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The ceiling of the indoor gymnasium where the awakening test was taking place shook and made an ominous sound.


People swallowed their saliva. Their faces were full of anxiety that couldn’t be hidden.


It has been 6 hours since the participants who were being tested together suddenly disappeared and an emergency warning was issued.


People were still trapped here.


Originally, two hunters and ten researchers were watching them. But then they suddenly gave an order to wait quietly, left the place, and disappeared.


“What on earth is going on out there?”


People lowered their voices and whispered.


Although there were many reasons, most of those gathered here were people who came seeking reawakening.


The somewhat unfair contract was rationalized in the name of high risk and high return.


Still, they thought everything would be resolved once they came to this place called the Awakening Training Center. 


The only thing that has increased is anxiety.


“Ey! I’m getting out of here!”


One man courageously stepped forward in a frustrating situation. He approached the iron door leading outside. But no matter how hard he turned the doorknob, the door wouldn’t open. Of course, the employees locked it. 


“Such a doorknob is nothing…!”




The man flinched and stopped moving. The noise just now wasn’t made by him. His hands are still floating in the air.


Just when he thought he had heard something wrong, the sound rang again.




Thump thump–!


On the opposite side of where they were standing, someone was banging on the door.


The rough punches didn’t sound good. The people watching him felt ominous and stepped back.


The man who was knocking on the door asked in a trembling voice.


“W… who is it?”




Thump thump–!


The knocking on the door only got louder with no answer. A man in fear cried out in a panic.


A scared man shouted in a panic.


“Answer me—!”


At the same time, the control device malfunctioned, and the door that had been closed due to the control device malfunction burst open.




“H, heuk…!”


The man’s eyes widened as he confirmed the identity of the person who broke down the door. His legs trembled like aspen trees shaking. He took a step back and shouted in a loud voice.


“I, it’s a monster!”


The inside of the gym instantly fell into a whirlpool of chaos.




“S, save me!”


“Kereuk. Kereuk!!”


Countless goblins poured into the open entrance like a flood.


People began to hurriedly run away to avoid the monster.


“Move! Get out of the way!”


They pushed each other and bumped their bodies to find their own way. The sense of comradeship, which had been created by the same bed alliance under the common goal of reawakening, disappeared before they knew it, leaving only selfishness to survive alone.


However, the only entrance to the gym is a single iron door through which goblins pour in.


Stepping back may allow them to avoid the threatening goblin’s club right now, but it will eventually put them at their limit. 


“Argh! My arm!”


A man driven to a dead end was hit on the shoulder by a blunt weapon wielded by Goblin and rolled to the floor. Goblin laughed, showing its teeth. They were enjoying the present situation very much.


They were puzzled when they fell into a new land under enormous pressure, but they quickly adapted to the new world.


Goblin’s principle of living in the world was simple, so it was not difficult.


Just kill their opponent and take what they have.


They instinctively rushed to the place where the most creatures were concentrated, and the result was a jackpot. People who were panicked and confused were very easy prey, even for goblins.




A huge club was aimed at the man’s head. The man screamed and squeezed his eyes shut, clutching his dislocated arm.




He heard something burst.


But it wasn’t the man’s head that exploded. The man opened his eyes, shaking as he realized he was not dead.


“Are you okay?!”


Haeun was standing right in front of him. Goblin, who was attacking the man, is lying on the floor, breathless. The man managed to open his mouth with a hiccup.


“T, thank you…”


However, Haeun only confirmed that the man’s neck was attached properly, and immediately ran toward the next Goblin.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that it seems like all the monsters that escaped have flowed here.]


“There are too many.”


Haeun, who had taken care of one more cackling goblin, muttered as she jumped over the obstacle.


Currently, in the indoor gymnasium, the two races were frantically intertwined.




“Ahhhh! Help me!”


If magic power was used extensively, there was a high possibility that not only goblins but also people would be involved.


Moreover, it wasn’t just goblins that were the problem.


“I’m going out first!”




People gathered in front of the small window like a swarm of ants. Other than the iron door where monsters pour in, it is the only place connected to the outside.


However, there was no way that an adult could pass through a small window that could be passed by elementary school students or adults.


“H, help me! I’m stuck! It’s stuck!”


Thanks to this, the situation worsened in real time.


Haeun felt at a loss. Even if everyone worked together to kill the monster, it wasn’t enough, so people were fighting among themselves to be the first to escape.


Wasn’t it true that all those gathered here were awakened?


Although their rank was low, they were hunters. However, looking at them now, they seemed so consumed by fear that they had even forgotten that they were awakened people.


At that time, someone grabbed Haeun’s hand.


“P, please save me! Hunter Jung Haeun!”


It was a woman whose face was covered in tears. She squeezed Haeun’s hand as if she wouldn’t let go.


“Please save me! There is no one but Hunter!”


“M, me too! This island was strange from the beginning! Please send me back home!” 


Haeun’s heart began to beat faster and faster.


The fact that the space where Haeun is currently standing is an indoor gym also made Haeun nervous.


Her trauma, which has been hidden deep in the heart, is about to pop out of her head again.


‘This is not the time.’


Haeun shook her head vigorously. The synchronization system that had been bothering Haeun has stopped working. Now, the situation doesn’t get worse just because Haeun moves.


Haeun shouted loudly, forcing herself to endure the nausea.


“Everyone stop!”


At that moment, all the people who were trying to escape from each other and the monsters who were attacking were surprised and stopped.


A terrible spirit flowed from Haeun. Perhaps her body was surprised by the pressure she exhaled, but her body hardened completely and didn’t move.


Haeun shouted at the people.


“You guys are hunters! Are you going to come to your senses? If you’re a hunter, don’t just run away, fight properly!”


“Well, we’re not as high-ranked as Hunter Jung Haeun. If we die while fighting…”


“And you came here because you wanted to reawaken?”


Haeun growled at someone’s timid protest. Even if something dangerous happens, she is busy taking care of her own safety and is confident that she will risk her life again. This is a story that will make passing constellations laugh.


“And if you don’t have enough strength, you can cooperate with others! We’re not fighting among ourselves to survive like this!”


“B, but…”


“I mean, do whatever you can to avoid dying!”


Haeun shouted with all her heart.


However, their peaceful conversation did not last long.




The goblins, who had been temporarily paralyzed by the intimidation radiated by Haeun, were gradually released.


Among them, the first goblin to free itself ran towards a woman.




The woman, startled by the goblin’s attack again, reflexively swung her fist.




Goblin, who had been hit on the head, retreated with a sharp noise. The woman flinched and looked down at her fist with a surprised face. 


The fact that her attack was successful was pure coincidence, as her fists were swinging randomly. But the sight was enough to give people some insight.


The eyes of people who had always been frightened changed.




Those who had been running away until now started running towards the goblins.


Instead of the confiscated weapons, they picked up chairs left behind by researchers. The steel plate of the awakening test machine was torn off and a raw weapon was made.


The monsters were taken aback by the sudden change in momentum and began to panic. 


“Die, die!”


“I will live! I didn’t come here to die!”


People and goblins came together and started fighting. The situation became even more chaotic, but it was not as hopeless as before.


Goblins were very basic monsters that often appeared when attacking dungeons. Someone must know how to attack the opponent. The people gathered here are all experienced people who have participated in dungeon raids at least once.


“Hey! There, the guy in the blue suit! Drive them to the right!”


“O, okay!”


In fact, people started to act as a team, even though it was a little strange at first.


Haeun, thinking that she could leave the small monster to the people, quickly looked around to find the missing boss monster. 


Now that the dragon hadn’t come out yet, she had to close the gate quickly.


Once the dragon comes out, the difficulty of recovering it increases rapidly. If the released dragon heads inland, chaos will unfold.


‘That’s still a better situation.’


What if the dragon disappears into the sky far away and attacks a passing airplane?


There is no way to stop a dragon that runs wild in the sky without any restrictions. The moment it encounters a dragon, a tragedy will occur in which everyone on the plane will die.


Haeun clenched her fist.


The condition for clearing the C-Class dungeon <Goblin Paradise> that Haeun entered was killing the Goblin King.


As Haeun was scanning the inside of the gym, a figure was seen secretly hiding behind other goblins.


“I found it.”


Haeun ran out fiercely with her eyes lit.


She stomped on the head of the goblin, who wielding a blunt instrument, and jumped upward. Noodle glowed white and turned into daggers. The dagger pierced the Goblin King’s neck as he tried to run away.




The Goblin King, who was struggling and making an unpleasant noise, died instantly when Haeun released her magic by twisting her dagger roughly. Haeun immediately checked the system window.




But confusion appeared on her face.


The strategy completion alarm does not appear. If she kills the dungeon’s boss monster, won’t the dungeon be completed as well?




When the king died, the angry goblins rushed towards Haeun. Haeun ran up the wall, grabbed the railing on the second floor, and jumped up. The goblins who had lost sight of Haeun, stamped their feet and huffed.


The second floor was the place she came with Rick this morning. Haeun checked outside through a small window near the ceiling of the building.


There is still a strange glow coming out of the mountain.


“Why won’t it close?”


A look of frustration flashed across Haeun’s face.


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