Chapter 6

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Author: lipzoldyck


“Since the two have similar personalities, they certainly will become good friends.”


Madam Collin laughed and added.


And I met Reynold’s eyes once again.


There were so many problems in this situation, but the biggest one was… So, Reynold’s eyes looking at me were burning with sympathy.


Why on earth?


‘This is the first time a girl says she doesn’t want to be friends with me!’


…It wouldn’t be for such a childish reason.


I could neither chew nor swallow my food.


Then Lotte opened her mouth as she rubbed her hand on my shoulder.


“I was also worried because Danae was a tomboy. Maybe it was because she was so active, and she seemed to have a hard time making friends.”


“Oh my, the Madam was worried about that too. however… Looking at it today, Danae has already made a friend. I thought she wasn’t like Reynold, who had no friends.”


“…Danae made a friend?”


Although Lotte knew roughly that I was interacting with Serik, from her point of view, she didn’t show any interest, as if she thought it had nothing to do with a family she didn’t know.


I guess she never thought Serik would really be my friend.


At Madam Collin’s words, Lotte’s cold gaze turned to me in an instant. Frightened by that appearance, I turned my eyes for a moment before explaining.


“He’s a really good friend that Father introduced me to.”


Hearing my words, Lotte couldn’t contain her astonishment.


“My goodness… Danae, your friend should be in the same class. What kind of family is he from?”


“Serik is a good friend. His good points are endless.”


Yet Lotte cut me off at once.


“I bet Babe didn’t introduce you to a good kid. He’s also careless… ”


Ah, it’s ruined.


“You already made friends, so I won’t ask you to cut him off. Instead, you can make another friend who is in the same class as you. yes?”


After hearing Lotte’s words, Madam Collin also looked at her son and opened her mouth.


“Reynold, when you come of age, you too will make your social debut… Before that, shouldn’t we kill that awkward colt-like personality and develop social skills?”


“Yes, Danae. Shouldn’t you do the same?”


Lotte asked me, helping her.


…Why are you doing this to me, Ma’am.


At Lotte’s cold ultramarine eyes, I was so scared that I couldn’t even answer.


I’d like to do Lotte’s favor, but this was quite, no, not too much.


I’m dying! I’m really going to die from this!


When I looked at Reynold eagerly, asking him to at least refuse, he replied with a bright smile.


“I like it.”


No, how can you be so mean?


Then Lotte also laughed and said.


“It’s because Danae is shy. When the tension is relaxed, the kids become friends quickly.”


“Indeed, the other day, the two of them played well together.”


Where the hell did you see us playing?


No matter how much I think about it, I’ve never played with Reynold!


I felt like I was losing my mind.


Then Lotte squeezed my hand under the table.


I flinched involuntarily at the grip holding my hand to the point of pain and looked at her. She smiled brightly at me and said,


“I believe in you.”


Haha, my goodness…



[Then let’s meet at least three times a week. It would be nice for them to study together… Ah, then how about introducing each other’s teachers?]

[Good. Let them meet at the Lerdonia’s mansion this week.]


I remembered the conversation between Madam Collin and Lotte, buried my face in the pillow, and punched the bed with my fists.


Edin, who was looking at me with pathetic eyes, narrowed his brows and asked,


“Do you hate him that much?”


To his question, I raised my face convulsively and replied.


“Yeah. Why the hell is it me? Last time, Father also sent me instead of Brother and Sylvester.”


“…Do you ask because you don’t know that?”


Edin asked nonchalantly.


When I put on an expression as if it was unfair, Edin sighed and opened his mouth in a serious tone.


“A mad dog must deal with a mad dog.”


“…Are you saying I’m a mad dog?”


Edin replied as if it were natural.


“I’m glad you’re not dumb.”


“That’s really… There’s nothing you can’t say to your sister.”


When I muttered with my face completely wrinkled, Edin put on a puzzled expression.


But even for a moment, Edin, who was thinking about something, carefully asked me.


“But, you know, I’m talking about you… ”




“Do you hate good looking kids?”


“What nonsense is that?”


Who the hell doesn’t like handsome kids?


That was the same as saying that I hate delicious food.


At Edin’s bullshit, I involuntarily narrowed my brows. Edin tilted his head.


“No. If that’s the case, you’ll do that to me too… ”


“What kind of nonsense are you talking about so carefully?”


Edin shrugged his shoulders as I freaked out at his horrible words.


“No, it’s strange. You’re treating Young Lord Reynold or Sylvester like that.”




“Yeah, well, you’re not close to Young Lord, so let it be, but why Sylvester? Did he do anything to you?”


Then, Edin muttered, “I don’t think you’re discriminating against him because he’s your half-sibling… “


Of course, that wasn’t the reason at all.


If I had thought about that in the first place, I wouldn’t have been able to have such a casual relationship with Edin.


The reason was simple.


Because Sylvester is the main lead in this novel, and him living doesn’t feel real.


A conversation with a character in a novel.


It felt like talking to a person in virtual reality who didn’t exist in real life.


That was the reason why I was comfortable with Serik and Edin and not the two of them.


But if I talk frankly like this, that damn brother will call a doctor right away.


I lightly responded to Edin’s words.


“That brat doesn’t know it, but I like Sylvester.”




It was a complete disbelieving gaze. I forced a smile and added a comment.


“For real. Now… It’s because I’m not good at dealing with my younger brother.”


“Then I’m glad.”


At my words, Edin smiled as if he was happy and focused on his studies again.


I looked at the golden back of his head and put my head on the pillow again.


“Brother, Sister.”


Then the door opened and Sylvester entered the room with a red face.


Edin responded kindly to him.


“Do you want to read a fairy tale?”


Then Sylvester nodded cautiously.


He then began to hesitate, clutching the storybook he was carrying.


Edin held out his hand kindly to him, as if he were going to read him a story, yet Sylvester hastily hid it behind his back.


Edin tilted his head curiously. Sylvester hesitated for a moment before approaching me.


Then, out of nowhere, he handed me a fairy tale.


I groaned and asked him.


“…What is it?”


“Read it for me.”


I involuntarily narrowed my eyebrows at Sylvester’s dignified face asking me to read a fairy tale.


Sylvester’s ears and cheeks were red.


Well, apparently Sylvester heard all the nonsense I was talking about out there.


‘Read it quickly.’


Edin whispered behind him.


Sylvester and I are only one year apart. I’m still at an age where I need to be taken care of!


If it was going to be like this, I would rather have pretended not to be able to read the letter.


I gave a small sigh at my stupidity and got up from the bed.


Then I grabbed the fairy tale Sylvester had brought and patted the seat next to me, telling him to sit down.


Then Sylvester smiled and sat down next to me.


I started reading a storybook in a dry voice.


Even so, I felt strangely sorry for Sylvester, who was listening to my story with interest.


It’s strange that this little child moves just like me, and I wonder if he’s a real person.


It was a question that would never be answered.


They say that fate is decided by choice, but why was my fate decided long ago when I didn’t make any choice?


I glanced at Sylvester’s profile unconsciously, then turned my gaze back to the fairy tale.


It just felt strange to see me like this as his family and an older sister.




“What does Danae like to do the most?”


Madam Collin smiled brightly next to me and she asked me.


“I like to eat… ”


Have I ever missed Reynold this much?


When Reynold was away for a while, the Madam, who took the seat next to me, felt burdensome.


Of course, I was very grateful to the Madam for looking at me as nice as her own daughter, but… It was true that I was uncomfortable.


“What about sweets?”


“I like sweets too.”


“That’s a relief. Reynold loves sweets too.”


It seemed that she had come this far out of the hope that Reynold and I would become close as soon as possible.


However, being close is to be close to each other through mutual feelings, yet it was never like this.


I stared silently into space as Reynold waited for Serik to arrive.


In fact, today was the day I decided to only meet with Serik. However, I heard that Madam Collin and Reynold were visiting out of the blue, and I almost fell back.


“Do you like teddy bears? Reynold tends to like animal dolls rather than human dolls.”


…And one new thing I learned was that Reynold and I have some similarities in what we like. I was afraid of human dolls, thus my room was full of teddy bears.


“I like… teddy bears.”


At my answer, the Madam gave me a very pleased smile.


“If you and Reynold had been born as siblings, your friendship would have been nice.”


Madam Collin stroked my hair slowly. She put affection in her hands as she stroked my hair.


I hesitated involuntarily at her affection and touch.




Then I heard Reynold’s voice and turned my head.


Perhaps they met on the way, Serik and Reynold were together. Of course, neither of them looked very good.


Madam Collin, who spotted them, rose from her seat and opened her mouth.


“I’ll avoid this place for a while. Play nicely and don’t fight, got it?”


She gave me one last hug and left.


As soon as she left, silence fell in the garden.








It was a breathtaking awkward confrontation.


Serik, Reynold, and me.


Damn, what kind of combination is this?


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