Chapter 35

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Olivia covered her mouth at the miraculous appearance.


Rather than asking what the hell happened, another word came out first.




Liriette carefully handed Mello to her.


The warmth she felt the moment she held Mello in her arms made the tears in Olivia’s eyes start to drip again.


Looking at her, Liriette lowered her eyebrows.


‘Even if it’s the power of the goddess, it can’t stop Mello dying at the end of its life.’


Although she doesn’t know how many hours or days, Mello won’t last long and will stop breathing.


Nevertheless, the momentary time they could spend together was an invaluable treasure.

Olivia and Mello.


And to Liriette.


Liriette put her hand on top of Olivia’s with her red eyes.


“Grandma. Let’s go to the garden that our Mello likes.”




Olivia strolled through the lush garden with Mello in her arms. Liriette followed her.


The garden with the warm sunlight was beautiful.


Green grass. Brightly colored flowers. Green trees.


Everything was for Mello.


Olivia turned her eyes softly and said to Mello.


“You get very cold, so it was hard to go out in Windsor-Ice Castle. Yet when we came here, you had a really good time. Enough to stay in the garden from morning till night.”


The memory was still vivid.


Mello playing on the grass. Mello that smells of flowers. Mello, who used to pee with its leg up from tree to tree.


Did Mello recall that time?

Mello swagged its white tail with its twinkling eyes. It then began to wriggle.


Olivia recognized right away that it meant to get off. She thought for a moment, then she set Mello down on the lawn.


Mello walked step by step with light steps.


Like feeling the energy of fresh grass and moist soil on the soles of its little feet.


Then it turned its head to look at Olivia.




Why is the little dog under the pouring sunlight so pretty?


Olivia laughed through her teary face.


After walking around the garden for a while, Mello tiredly burrowed into Olivia’s arms. Olivia hugged Mello and whispered.


“Mello. I was very happy to have you.”


She started raising Mello simply because it was fashionable to have a pet dog among noble women.


Olivia bought a dog of the best pedigree, the most popular breed among the nobility.


The baby puppy, who had just opened its eyes, was certainly cute.


But that was it.


To Olivia, a small puppy wasn’t much different from an expensive doll that she sometimes holds when she wants to.


So she didn’t mind much, leaving the dog with the maid, as many ladies do.


Yet it wasn’t that for the puppy.


The puppy vigorously wags its tail whenever it sees Olivia.


An excited panting sound. Sparkling eyes.


The dog was screaming with all its body.




I missed you!


I want to be with you!


I like you!


It was a blind and sweet love that shocked Olivia, who had always lived a quiet and strict life.


Before long, she fell in love with the little puppy.


With all her heart.


Olivia stroked Mello with her teary face, kissing its little feet.


“I love you.”


Mello looked at Olivia with its warm eyes and waggled its tail.


As if it was saying, it felt so too.


Olivia said again, her voice choked.


“I love you.”


I love you.


I love you.


I love you.


I love you.


Olivia knew when she had said the same thing over and over again.


Before she knew it, she realized that Mello’s eyes were closed. Its relaxed appearance made it look like it was sleeping soundly.


However, the sound of its heartbeat, which had been felt in soft noise, was no longer audible. She could feel the warm feeling gradually cooling down.


Even so, Olivia didn’t let go of Mello. She never stopped saying that she loved it.


For a very long time.




Only after the sun had gone down and into the dark night did Olivia raise her head. Soon she lowered her eyebrows to the bottom of her face with difficulty.


Liriette was dripping with tears. Without making a sound.


‘It must have been that she was considerate so that I could mourn Mello quietly.’


In her mind, she wanted to continue holding Mello like this. But if she does, it will be too hard for a child who has matured beyond her age.


For Liriette will continue to try to stay by Olivia’s side.


So she cleared her hoarse voice and said.


“Let’s send Mello to a comfortable place now.”




Liriette nodded her head, wiping away the tears.


Usually, nobles burned their dogs when they died, or buried them far from the mansion. It was because it was unlucky to bury a dead body nearby.


But Olivia decided to bury Mello in the garden.


The flower garden where the sun shines the most, was Mello’s usual favorite place.


The servant who brought a shovel at Olivia’s command was restless. Because Olivia lifted the shovel herself.


“Madam. I will do it.”


“No, I will. Don’t mind me and go.”


To think that the Madam is shoveling.


The servant looked like he was about to cry, but he obeyed the master’s orders.


After the servants left, Olivia started digging the soil.


The first shovel she had ever held in her life was too heavy, and the ground was very hard. Yet she sweated and didn’t stop her movement.


After a while, a small pit was dug in the center of the flower garden.


Liriette brought Mello and laid it down there.


Olivia’s tears, which had stopped, started leaking again when she saw Mello lying there as if it was sleeping.


Liriette took Olivia’s hand.


In the hands of a tender, warm child, Olivia again took her feelings.


She put dirt over Mello.


She hoped that the soft soil will warmly wrap Mello like a blanket.


After the tomb was completed, Olivia gazed blankly at the tomb.


How much time has passed like that, she wondered.


Liriette said.


“Grandma, the doctor said so. Mello knew it was time for it to die, and it evaded its enemies, so it hid itself where no one could see.”




“But I think differently. Mello knew that Grandma would always protect it. So, if it was afraid of enemies, it wouldn’t want to leave Grandma’s side.”


Yet on the morning of the day it almost died, Mello didn’t cling to Olivia as she left.


It let her go rather meekly than it usually does.


“Maybe Mello didn’t want to show its dead face to Grandma? It thinks that seeing itself like that, Grandma would be very sad.”




“Because Mello always wanted Grandma to smile.”


Olivia’s face contorted. She started crying again.


Seeing the Madam sobbing like a child, Liriette opened her arms and hugged her tightly.


With clear tears flowing down her big eyes.




Olivia spat out a word through her fresh red eyes.


“My heart is having a hard time.”




“I need to rest until my condition improves, so don’t open the door to the mansion even when guests come. You don’t even need to deliver the letters.”


The master, who was so solemn, was so upset about the death of a dog.


The maids and servants were greatly taken aback, yet they nodded their heads unobtrusively.


“I will.”


The maids and servants nodded and answered.


Olivia shut herself up in her room and kept quiet. There was only Liriette by her side.


Liriette cried along with Olivia when she cried. She listened with a smile when Olivia told stories of her time with Mello.


Could it be because of the child who genuinely comforts her?


Olivia’s heart recovered as quickly as she herself was surprised.


Although she was still deeply hurt by her breakup with Mello, she wasn’t buried in so much grief that she couldn’t stand it.


When days passed like that, she said.


“Liriette. You healed Mello, didn’t you?”




To be precise, she didn’t heak it. It was just that she used divine power to extend Mello’s life by several hours.


Nevertheless, that short time became an irreplaceable gift to Olivia.


Olivia said, gently turning her eyes.


“Thank you so much, Liriette.”



She didn’t ask Liriette how that was possible. Because she knew that Liriette didn’t want to say it.


The important thing was the fact that this little child worked hard for her.


Olivia said, meeting Liriette’s eyes.


“Would you like to be my granddaughter?”


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