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It wasn’t as cold in the room as it was when the High Priest was greeted not long ago. It was warm and comfortable.


However, overshadowing the beautifully decorated place, Noelle was sitting there with a frightened face, wearing a shabby mantle.


Liriette said in a trembling voice.




At that moment, Noelle’s trembling face changed in an instant. She smiled brightly and ran towards Liriette in one step, hugging her small body.


I missed you, Lily.


Even if she couldn’t hear her voice, she could hear Noelle’s heart. Liriette hugged Noelle with the same feelings.


Her tears trickled out at the familiar body temperature.


It was Liriette who moved her body first in the long embrace. Liriette looked up at Noelle with uneasy eyes.


‘I didn’t tell Noelle of my plan to run away from the temple.’


Noelle must have been saddened by the sudden news of Liriette.


Or she might have felt betrayed because I used her to visit the Duke.




Noelle said, moving his hand across her flushed face.


[Lily, you’re so pretty. Just like a princess.]




Only then did Liriette realize that she was standing in a completely different appearance from when she was in the temple.


Her silver hair carefully braided. A pink dress with a dainty ribbon. Even furry shoes with bunny decorations.


Noelle looked at Liriette with thrilled eyes and moved her hand.


[As expected, it’s as the High Priest said.]


Liriette’s eyes changed.


“What did he say about me?”


[The Duke of Windsor-Ice has succeeded in brainwashing you with worldly objects. That’s why you don’t want to come back.]




[But he says I should never leave Lily in this castle. The reason the Duke is kind with you is because he covets Lily’s divine power. If Lily continues to fail to manifest your power, the Duke will become angry and give you as food for monsters or as magician’s experimental tool.]




[That’s why he told me to meet Lily and convince you. So that you can leave this castle.]


That was the reason the High Priest sent Noelle to this place.


It’s all lies. The Duke isn’t that kind of person!


Liriette wanted to shout like that.


‘But will Noelle believe me?’


Although Noelle adored Liriette, she followed the incomparable High Priest.


Besides, she even misunderstood the Duke, so it was obvious she would say next.


‘The Duke is a bad person. So let’s go back to the temple with me, Lily.’


Recalling the words Noelle was about to say, Liriette gritted her teeth.


Noelle moved her hand towards her and said.


[All the things the High Priest said is a lie, isn’t it?]




Noelle smiled at Liriette, who opened her eyes wide.


When she first heard it from the High Priest, Noelle was worried about what would happen to Liriette if it went wrong. Yet as time passed, she came to think differently.


Isn’t everything the High Priest said a lie?


[Because, contrary to what the High Priest said, it was Lily who sent the letter to the Duke first.]




[Coming to this castle and deciding to stay are all Lily’s wishes. Am I right?]


Liriette stared blankly at Noelle and nodded her head.




Although Noelle believed in Liriette, she had uneasiness. Yet at this moment, all the anxiety disappeared.


Because Liriette answered with a very sparkling look.


Not only that.


Liriette wasn’t just wearing expensive clothes. Her slim cheeks became plump, and her dark face brightened like the sun.


Most of all, Noelle saw as she entered the castle.


The moment she said that she was a priest sent by the High Priest, the eyes of the butler and the rude maids stared at her as if they were going to kill her.


It was a gaze that wanted to protect something precious.


So Noelle smiled happily.


[You’ve come to a good place, Lily. I’m so glad.]


It was something she never expected to hear from Noelle.


Liriette said in a trembling voice.


“You’re not going to ask me to go back to the temple?”




“But if you don’t take me back, the High Priest will be very angry…”


Noelle shrugged her shoulders slightly, but he didn’t erase his smile.


[That’s okay. As Lily knows, the High Priest has no interest in me.]


The High Priest had a strange taste. It was that he touched only the object of his affection.


The targets were several priests closest to him and Liriette. He didn’t use violence against others.


As if they weren’t even worth touching.


‘Besides, unlike her previous life, Noelle didn’t directly help me to escape. If she just couldn’t convince me, he might move on to yelling at her a few times.’


Even so, Liriette took Noelle’s slightly trembling hand.


“Don’t do that and stay here with me, Noelle.”




“Of course, the High Priest will say no, but you can ignore that. After all, he’s not Noelle’s guardian.”


Noelle was 18 years old, a full-fledged adult. She could leave the temple as much as she wanted.


“You don’t have to worry about staying here. The Duke is a good person. If I ask, he will surely grant it.”


Noelle looked at Liriette with a surprised face, then lowered her eyebrows.


[I’m sorry, Lily.]




[Now I know that the High Priest’s true self is a scary person, different from what I knew. But still I can’t leave him. He’s like a father to me.]


Liriette gritted her teeth.


‘To think that she says he’s like a father…’


Noelle didn’t know. What the High Priest did to Noelle in her previous life.


The High Priest brutally beat Noelle for helping Liriette escape.


Until her breath stopped.


Recalling Noelle at that moment, Liriette’s face turned pale.


‘I can’t keep Noelle next to him either.’


Let’s somehow convince Noelle here. If that doesn’t work, let’s grab Noelle with both hands so she can’t go back.


After that, she will tell her how peaceful and nice this castle is, how delicious the food is, and how friendly the people are.


‘Then wouldn’t even Noelle change her mind?’


Noelle moved her hand towards the troubled Liriette.


[And when I’m around, Lily gets in trouble.]


“What do you mean?”


Noelle confessed what she had secretly heard from the High Priest before she came to this castle.


The High Priest didn’t give up on Liriette just because the Emperor turned his back.


“If I don’t get Lily back, the High Priest will hold a trial and claim it. That the Duke brainwashed you as a child with all sorts of threats and stuff, also that this is plain kidnapping.”


Liriette’s eyes widened at the shocking words.


[So if I fail to bring Lily, he told me to stay by his side. As a result of watching from the side, he wants me to testify that everything the Duke did to Lily is true.]


Liriette’s face stiffened at the unexpected trick. Looking at Liriette like that, Noelle said with painful eyes.


“I don’t want to say that.”


It wasn’t because priests shouldn’t lie. Noelle didn’t want to embarrass Liriette.


Her surprising words didn’t end there.


[Of course, even if I don’t go back and stay by his side, the High Priest might hold the trial as planned. But don’t worry too much. If that happens, I will come out.]


Noelle couldn’t speak a language properly, and she was a woman with no relatives.


However, she was a priest who had practiced for a long time. The judge wouldn’t be able to just ignore a priest’s words.


[I will tell them that Lily lived a hard life in the temple, and all about the High Priest’ severe punishments to you. Then the judge will side with Lily, right?]


Noelle was as simple as a child.


There was hardly any action to weigh the benefits or make a detailed plan.


She couldn’t believe that Noelle had such a thought.


Noelle, who read Liriette’s eyes, blushed in embarrassment.


[Actually, I listened to the High Priest’s order and pondered all night. How can I be of any help to Lily? How about it, do you think it’s a good idea?]




Liriette choked up, unable to answer her.


It was like that in her previous life.


Noelle tried to free Liriette from the temple, yet she was beaten to death by the High Priest. She barely came back to life, and in the end she even ended her own life for Liriette.


Liriette asked in a hushed voice.


“Why are you doing this for me?”


Noelle answered with clear eyes.


[Because Lily is my sister.]


Although not related by blood, Noelle has cared for Liriette since she was a baby.


Liriette was like family to her.


[I want Lily to be happy.]


Her warm voice was full of pure love.


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