Chapter 38

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Author: lipzoldyck


Maids and servants lined up in a row blew trumpets and scattered colorful flowers. The butler Simon, standing in the middle, was holding a splendid garland (a crown made of flowers).


However, those who gave a warm welcome with flushed faces turned to stone.


It was because of the woman next to Liriette.


A noble lady standing with her back straight and a perfect figure without any disturbance. She was Olivia von Windsor Ice, who ruled the castle only a few years ago.


And she hated this childish thing.


Simon, who had laughed like a fox at the sight of a rabbit, hardened his expression like a fox at the sight of a tiger and hid the garland behind him.


The same was true of the maids and servants who were standing in a row. They hid the trumpets and blossoms they were holding behind their backs and knelt.


“We’re greeting Madam Olivia.”


In an instant solemn atmosphere, Olivia moved her pupils to examine the hall.


The hall, which had always been tidy and grand when she managed it, was adorned with colorful flowers and ribbons.


The moment he saw Olivia’s eyebrows come together, Simon bit his lip.


‘I’m sure she’ll get angry, saying, ‘What kind of bizarre thing is this!’’


However, Madam, all of this is permitted by His Grace the Duke. If you want to be angry, do it to your son who is in charge!


It was the moment they thought so.


“It’s too simple to say it’s a welcome event for the Young Princess who has returned home after a long absence.”


Did I somehow hear something wrong?


Simon opened his eyes.


Olivia continued with the most serious face.


“You should have decorated the whole castle with flowers, not just the hall. And she would have liked to have had an orchestra play the music and had a good meal prepared and set out in the garden.”




Olivia finished her words with a stern face as she recited the welcome ceremony manual, which she had never given the duke even after he was leaving the castle for months to slay monsters.


“Refer to my words and prepare a proper welcome ceremony next time.”


Simon looked blankly at Olivia and nodded.


“I will keep that in mind.”


And quickly asked.


“For now, can we proceed with the well-prepared welcome ceremony?”


The moment Olivia nodded, Simon approached Liriette and held out a round garland.


“It’s a crown made of snow flowers. The flower language of the snow flower is, you were desperately missed.”


Liriette’s face turned red at those infinitely sweet words. She caressed the crown of flowers on her head and smiled brightly.


“I also desperately missed you, everyone.”


At that moment, all the maids and servants, including Simon, covered their mouths and ran around.


‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen her, she has gotten cuter!’


The Duke and Olivia, who were standing behind Liriette, also nodded with expressionless faces.




After sharing the joy of the reunion, the people of Windsor-Ice Castle began to move busily.


It was to prepare for a banquet to formally introduce Liriette.


Olivia wrote invitations to nobles, decorated the castle, and taught Liriette etiquette and culture.


The Duke, who watched it, said.


“Mother is in charge of everything, so I have nothing to do.”


“You sound irresponsible. Of course you have work to do.”


Suddenly, the Duke was standing in the vast banquet hall. And in front of him stood Liriette, who only reached his waist.


Olivia looked at the two and said.


“Teach Liriette how to dance for an hour every day, starting today.”


The Duke’s eyebrows twitched.




“Yes, you.”


“There are many people who can teach dance better than me.”


It wasn’t humility, it was sincerity.


The Duke was more comfortable on the battlefield than in the banquet hall. Because of that, he wasn’t very good at dancing.


However, Olivia said with a nonchalant look.


“The most effective way to let them know that Liriette is your daughter is for you to dance with her at the banquet. It’s inefficient for her to practice with you again to keep in tune after practicing separately with others. You’d better practice together from the beginning.”


At the reasonable words, the Duke crossed his arms and nodded his head. But he wasn’t done talking yet.


An important process remained.


The Duke asked Liriette, who was looking up at him.


“I’ll tell you in advance, I’m not very good at dancing. Nor am I good at teaching. Will you be okay though?”


“Yes. I want to learn from the Duke!”


His eyes softened at her courageous reply.




Liriette’s face turned red at the Duke’s reply.


‘Dancing with the Duke.’


It was something she couldn’t even imagine.


The Duke bent over and held out his hand to Liriette.


She put her small hand on top of his big one.


Liriette was amazed.


‘Whoa. How come his hands are so big and strong? It’s like a furless bear’s paw. Anyway, is a bear’s paw too rude to the Duke? Then a lion’s paw. This is also strange…’


Meanwhile, the Duke was also surprised in a different way.


‘Is it a human hand?’


It was like the hand of a newborn baby. No, maybe even weaker than that.


Soon the Duke found a more appropriate expression.


‘Freshly made cotton.’


It seemed that if the Duke exerted even the slightest amount of force, the five cute fingers would be crushed. Thus, the Duke began to move his body with extreme caution.


Olivia’s eyes narrowed when she saw it.


‘Ho. My son is also able to dance while caring about the other person.’


Whenever the Duke occasionally attended banquets, countless women eagerly awaited requests from him to dance.


However, the joy of the woman miraculously chosen by the Duke was short-lived.


For the Duke danced too wildly.


Like fighting monsters.


After the dance, all the women had their eyes wide open, looking like they had barely returned alive.


‘Of course, there were many women who blushed, saying that it was their first wild dance like this… ’


The corner of her lips went up when she saw the Duke dancing carefully like a child worried about stepping on an ant.


‘Thanks to Liriette, Laurencio’s nasty dancing manners will be corrected a little.’




After the dance practice, dinner followed.


The food on the table was still hearty like a giant’s table. The Duke and Olivia began to devour the pile of food in the most elegant manner.


‘Amazing! Awesome!’


Liriette munched with her small mouth as she watched the two eat.


After finishing the meal, Liriete went to the bathhouse. Marie the maid smiled brightly as she held up a foam-soaked sponge.


‘Thanks to Madam Olivia, I’m able to attend Lady Liriette’s bath!’


Originally, she didn’t attend Liriette’s bath, who washed herself alone. But after she went to Olivia’s mansion, she was given a bath attendant.


It was because of Olivia’s teaching that a lady from an aristocratic family should entrust her body to all of her workers and maintain her best condition.


[Can you help me take a bath?]


The moment Liriette said it, wiggling her hands, the maids, including Marie, roared, ‘Yeeeeeessss!’


It was the moment they had been waiting for.


Of course, the competition was fierce.


The maids, who were envious of Marie serving Liriette, rushed to ask her to give up her position.


Yet Marie defeated all of her competitors with her big biceps.


(Again, the workers of the Duke of Windsor-Ice resolve conflicts with force.)


‘Hoho, I have to grow my muscles more so that I can continue to serve on Miss Liriette.’


Marie chewed her ambitions inwardly, twitching her thick forearms. On the other hand, her fingertips moved surprisingly delicately.


So Liriette put on a drowsy expression, not knowing what the maid who was washing her hair was thinking.


‘Marie’s touch feels good.’


The place where Liriette, wearing a loose pajama, headed towards was Olivia’s room. The Duke was also in the room.


Liriette, the first to see the Duke in Olivia’s room at this time, widened her eyes.


Olivia explained, raising the corners of her lips.


“I was talking with Laurencio about the banquet.”


“I see.”


Marie, who was next to Liriette, whispered.


“You don’t have to go to His Grace the Duke separately.”




Liriette, who nodded, said.


“I came to say good night before going to bed.”


At those words, the Duke and Olivia simultaneously looked down at Liriette. It was so overwhelming that even Marie, the strongest of the castle’s maids, hiccups momentarily.


However, Liriette approached Olivia with a calm face.


The first noble’s bedtime greeting Olivia had taught her was to lift the hem of her skirt and bow her back. However, recently, she taught Liriette a new greeting.


“Have a nice dream, Grandma.”


Liriette said shyly and burrowed into Olivia’s arms.


“Alright. Have a nice dream too.”


Olivia hugged the little body, then bent her knees and kissed her soft cheek.


Marie’s eyes lit up with a face as if she had seen something so moving.


‘How could someone who was hard and cold even to her son become so kind?’


She bid good night to Olivia, then it was the Duke’s turn. Liriette took a step to the side and stood in front of the Duke.


However, Liriette’s greeting was quite different from the previous one.


She lifted the hem of her skirt.


“Have a nice dream, Duke.”


That was the end.


No hugs, no cheeks held out for kisses, nothing.


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