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With each step, the ground was deeply dug and stones were scattered. The distance between Dragon and Haeun quickly became closer. The dragon was still intent on breaking through the barrier to get out of the gate.


First, she has to get that guy’s attention.


Haeun snapped her fingers.




An explosion occurred right next to the head of the rampaging dragon. The dragon, who was constantly trying to slam his body against the gate, flinched and flapped his wings.


The explosion that just occurred was quite threatening even to the dragon. Since he is an S-Class monster, he will not die immediately, but if he were hit, he would have suffered quite serious fatal injuries.


And that fact touched the noble dragon’s arrogant pride.




The angry dragon’s roar echoed through the mountains.


The dragon roared as if to suppress momentum and flew high into the sky. He scanned the space with his vertically slit pupils glowing dimly.


“Hey, lizard! Hi!”


Haeun shouted loudly on purpose to announce her location. The dragon, which was snorting hotly, found Haeun.


At the same time, golden spheres like soap bubbles began to float around the dragon.


Tak, Haeun snapped her fingers.




The opened dimensions continued to burst and explosions occurred.


Since she had to avoid killing the dragon instantly, she attacked the area around it, and the dragon was only swept away by the impact of the explosion without receiving any major injuries.




The overheated dragon let out an ominous cry.


The dragon instinctively felt that Haeun was a being with powerful magical power comparable to his own.


However, since such an opponent is moving around as if she is watching the situation, he decides that she is playing with him.


The air around the enraged dragon began to vibrate ominously.


Red flames flicker beneath the sharp teeth. The surrounding leaves were drying out and burning in the gradually increasing heat.


Haeun stopped shaking her hand.


It’s coming.


A powerful, burning breath burst out from the wide open mouth.


And the moment the heat is about to reach Haeun.




The golden haze that appeared at Haeun’s fingertips split into a long diagonal line.


[SYSTEM: Synchronization rate has increased.]




The two magical powers collided, causing enormous waves to explode in all directions.


The sound of the ground cracking was heard and a huge crack appeared. A huge cloud of dust rose as if a landslide might occur at any moment. The dragon flapped its wings.


When all the dust was blown away by the strong wind, it was Haeun who was standing with her feet on the ground, looking fine and without a single wound.


And the huge gap that appeared in front of Haeun absorbs the red flames and breaks apart.


The dragon, not convinced that its attack had disappeared, let out a sharp cry.




The tingling energy of the monster stimulating the body is creepy. Haeun trembled slightly and raised the corners of her mouth.


She threw the bait well.


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ is now shouting to run away.]


Haeun, who saw the dragon folding its wings and diving towards her, immediately turned and started running away.


As the main goal was to guide the dragon to the gate of the S-Class dungeon, Haeun kept a certain distance and played with her feet. It was important to control the distance so that it was not too far away but not too close.




The tree pulled out by the dragon’s wings rolled on the ground.


In addition to the gate where the dungeon break was still in progress, even the dragon started making a fuss, so the C-Class dungeon was instantly devastated. Haeun bent down to avoid the flying stones and slid down the slope.




She runs forward as if she were about to be caught.


Meanwhile, a second breath broke out.




The goblin habitat that passed through the powerful flames completely disappeared without leaving a trace.


The gate where Rick would be waiting was just around the corner. Haeun, who was running quickly, glanced behind her. But something was strange.


The dragon, which was angry and blowing breath just a moment ago, is no longer moving and is only flapping its wings in the air.


The dragon’s gaze is directed to the entrance connected to its lair.


At that moment, an ominous intuition struck her. And it immediately became reality.


The dragon that was following Haeun suddenly changed direction and flew back toward the C-Class gate.


The dragon noticed that Haeun was deliberately leading him.


“Damn it.”


Haeun urgently used her magic power. A golden sphere appeared menacingly in front of the dragon’s path.


However, the dragon had already figured out Haeun’s intentions. In addition, he also realized that Haeun was not trying to kill him with the attack that occurred earlier.


The dragon received a series of attacks without dodging them.




The dragon, which received only very small scratches compared to the huge noise, ignored all attacks and flew away without hesitation.


The dragon that was successfully guided is once again wandering in front of the gate. Haeun shouted with a tearful face.


“Is there any way?”


[The Constellation ‘Mutant of the Abyss’ reprimands Haeun after told her in advance that she had to be careful not to be noticed by the salamander.]


And at that moment, the dragon gathered energy in its mouth and let out a breath.


Boom booom!


The C-Class gate, which had received a direct hit, began to shake as if it would break at any moment. If things continue like this, it will only take a moment for the barrier blocking the dragon’s entrance to collapse.


It would be better to end it inside this dungeon than just watch the dragon escape to reality. However, if that happens, the dragon will be bound to the current dungeon and a new dungeon will be created. If Haeun gets trapped in a new dungeon, only Haeun will be at a disadvantage.


It seemed like there was a need to use a more active method rather than leading the way in this way.


Haeun stopped in her tracks and glared at the dragon in the sky. Noodle hanging on her wrist turned into a dagger according to Haeun’s will. And soon she jumped into the yellow-gold sphere that appeared before her eyes.




The place where Haeun reappeared was on the body of a dragon circling in the wide sky.




Haeun, who was almost blown away by the wind created by the giant wings, hurriedly plunged the dagger into the dragon’s neck. She didn’t forget to use only the minimum amount of magical power that could break through a solid surface and secure Dragon’s body without killing it.




The dragon realized that Haeun was on top of his body and started flipping over like crazy.




The spinning wind makes her feel motion sick. This is real.


Haeun barely opened her eyes through the fierce wind. She saw a C-class gate that looked as if it would be completely destroyed at any moment. Haeun unleashed her abilities while holding onto the dagger fixed to the dragon’s body.


Then, the dragon, which had been glowing for a moment, became confused and stopped moving.


It seemed like he had passed through an opening between the solid golden lines, but before he knew it, his location had suddenly moved to the east of his original location.


And numerous golden spheres rising at the same time.


“I’m not going to kill you, so I’m going to leave you a little bit of strength.”


As soon as Haeun finished speaking, the nearest sphere began to explode.


[SYSTEM: Synchronization rate has increased]




The dragon flew wild with explosive power that was different from before. The dragon realized that it should not fight back and found a way to avoid it as much as possible. The sphere spread out in the air guided the dragon down a single path.


A golden gap appeared in front of the rapidly falling dragon.


The dragon, which thought it was a passage leading to another location like the dimension it had just passed through, quickly turned upward.


The corners of Haeun’s mouth shot up.


“That’s a fake.”


The dragon carrying Haeun passed through another gap hidden above.


Beyond the connected dimension is right in front of the dragon’s lair.


“Rick! Get ready!”


Haeun kicked the dragon’s body with all her might and jumped up.




The dragon, unable to overcome the rebound, was thrown into the gate connected to its lair. At the same time, the gate, which had been shining with a mysterious emerald color, began to disappear with a crunching sound.




Finally, the gate to the dreadful S-Class dungeon disappeared, and the connection between dungeons was cut off.


But it’s not all over yet.


“Stop there!”


Haeun immediately ran towards Rick, who was trying to run away and open the door.


The blue sea door opened and Rick quickly stepped through it. Haeun stretched out her arms. Something caught on her fingertips.




Tak—. The old doll that was hanging on the key bundle was caught by Haeun and broke.


Haeun and Rick’s eyes met. Rick opened his mouth.


And at the same time, the door Rick passed through lost its light and closed in front of Haeun.




The door that had been emitting a blue light disappeared in an instant without leaving a trace. After everything was over, only silence remained in the dungeon. Haeun swallowed a curse and stamped her foot.


“I could have caught it…!”


Haeun, who was huffing, looked down at the old doll left in her hand.


She doesn’t feel any power.


Unlike his other keys, which had special functions to open dungeons, this little doll was really just an ordinary object. Isn’t there anything special about it other than the fact that it has rough hand stains and shows signs of age?


“I’ll be there to get it soon, so keep it safe, Kid.”


The moment he lost the doll, Rick clearly said so.




Haeun snorted. Coming back to get it? That is exactly the sea that Haeun wanted.


“That’s when I’ll put you in prison.”


Haeun cried out coldly, giving strength to her right hand holding the doll that lost its owner.




The energy levels in the C-Class dungeon where the dragon disappeared quickly returned to normal.


It was a dungeon that had been strictly managed by the factory to begin with. In the name of experimentation, awakened people would have been constantly pushed in, so the energy level would have been maintained at a certain level while dealing with the monsters inside.


In the end, the sudden dungeon break occurred purely because another S-Class dungeon was connected to the dungeon.


‘Perhaps he didn’t know this would happen.’


This is her first time experiencing the crazy thing of connecting a dungeon to another dungeon, and she wonders who would have known this would happen.




Haeun quickly exited the gate that was about to close after the dungeon break ended. The salty scent of the sea tickled the tip of her nose.


The island she returned to was already dark again.


Haeun became impatient at the thought that more time may have passed than expected.


What happened to the people? Did everyone survive safely? What about researchers?


It was time for Haeun to turn around to quickly go down the mountain.




Jung Sehyun was running from afar, leading a group of people.


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