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Could it be that this is not a dungeon, so even if she kills the boss monster, the dungeon will not be declared clear?


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says that the fundamental cause of dungeon breaks is the oversaturation of the dungeon’s internal energy.]


As the boss monster is the strongest being of the dungeon, killing the boss monster will also rapidly reduce energy levels and stabilize the dungeon, or declare it clear.


However, there was a greater presence in the current C-Class dungeon than Goblin King.


‘The dungeon attribute didn’t change or something, right?’


It felt like she should properly ask the person in charge of this place.


Haeun found Rick standing back with his hands behind his back, away from the people, and went down to him. Rick seemed to have known that Haeun would appear again, but he was surprisingly calm. Haeun asked him.


“Where can the director of the research center run to?”


“There is a motorboat.”


“The one on the dock?”


That wouldn’t have happened since Sehyun had already left. Rick shook his head at Haeun’s question.


“There is a cave connected to a waterway under the building.”


“Where is it? Guide me right away!”




She must catch her opponent before he runs away. Unlike that day, Haeun didn’t show the slightest hesitation in her steps as she left the gym where no one had died yet.




The research director walked quickly through a dark cave lit by a small lamp.


He needs to get out of here right now. The ground where the dungeon break occurred was already in chaos. Now, the situation is truly urgent to preserve both research results and lives.




His face lit up when he saw the boat anchored in the waterway. Only he and a few senior members were aware of the existence of the boat here. Thanks to the shortcut he took, he seems to have arrived first.


Tak tak tak.


The motorboat’s engine started to run. The research director pulled at the steering wheel with all his might.


It was then.




Something fell like a flash on the front of the ship and the ship rocked violently.




The research director screamed and grabbed the boat. The cold sea water made waves and overflowed into the boat. The research director, who instantly looked like a water-soaked rat, realized the identity of the opponent and opened his eyes wide.


“T, that.”


“Where are you running away?”


“Hunter Jung Haeun!”


Haeun grabbed the research director and threw it into the cave. 


“What on earth have you done to the dungeon that makes a dragon run rampant in a C-Class dungeon?”


Dragons are at least A or S-Class monsters. It was definitely not a monster that would appear in a C-Class dungeon.


This means that thanks to a salamander that found the wrong place to lie down, the dungeon that couldn’t handle the energy level exploded and a dungeon break occurred.


The research director, frightened by Haeun’s sinister appearance, hiccupped and answered.


“The dungeons… Hiccup, are connected to each other.”




The research director’s eyes turned to the back of Haeun. The moment Haeun realized that the person standing at the end of his gaze was Rick, she felt her own blood pressure rise sharply. 


But now there was something more urgent than catching and kicking Rick. 


“What grade is it?!”




Are you crazy, human?


Haeun threw the research director away. It was so absurd that she was speechless. What on earth were they thinking about opening up an S-class dungeon?


Haeun nervously brushed her flowing hair.


“Anyway, I just need to kill the dragon, right?”


“Y, you can’t!”


“Give up all this bullshit like reawakening and all that.”


“That’s not it. If you just kill the dragon…The dungeon may change.” 


Haeun opened her eyes wide and glared at him. The research director stammered with a scared face. 


“Originally, you had to send them back to the original dungeon and then either kill them or close the gate. If a monster dies in another dungeon, it becomes attached to that dungeon, and the dungeon may change.”


And at that moment, Rick came up to Haeun, sticking his head out and smiling.


“You need me now?”


After the dungeon break occurred, the reason why he still stayed by Haeun’s side even though everyone had a chance to escape during the confusion was revealed.


Haeun growled fiercely.


“Can you close it?”


“If Kid gives me back the keys.”


There is no way Rick can be a righteous hero. There’s a 99.9% chance he’ll just take the key and run away.


But she has no choice but to cooperate with Rick here. 


Of course, Haeun could have dealt with the dragon by driving it into the dungeon where it originally belonged. She has never done anything like this before, but it won’t be impossible at all if she takes the time. That way, she could lead the dragon to an S-class dungeon, attack the dungeon, and escape.


But that takes too much time and effort.


‘I can’t be away for a long time.’


Although they seem to have come to their senses a little now, she was anxious about leaving all the monsters to the low-level hunters. 


She also has to catch the fleeing gang members and hand them over to the guild members, who will arrive soon.


Haeun gritted her teeth.


“Write a contract.”


“I knew it, so I prepared it in advance.”


Rick grinned and took an S-class contract from his arms.


The contract between Haeun and Rick was signed in the presence of the research director. Haeun returns the key, and in return, Rick cooperates with Haeun to return the dragon to its original place and close the gate he opened. 


As a penalty, a death condition was included. Of course, Haeun, who is EX-Class, is free from the penalties of the S-Class contract. 


“Wait a minute, Kid! The cost of defaulting on a contract is death? Kid doesn’t apply, but isn’t that too much?”


“I have no choice but to follow anyway.”


Haeun responded stiffly.


“But death is so cruel!”


“Noisy. If it’s unfair, you can create a contract that can be applied to EX-Class people as well.” 


“Where in the world is there something like that!”


“If you hadn’t cooperated with this in the first place…” 


Haeun’s murderous gaze swept across Rick’s neck horizontally. Rick was startled and covered his neck with both hands. It looks like Haeun is going to shoot a laser with her eyes and cut his head in half.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ says it’s cool and looks like a superpower from a movie and he suggests you try practicing.]


Haeun raised her hand, ignoring the constellation’s nonsense.


“And before that.”




The research director, who was dripping with seawater and trying to run away, got hit in the back of the neck by Haeun and fell to the ground. 


“You can’t miss the most important person.”


When Sehyun comes back, she will pass it over like a gift. 


Rick crept up to the passed-out research director and took something in his arms. As Haeun was staring at what he was doing, he smiled brightly and said.


“Collection time~.”




Haeun decided not to think about anything related to Rick anymore. Let’s close the gate first, and then put him in prison.


“Is this boat all you have?”


“There are no boats going out. Except for the big ship that comes in once a week….”




Before Rick could finish speaking, Haeun destroyed the only remaining ship.


Rick gulped as he watched the boat split in half and sink to the bottom of the water. It seemed like if he tried a vain trick, the next thing to break would be his precious spine. Haeun was satisfied to see Rick finally becoming quiet.


The two quickly headed to the gate.




The gate that returned was vibrating ominously and constantly pouring out monsters. She went straight inside without hesitation. 


[SYSTEM: You have entered the dungeon.]


And the moment they entered, a huge figure flew fiercely in front of Haeun and Rick.




Haeun quickly threw her body around and rolled on the ground. A small rock fell to the ground and pierced her body. In the swirling dust, Ha-eun quickly got up and looked up.


A huge, dark red dragon is flying dizzyingly high in the sky.




And what the dragon was currently aiming for was the gate that was making a huge noise and sucking everything in the dungeon.


The dragon flew around in the wide sky and tried to hit again with its body.




Then the dragon bounced out as if a transparent wall had been built in front of the gate. When something as big as a house hit, the entire dungeon shook. Ha-eun, who almost fell for a moment, barely managed to keep her balance.




As repeated attempts failed, the angry dragon flapped its wings loudly and roared.


Haeun looked up and muttered.


“You must be crazy.”


That punk was now trying to get out of the gate.


In the first place, it was not a monster belonging to the C-Class dungeon <Goblin Paradise>. It might not know the reason, but the current gate didn’t accept the dragon. However, he’s ignorantly trying to destroy it with force. 


Boom— boom! 


Every time the dragon struck, the oval gate trembled pitifully. It seemed as if it would break into pieces like a glass window.


And this wasn’t just Haeun’s illusion.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ warns that the gate will not last long.]


She had to send that dragon back to the original dungeon right now. Ha-eun hurriedly found Rick.


“Hey! 24601!”


Rick, who had also rolled on the ground a little away from Haeun, looked around and cautiously approached Haeun.




This is his prisoner number because he will go to prison after this.


“Where is the gate connected to the dungeon where that salamander originally lived?”




Rick pointed to the mountains to the west with the tip of his finger. As it happened, it was on the opposite side of the gate that the dragon was currently interested in. Haeun frowned.


‘Then what you’re saying is that I have to guide the dragon there.’ 


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ advises Haeun that she has only one chance, so she must move carefully.]


[He says and warns her in advance that if the dragon realizes that she intends to send it back to the original dungeon, the dragon will never move as Haeun thinks.]


‘Then what about half-killing them and throwing them in there?’


Anyway, as long as it doesn’t die here, the type of dungeon won’t change. It seemed like it would be easier than taking down a dragon that was running wild without a scratch.

However, the Constellation heard Haeun’s plan and snorted.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ asks Haeun if she can drag that large body.]




[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ estimates that at that size, it would weigh as much as a container ship lying in the Incheon sea.]


It seems that there is no other way than to induce the dragon to return to the original dungeon of its own will.


Haeun took out a bundle of keys from subspace. Then, after a brief hesitation, she threw it at Rick.


“My key!”


A bright smile appeared on Rick’s face as he took the key. Haeun spoke to him in a stern voice. 


“Go right in front of the gate and wait. That dragon over there is making a fuss, I’ll take it away in no time.”




“You have to do it right. You only get one chance.”


“I know, Kid.”


Rick happily ran towards the western mountain with a fair attitude. This is a truly unsettling sight. But for now, she had no choice but to trust Rick.


He even had a death penalty in the contract, so if he doesn’t want to die, he’ll cooperate.




The dragon’s cry, along with a dull thumping noise, pierced Haeun’s ears.




Haeun sighed deeply. How did something get so big?


But there wasn’t enough time to just lament about my situation.


Haeun lightly stamped her feet and ran towards the direction where the dragon was rampaging.


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