Chapter 42

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The dog, which had been lying down until then, barked, ‘Woof!’. The sound was so loud right in front of Liriette, to the point her ears tingled.


“It seems that Blacky likes that.”


At the trainer’s words, Liriette smiled.


“Blacky, let’s be friends from now on.”


Blacky growled and its eyes flashed.


It looked like, I will eat you right now! but in fact, it was just having a lot of fun.


Feeling that, Liriette was no longer afraid of Blacky. She stroke Blacky’s huge head with her little hand.


Blacky wiggled its tail with the most frightening face.




On a blue sky day, the huge gates of Windsor-Ice Castle opened.


A banquet was held to officially introduce Liriette von Windsor-Ice to the world.


It was the first banquet held after Olivia had abdicated her title as a duchess and left the castle. So, the nobles entered the castle with a flushed face.


Constantly, continuously.


The nobles could not hide their surprise at the huge crowd.


“I guess all the nobles in the north really received invitations.”


“Looks like there are more guests than a few years ago when Sir Laurencio was crowned duke.”


Fortunately (?) the banquet hall at Windsor-Ice Castle was huge. So hundreds of nobles sat down and chatted without any inconvenience.


The hottest topic among the nobility at present was, after all, the main character of the day, Liriette von Windsor-Ice.


“To hear that His Highness the Duke has a daughter. I still can’t believe this.”


Who is Laurencio?


The young duke, who turned twenty-four this year, was cold-hearted.


To the extent that he didn’t show any interest in the many women who approached him.


Such a man passionately loved a woman a long time ago. The woman, whose social status was too heavy, left the Duke’s side.


Ten years later, she fell ill and a letter arrived from the woman who had met her death.


Our daughter is growing up in the temple.


Her name is Liriette.


The Duke took his daughter right away and gave her the surname Windsor-Ice.


ㅡIt was a shocking story.


Young noble women whispered with flushed faces.


“I was really surprised that His Grace the Duke had such a romantic past. My heart skipped a beat.”


“We heard that His Grace the Duke has a daughter, yet you have that kind of reaction?!”


The young, healthy, and even handsome duke was the best groom in the Empire, including the northern part. There weren’t only one or two women who were aiming for the seat next to him.


Yet suddenly, his daughter appeared out of nowhere… That was the worst news.


However, a few curious women’s eyes twinkled as if they had seized a new opportunity.


“Anyway, whether or not he has a daughter, he wasn’t interested in us at all.”


“Rather, this might be an opportunity. If you get along well with the young princess and become friends, you might attract the attention of the Duke.”


On the other side, the elderly nobles conversed earnestly.


“The High Priest said that the child he had been raising lately was taken away by His Grace the Duke. He coveted the child’s divine power and made up a lie about her being his daughter.”


It was the words the High Priest was arguing in the capital.


But most of the nobles, especially the northern nobles, didn’t believe it.


“Nonsense. I was told that although the child has divine power, her power isn’t manifested at all. There is no reason to bring a child with such uncertain powers to the extent of giving her the surname Windsor Ice.”


“Above all, His Grace the Duke of Windsor-Ice, isn’t the kind of person who would tell such a vicious lie. He would rather have taken it by force.”


The whispering nobles stopped talking.


It was because the host of the banquet, the Duke of Windsor-Ice, had appeared.


Duke Laurencio. Olivia, the Duke’s mother.


And the Duke’s daughter, Liriette.


Liriette, dressed in a light blue dress, had silver hair and blue eyes like the Duke’s. But other than that, she didn’t look like him at all.


Round face. Big clear eyes. Small stature.


The nobles thought.


‘There’s no way a child who looks as gentle as a baby sheep like that is of His Grace’s blood!’


Yet that thought quickly changed.


It was because at the moment when Liriette, who was walking with a stiffened expression, almost fell, the Duke reached out and grabbed her little body.


The Duke said with the most tender eyes.


“There’s no need to be nervous. Because I’m by your side.”


The Duke’s actions, eyes, and words were all shocking, but Liriette’s answer was even more shocking.


“Yes, Dad.”


Dad? Dad, she said?


Dad, towards that cold, cruel Ice Duke?!


Witnessing the unbelievable sight, the nobles forgot their dignity and opened their mouths.


In an astonished atmosphere, the Duke, Liriette, and Olivia stood on the podium.


The Duke looked down at the nobles with cold eyes that were completely different from the ones he had just shown.


“She’s my daughter.”




It was an excruciatingly short sentence to describe the stupendous event that had shaken northern society.


‘Indeed. Just like a guy who doesn’t talk much.’


Olivia let out a sigh inside and opened her mouth.


“Thank you for taking your precious time to attend. As written in the invitation, the Duke of Windsor-Ice has a beautiful daughter. We would like to introduce her to you.”


Olivia looked at Liriette. She took a step forward with a tense face.


‘It’s okay, I can do well.’


She recalled teachings from Olivia for several months.


Be polite yet proud.


To exude the elegance and strength of Windsor-Ice.


Liriette held the hem of her skirt in her hands, bowed her head slightly, and smiled.


“I’m Liriette von Windsor-Ice. It’s an honor to meet noble people.”


It was the perfect nobility greeting.


To the extent that no one can say that she’s a child whose identity is unknown.


Olivia said, feeling the atmosphere flowing among the nobles.


“Due to circumstances, Liriette hasn’t been with us until now. But she came to us like this with the help of the goddess. I hope you will cherish the treasure-like child who came to the Duke of Windsor-Ice.”


Although it was a kind word, the hidden meaning was clear.


If you treat my granddaughter carelessly, I won’t let you go.


Knowing the intentions, the nobles gulped with a frightened face.


The surprise didn’t end there.


The Duke took Liriette’s hand and went out into the great hall.


With the performance’s beautiful sound, he started dancing with the little girl on his waist.


It was a beautiful scene, like that of a fairy tale, yet the nobles looked pale as if they had seen something they shouldn’t have seen.


‘If the Duke had danced with the monsters, I wouldn’t have been so surprised!’


Liriette von Windsor-Ice was an illegitimate child born to a woman who hadn’t married the Duke, and a commoner at that.


So, even though the nobles received an invitation to a banquet for the child, they didn’t think that that child would mean much to the Duke.


That he was introducing his daughter in a formal way because he was afraid if he didn’t, there would be gossip.


Yet it wasn’t.


‘His Grace treasures his daughter!’


The nobles who had reached that point came to a quick conclusion on how to behave in the future.


The moment the Duke and Liriette’s dance ended, huge applause broke out.


“Congratulations on the miracle that has fallen upon the Duke of Windsor-Ice!”


The nobles flocked gracefully and fiercely around the Duke, Liriette, and Olivia.


“Seeing the three of you together is so beautiful, like a painting. I was very moved by the look of a happy family.”


They showed great interest in Liriette in particular.


“Somehow, the Young Princess’ silver hair and blue eyes look exactly like His Grace and Madam Olivia. As expected, you can’t deceive the bloodline.”


“I heard that she’s ten years old this year, yet she’s very elegant and beautiful.”


Liriette knew that their words weren’\’t pure compliments.


It’s just a flattery to impress the child who became the Princess of Windsor-Ice overnight.


So it was difficult to listen to them.


‘I’m embarrassed and ashamed.’


However, the Duke and Olivia were completely different.


The Duke nodded his head as if they were right with an expressionless face, and Olivia responded one more time.


“Not only that, but our Liriette is very clever and kind. She’s an angelic child who always understands and comforts her opponents.”


Please stop, Grandma!


Liriette wanted to shout like that.


However, she couldn’t do that in front of people, so Liriette could only smile with a reddened face.


A girl approached Liriette.


“Hello, Young Princess.”


Liriette’s eyes widened.


The girl in white dress, with her wavy golden hair tied in two pigtails, was just like an angel.


She smiled and continued.


“I’m Angela of the Marquis Brightini. I’m in the lounge where the children are gathered. Would you like to go with me?”


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