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The two crossed the border and entered the mountains. Of course, she took care of the tailings before that.






A man who had been hit in the back of the neck fell to the floor. Haeun then took care of the other one and threw it aside. Where are they going to keep following her?


For a small island, it was a fairly deep mountain. It was amazing that a mountain like this could exist on an island located alone in the middle of the West Sea and not close to the inland. It is a phenomenon that can never occur naturally.


There are often cases where a gate occurs and the surrounding environment changes, and this island seemed to be the same case.


“We’re here, Kid.”


Soon after, Haeun encountered an active gate in the middle of the mountain.


The vibrations around the gate gave her a slight sense of tension. Fortunately, it didn’t look like the dungeon break would occur any time soon and monsters would pour in.


It was when Haeun was about to get closer to the gate.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ shouts to Haeun to be careful.]




A shout was heard from behind. A man was screaming at the top of his voice and running towards Haeun. The knife in his hand sparkled in the sunlight.


The moment the man came closer, Haeun turned his wrist back and kicked him.




The man who was making a sloppy attack lost the knife he was holding.


Rick quickly grabbed the knife and subdued the man. As the weight pressed against him, the man immediately kissed the floor and screamed loudly.


“Let go! You damn… ugh.”


“Huh? It’s Ahn, right?”


Rick raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.


“How did you get here? You can’t just leave? Oh, by any chance, Ahn was the one who escaped?”


“Ugh, let go of this!”


The man Rick had tied twisted wildly and hit the back of Rick’s foot. He screamed loudly with bloodshot eyes.


“My life is ruined because of you, Jung Haeun!”


“Who are you…”


Haeun narrowed her eyes and looked at the other person’s face. But she can’t remember who it is. Then the other person became even more furious and angry.


“It’s Ahn Jinhwan!”


“Who is Ahn Jinhwan?”


She’s even more lost in the dark.


[The constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ answers that he is the man who argued with Haeun in the previous Gangnam Rift and can’t give a dirty attack.]




It was only then that Haeun realized who the other person was. However, when she realized the identity of the other person, she became even more puzzled.


‘Did he originally look like this?’


His hair was shaggy, as if a magpie’s nest had settled down, and the area under his eyes was sunken. His skinny appearance gave the impression of an alcoholic. There was a musty smell that came from someone who has not washed properly for a long time.


She still gets angry when she thinks about that incident. Haeun couldn’t forget the people who rushed towards her like bison, demanding that she give them an escape stone.


However, even though it was such a memorable incident, he was currently so damaged that she couldn’t immediately recognize Ahn Jinhwan.


Ahn Jinhwan yelled at Haeun with bloodshot eyes.


“It’s all because of you! It’s because of you that my life is in the gutter! People are suing me. Do you know?!”


“Sue? What sue?”


“You filed a claim for compensation for being injured in the dungeon because of me!”


Haeun frowned as she grasped the situation.


So, it seems like the people who worked together to attack Haeun at the time have now changed their target and are attacking Ahn Jinhwan.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says it is a very exciting ending and it is a well-earned punishment.]


Haeun also agreed. She didn’t feel sorry or pitiful for the other person.


The reason why all the commotion happened that day in the first place was because Ahn Jinhwan started an argument with Haeun by talking about escape stones. Rather, he should reflect on his past mistakes and apologize to Haeun.


But even though he couldn’t apologize now, he used his excitement on himself.


“Excuse me.”


A voice as cold as ice came out of Haeun’s mouth.


“First of all. It’s not my fault that you were sued. Did I sue you? It’s the people who sued.”


He got slapped in Jongno and glared at in the Han River. Is he mad at me for finding the wrong street address?


“Besides, it’s your fault that those people got hurt, right? You made a really dirty attack. So, of course, people are saying things to you. And! Why are you saying there’s an escape stone that doesn’t exist in the first place? Are you an idiot?”


“Did I lie?! You’re lying! Are you saying you didn’t have an escape stone?”


“There wasn’t.”


Haeun responded angrily. That damn escape stone, she’s sick of it.


“More than that, how are you on this island?”


“I brought him.”


The culprit was right next to her. Rick looked at her and smiled brightly as the corners of his eyes turned up.


“I didn’t force him and bring him here. He contacted me first, saying he wanted to awaken.”


Haeun closed her eyes tightly. He really does so many things.


Currently, the dungeon connected to the gate of this island is C-Class. And the dungeon she entered during the Gangnam crack was D-Class. There was no way Ahn Jinhwan, who had a hard time even conquering the D-Class, could succeed in conquering the C-Class dungeon.


‘You’ll be lucky if you don’t die as soon as you go in.’


Since Haeun had no intention of cleaning up the invoice in real time, she gave Ahn Jinhwan a firm warning.


“You’d better give up the ridiculous dream of reawakening. No one will be able to enter the dungeon here.”


Then she told Rick to keep him safe, and then she turned around and began to look at the gate.




Ahn Jinhwan, who fell to the floor, was wheezing and swearing. There was no way he could calmly accept Haeun’s warning and give up.


It was Ahn Jinhwan, who had already heard a rumor that she had succeeded in awakening through Broker Rick.


She succeeded in awakening to the EX-Class, but blocked his future path…!


“This is not fair.”


To him, Haeun’s attitude seemed to be just trying to monopolize good things alone.


“I can reawaken too. How dare you say that to me. Me too… I too can reawaken…”


He murmured to himself like a madman.


Now, in Ahn Jinhwan’s eyes, the gate seemed to be the only way out. The gate, which was vibrating with a red light, was whispering to himself to come in.


Just by entering there, he can also become an A-Class hunter.


Ahn Jinhwan, who had been watching, immediately jumped out and ran out when Rick’s strength binding his body weakened.


“Ah! Hey!”


Then, without Haeun having time to stop him, he entered the activated gate.


The gate that swallowed the humans hummed ominously. Haeun looked at the gate in vain, as the accident happened in an instant. She gave Rick a look of disapproval, and he smiled sweetly and made up an excuse.


“Ahn was really strong.”


“Lies. You let him go on purpose!” 


“Because it’s real. And Kid. Isn’t that person a hunter in the first place? Basically, hunters are people who carry out attacks in dungeons. If the opponent wants to enter the dungeon, does Kid have the right to stop that?”


“Don’t talk nonsense.”


Haeun growled. There’s something else to play with. What will be the result of an E-Class hunter entering a C-Class dungeon alone?


She shouldn’t have trusted Rick in the first place, but she made a mistake. He’s been quite cooperative so far, so she’s let go of the doubt a little without realizing it.


Haeun sighed deeply and glared at the gate.


‘Is that person going to die?’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ answers unconditionally when he thinks of his poor skills.]


‘He won’t be able to reawaken, right?’


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ laughs at it, saying that it doesn’t know if there is another constellation that has a hobby of picking up trash and decorating it pretty.]




Haeun was troubled. Ahn Jinhwan was actually none of Haeun’s business. However, no matter how much he did, she couldn’t ignore the person who seemed certain to die.


It’s not as bad as dying.


She can’t just pretend she didn’t see that and pass by. If she ignores it like this, she will definitely regret it later.


Therefore, in the end, there was only one conclusion that Haeun could come to.


“I have to go in and find him.”


“I see. Wow, fighting!”


“Hey, you liar. Come with me.”


Haeun entered the dungeon, pulling Rick’s ear, who was being obnoxious.




[SYSTEM: You have entered the dungeon. View information on the dungeon you entered.]


[Goblin Paradise(C)]


Number of people allowed: 3/50


Clear Condition: Goblins live in groups and create their own kingdom. It may be that the selfish and stupid goblins were able to establish a primitive civilization all thanks to their king. Find and defeat the Goblin King.


Reward: The Goblin King’s Thousand-Year-Old Staff


Failure: Death]


30 minutes after entering the dungeon.


Haeun found a village where Goblin, the representative monster of Dungeon, lived together.


She hid behind a rock with Rick and took a peek at the wide land. It was true that goblins live in groups and form colonies. It was even quite large.


Huts were installed here and there without any rules on a large flat area, and in the middle of them was a huge vacant lot that could be considered a square.


Haeun discovered that there were relatively more goblins gathered in that vacant lot than other places.


“Krrk. Krrrrk.”


Goblin was short and had green skin that didn’t resemble a human. They moved the tree with much thinner and thinner arms compared to the bulging belly. The wood firewood piled up one by one was large enough to make an exciting campfire. Is there a festival today?


“More than that, where is Ahn Jinhwan?”


Haeun frowned in annoyance because there was no one she was looking for.


He was truly an annoying opponent from beginning to end. Haeun went into the dungeon almost as soon as Ahn Jinhwan did, but then he totally vanished, as if he were water that had evaporated.


Haeun, who had no intention of spending too much time here, couldn’t help but feel confused.


No matter how busy the Factory was with the three missing test subjects, it was obvious that they would be suspicious of Haeun if she was gone for a long time.


The news that she went to see the gate with Rick would be relayed to the director of the research center through the hunters on guard, but she didn’t want to give the other person a reason to notice and run away first.


“Ah. Should I just go back?”


The thought of wanting to leave Ahn Jinhwan and others began to creep up.


If she defeats the boss monster, the Goblin King, the escape gate will open, so wouldn’t An Jinhwan be able to escape on his own? Although he is weak enough to be beaten by the baby Goblin.


But then the goblins gathered in the square suddenly began to stamp their feet in excitement.


Boom– boom.


Following the eyes of the goblins, she could find other goblins returning from hunting. Haeun smiled slightly at the majestic attitude of General Sunghwa.


 “Keuurrk keurk!”




“Keuurrk! keurk!”


They were coming in carrying on their shoulders a long wooden stick with something tied tightly to it. Haeun narrowed her eyes. And when she realized what the goblins were bringing, she was shocked. 


“It’s Ahn Jinhwan, right?” 


He must have fainted or is in a limp state. She wondered where on earth he had disappeared to, but it turned out that he had already been captured by goblins a long time ago. 


It seems that Ahn Jinhwan will be the star of the spectacular campfire that will be held today. 


Haeun touched her throbbing forehead.


She just wants to go home.

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