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Those who follow are members of the Dawn Guild.




“Noona! Are you okay?”


Jung Sehyun quickly ran up to Haeun, grabbed her arm, and looked worriedly at her. Haeun lightly nodded her head. 


“Mmhm, I’m fine.”


“What happened? Why did a dungeon break suddenly occur?”


“I’ll tell you about that later. What about the people? Have you dealt with all the monsters?”


“Our guild members are cleaning up everything that was in the building. It’s almost done now.”


“What about the researchers? There is an underground cave underneath the building. The research director will be there.” 


“Yes, I saw it. I found the unconscious person and caught them all, so you can rest assured.”


“Haa. I see.”


Fortunately, her younger brother arrived in time and seems to have taken care of it.


Woof woof!


Haeun, who was relieved, suddenly heard the sound of a dog barking.


When Haeun turned her head, she saw a large Golden Retriever running towards her with its golden fur fluttering.


And then a man in a suit walking slowly toward Haeun.


“Thank you for your hard work~ Hunter Jung Haeun.” 


Hunter Hwang Soomin, the beginning of everything, came to the island himself. 


“You’re thirsty, right? Here.”


He smiled brightly and handed Haeun a water bottle. Haeun glared at him for a moment, then took the plastic bottle and scolded him incoherently. 


“Enough. Be sure to keep your promise to summon Nebiros.”


“Of course~. I guess you could say I owe you this.”


Still, perhaps because he had a conscience, he didn’t show his flippers and pretend not to notice Haeun’s contribution.


Haeun came down the mountain with the others, led by a


“No, there is no one. There are quite a few people injured.”


“That’s a relief.”


Haeun was truly happy and let out a sigh of relief when hearing the news that there were no deaths. 


[SYSTEM: Current synchronization rate 21.13%]


Suddenly, the system window caught her eyes.  


It was a day that was very similar to that day in many ways. As it happened, everyone was crowded into the gym, and the monsters rushing in were stronger than the people. Although it was different in that it was reality rather than a dungeon, a tragedy like that day could have occurred.


But the result was different from that day.


Just because Haeun used her power, things like the surroundings didn’t change or people died because of stronger monsters. 


And that fact came very encouraging to Haeun.


Haeun, whose legs suddenly lost strength, stumbled slightly. 




Jung Sehyun hurriedly helped Haeun. Haeun held her trembling hand tightly with her other hand. Her shaking hands and nervousness disappeared quickly.




Haeun laughed. She couldn’t be more relieved because she thought it was really over.




The factory filled with silence after the ship carrying the lab workers and the victims left.


There was a man hiding there.




Ahn Jinhwan, who was hiding in the small bathroom connected to the lab, sneaked out. A dungeon break occurred and the island was completely wiped out by monsters. Ahn Jinhwan swallowed his saliva in front of the bloody scene.


The place where his steps were heading was a gate that had already been closed.


Everyone left and he was left alone on an island with no one around, but he wasn’t worried. What he learned was that the Dawn Guild had not completely withdrawn, but would first transport the injured to the hospital and then return with more personnel. In that case, leaving this place can be postponed until then.


Because there is something more important to Ahn Jinhwan than escaping this island.


“How dare you ignore someone? I can do it too… I can do it.”


Anything that could be called a reason had already disappeared from Ahn Jinhwan’s eyes. 


“You said it was because of me that you couldn’t awaken. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m not going to move anymore, so you should go and try it?”


“Are you doing a game tutorial now?”


Jung Haeun’s voice, urging him to take action ahead of danger, continues to ring in his mind. 


If it weren’t for Haeun, he would have already been captured by the goblin and burned as a living sacrifice. But he had already erased those facts and forgotten them. All that remains in his memory is her gaze that seemed to be looking down at dirty trash.


In fact, Haeun didn’t even look at Ahn Jinhwan after dragging him out of the gate. Her attitude was as if his life was spared, so from now on he can do whatever he wants. 


As for Haeun, she had already cared enough for him that she let him go completely, but to Ahn Jinhwan, the entire series of attitudes felt shameful. 


And to find the cause of shame, in the end, it is because of self-qualification. He blame the other person because he doesn’t want to admit this.


“It was all because of you that I couldn’t awakened again. Damn it.”


Ahn Jinhwan, who was walking shakily while muttering swear words, finally reached the closed gate.


It feels quiet and lifeless. It seems like a lie to say that it was a gate where countless monsters were pouring in just half a day ago.


“N, no.”


Ahn Jinhwan knocked wildly with his fist on the closed gate. However, such an act couldn’t have opened the closed gate. He doesn’t know anything about the reset cycle of the dungeon, whether it’s a dungeon that opens again.


It’s all already over.


“Ugh. Hicc.”


Ahn Jinhwan distorted his face and began to sob wildly.


But it was then.


[SYSTEM: Congratulations! You can now feel the presence of the constellation.]




Ahn Jinhwan, who was sobbing, slowly raised his head. Even as an awakening, there was a window in front of him that he had never seen before. 


[SYSTEM: The constellation ‘Lone Collector Under the Bridge’ offers you a contract.]




[SYSTEM: The constellation ‘Lone Collector Under the Bridge’ asks if you want to become stronger and more special than you are now.]


[SYSTEM: The constellation ‘Lone Collector Under the Bridge’ says he can break the current contract and sign a new one if he wants to.]


Ahn Jinhwan’s eyes opened wide. So the system is now encouraging him to reawakening. 


‘B, but this isn’t even a dungeon.’


He will be exposed to dangerous situations alone in the dungeon. Isn’t that the law of reawakening?


Moreover, he had no idea what that constellation was. 


‘What’s the point of knowing all that stuff!’


It is clear that God showed mercy to his poor, pitiful self. Ahn Jinhwan shouted loudly in a hoarse voice. 


“Anything is fine! Make me stronger!”


[SYSTEM: The constellation ‘Lone Collector Under the Bridge’ smiles and replies that he will listen if he didn’t make any fuss.]


[SYSTEM: Contract renewal with the constellation ‘Lone Collector Under the Bridge’ is in progress.]


At that moment, tremendous vitality began to be felt centered around Ahn Jinhwan’s heart. His limp body suddenly gained strength and courage as if he could do anything.


It seemed like he could kill Jung Haeun, who had been harassing him all this time, with one blow.


He opened his mouth as if it were going to slit, raised his arms towards the sky and shouted with all his might.


“Whahaha! I have finally awakened! I also succeeded in reawakening! Now I’m a high ranker too…!”




At that moment, he burst into a cough that felt like his throat was burning. 


“Cough, ugh.”


Ahn Jinhwan quickly covered his mouth with his right hand. When he lowered his hand, it was full of red blood. His eyes began to tremble aimlessly.


And that was the beginning.


“Cough, cough. Eugh, keuk…”


He started vomiting blood like crazy, like a person suffering from a fatal illness. Red blood flowed down his forearm. His body couldn’t accept a direct contract with the constellation. 


“Eugh, s, save me…”


He fell to the ground and twisted himself painfully.


The body, which was wriggling like a bug, stopped moving shortly after. Before he knew it, only a cold body remained in front of the gate. 


* * *


Guild leader’s room on the 13th floor of Dawn Guild located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.


Jung Sehyun looked down at the paper newspaper placed on the table.


<Detection of illegal awakening sites in the West Sea, from slave contracts to organ trafficking, Hunter Jung Haeun (EX) covers everything>


On the front page of the newspaper, there is a photo of his older sister, Jung Haeun, along with a strong headline. There was also a newspaper that published a photo taken with Jung Sehyun. Jung Sehyun held up the newspaper in front of him and read a little bit of the following article. 


An illegal awakening facility installed at the Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the West Sea was subdued by Hunter Jung Haeun, the world’s No. 1 hunter, and the Dawn Guild.


The facility had a site the size of three buildings, and it was confirmed that a gate leading to a C-Class dungeon was hidden on the island.


It was revealed that they were recruiting awakened people who wanted to reawaken and conducting unethical experiments. In addition, circumstances of kidnapping and human trafficking were discovered.


Currently, 53 victims have been rescued safely thanks to Hunter Jung Haeun’s actions, and officials at the facility are also in custody.


The government announced that it would urgently arrest domestic collaborators, including Zenith Guild, and impose severe punishment.


On the other hand, China indicated that they had no knowledge of the facilities installed at the northern limit of the West Sea and expressed regret over the series of incidents…


The factory installed on the West Sea island was destroyed.


Jung Sehyun, who left the island behind Haeun, returned with Dawn guild member and was able to recover the scene before monsters poured into the Dungeon break hurt everyone.


When Jung Sehyun came back, people were struggling quite a bit. They were E-Class hunters with an average rating, so it was understandable.


But they were working together and trying to survive somehow.


Jung Sehyun leaned into the chair and muttered.


“Otherwise it would have been wiped out a long time ago.”


If they were divided to survive, it would have been difficult to survive. They were able to hold out until the Dawn guild arrived, purely because of the group fighting together.


“Thank you. Thank you so much!”


“Ugh. I’m alive. I’m not dead.”


Those who survived and were rescued from hell are currently admitted to a Hunter-only hospital run by Dawn guild and are receiving treatment in isolation from the outside world.


It was decided that all treatment costs would be supported by the Dawn Guild.


The media praised the Dawn Guild’s good deeds as a heartwarming story, but in fact, this was all Jung Sehyun’s intention. 


“Hunter Jung Haeun has no relationship whatsoever with illegal awakening brokers or awakening activities.”


Jung Sehyun, who locked them in a hospital where they could not contact or go out in the name of having to focus on treatment, met each victim in person and instilled a small brainwashing effect on them. 


Haeun said it would be okay since Brian Nelson would manage public opinion, but Jung Sehyun was not the type of person to leave unnecessary elements of anxiety in the first place. 


He personally meet all the people one by one for the gentle reason of personally examining the victims and manipulated the memories related to Haeun’s awakening.


For reference, in the case of the hunters employed by the researchers and the factory, the work has already been completed on the island. In the case of the victims, there were many and their injuries were serious, so it was only postponed for a while.


It took some time, but it wasn’t particularly difficult.


Now people won’t remember the lie that Haeun was awakened through an awakening broker.


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