real goal may be his keys, which are in Haeun’s hands.


“Kid. Let’s go together.”


Haeun walked away, completely ignoring the other person’s clingy voice.


Inside the building, there was a fuss as they searched for missing people, but once inside the mountain, it became quieter. Not long after climbing up the only path, they reached the gate where two hunters were standing guard. They found Haeun and Rick and became alert.


“What did you come for?”


“I want to check the gate in advance before the experiment begins.”


Rick took notice. But the hunters’ attitude was stiff.


“This is something that was not communicated. “No one is allowed inside without the director’s permission.”


“Huh? No way. I’m sure Kim said it. Kid, or Hunter Jung Haeun, will help you at tomorrow’s awakening.”


“I received that information, but to check the gate today….”


“Ah, you’re so strict. Now, an EX-Class hunter wants to check the gate, but you’re blocking it?”


Rick shamelessly sold Haeun. It was ridiculous, but the hunters began to look around as if it worked. Rick didn’t wait and struck the final blow.


“If you need to confirm, you can contact Kim now. But Kim looked uncomfortable because three people had run away earlier. If you bother him about nothing, he will like it.”


Rick smirked and folded his arms. His attitude was that it didn’t matter what decision they made.


And Rick’s threat worked.


“…All right.”


The hunters hesitated and eventually retreated. Rick winked at Haeun as if asking for a compliment. Haeun, who didn’t like seeing him, turned her head away.


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