Chapter 43

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Angela’s mother, Marchioness Brightini, added.


“That’s right. No matter how dignified the Young Princess is, it will be difficult for her to be with adults all the time. It’s much more comfortable to be with kids her age.”


At those words, Olivia looked at Liriette.


She was smiling.


And Olivia knew how desperately she made that smile.


‘Right. At this rate, the nobles would have known how pretty and lovable our Liriette was.’


Above all, they must have realized how precious Liriette was to the Windsor-Ice family. If so, the purpose of the banquet was accomplished.


She said, holding Liriette’s small shoulders.


“Now that you’ve greeted the guests, do as you please.”


I’m alive!


Liriette said, her face relieved.


“Then I’ll go and take a rest in the lounge.”


As if Angela had waited, she crossed Liriette’s arms.


“Then let me introduce you to my friends.”


The nobles smiled at the two girls who crossed their arms.


“Lady Angela’s sociability is really amazing. How can she be so kind and friendly even to a friend whom she saw for the first time today?”


“Exactly. The Marquis and Marchioness of Brightini really raised their daughter well.”


Marchioness Brightini said to her daughter, not concealing the delight.


“Angela. Take good care of the Young Princess. Unlike you, everyone is a stranger for her.”


“Yes, don’t worry.”


Angela responded bravely and led Liriette.



The two girls headed to the lounge on one side of the banquet hall.




The moment she opened the door to the lounge, she saw gorgeously dressed girls. The moment the girls’ eyes met, Liriette became nervous for a while.


‘Maybe I came all the way here without thinking too much.’


Even a child is a noble.


No, even more so because they’re children. They may not like Liriette.


Although the Duke and Olivia extensively introduced her as the Princess of Windsor-Ice, in the end, she was an illegitimate child and was of commoner origin.




“Guys, what are you doing without saying hello?”


The moment Angela uttered a word, the girls smiled brightly.


“Nice to meet you, Miss Liriette.”


Liriette’s big eyes blinked at the warm hospitality. Seeing Liriette like that, Angela laughed.


“Everyone was very excited when they heard that we were making a new friend.”


The girls chimed in.


“That’s right. I’m so happy to meet you like this.”


“Ask me anytime if there is anything you don’t know.”


Contrary to Liriette’s concerns, all the girls were friendly.


Although there were times when they asked difficult questions.


“By the way, Miss Liriette, is it true that most commoners can’t read and live with harsh swear words?”


Liriette at once noticed the girl’s intentions.


‘She said that because she wants to make fun of me for being a commoner.’


In fact, Liriette didn’t care about that much.


But since she’s been told she shouldn’t just let go after hearing unpleasant things.


Because Olivia taught her that if she was the Princess of Windsor-Ice, she shouldn’t.


Will she laugh while being angry?


Will she be angry and furious?


Angela stepped out before Liriette, who was worried, could give an answer.


“Why do you say that? You promised that you would never ask Miss Liriette any questions that would make her even slightly uncomfortable.”


At the words that blamed her, the girl waved her hand with a look of regret.


“I’m sorry, Angela. The words came out by mistake without me knowing. I never did it on purpose.”


“Alright. Be careful in the future.”


After one more request, Angela turned her head to look at Liriette.


“As you can see, she didn’t do it on purpose, so please forgive her, Miss Liriette.”


When Angela came forward and said that, Liriette could only nod her head.




Angela held her hands and smiled brightly.


“Miss Liriette is really kind. Even though you’re the Young Princess of the Windsor-Ice family, the best in the Empire, you’re not scary at all. Isn’t’ that right, girls.”


The girls nodded their heads at the same time.


Liriette could easily understand.


Angela is the center of this gathering.


‘The only daughter of Marquis Brightini. In addition, she has an angelic appearance and is bright and kind, it’s no wonder that everyone likes her.’


Towards Liriette, who nodded, Angela put on a spring-like smile.


“Miss Liriette, would you like to come to my tea party in a few days?”




Her eyes widened.


Even if the Duke and Olivia cared about her, Liriette was an illegitimate child of a commoner. She never thought that she would be invited to a noble’s tea party.


She replied, hiding her bewildered feelings.


“I’ll ask the Duke and go if he allows me to.”


At that, Angela smiled brightly and took Liriette’s hands.


“Please come. I’ll wait.”


That day, until the banquet was over, Angela didn’t untie her arms from Liriette.




The banquet ended safely!


Liriette, who had changed into the comfortable dressing gown, collapsed onto the bed.


‘I’m so tired. I just want to fall asleep like this.’


Then the Duke and Olivia entered the room.


Spreading out on the bed in front of a superior was an act that a noble lady should never do.


Olivia stopped Liriette from jumping up.


“You must be tired, just lie down.”


The Duke went further, approached Liriette, and began to massage the calf protruding from under the skirt.


“Your muscles are tight.”


“Of course. You stood undisturbed throughout the banquet. Tomorrow you will probably have muscle pain. To alleviate the pain even a little bit, you need to get some rest today.”


Olivia said that and started pouring tea into the teacup.


The Duke of Windsor-Ice gave her a massage, and the former Duchess of Windsor-Ice served tea.


If the people of the world had seen this scene, they would have fainted in amazement.


Liriette was equally taken aback.


However, Liriette struggled to pretend to be stern and accepted the affection the two of them gave her.


I’m the Young Princess of Windsor-Ice. It would be embarrassing to be surprised at this level… Anyway, the Duke’s hands are just like bear paws.’


It was very large and thick.


It’s not fluffy, though.


Feeling that his hands, which had a grip strong enough to hold a monster with his bare hands, was kneading it carefully lest her legs break, laughter leaked out from her.


Olivia handed over the teacup to Liriette.


The round teacup was filled with steaming, fragrant milk tea.


“Thank you.”


Olivia looked at Liriette happily as she sipped the tea.


“The nobles who attended the banquet spoke in unison. The Young Princess of Windsor Ice is pretty, graceful, sweet, clever, gentle, adept at dancing, with perfect manners, lovely, modest, respectful of the elders, and a good girl who knows how to get along well with her peers.”


Liriette blinked her eyes in bewilderment.


“When did I become so good?”


Throughout the banquet, Liriette didn’t do much.


She stood in front of the nobles, introduced herself, danced with the Duke, and greeted them with a smile.


“You were great. You didn’t do anything that could be blamed by the nobles who were watching with their eyes on.”


Liriette showed the perfect image of a noble lady. To the extent that no one could fault her for being a commoner.


Olivia raised the corners of her lips and said.


“Good job.”


The Duke also stroked Liriette’s head.


Liriette blankly looked at Olivia and the Duke, then put on a teary expression.


“I was worried that I would show a lacking image, but I’m glad it ended well.”


It wasn’t because of Liriette’s reputation.


She didn’t want Olivia and the Duke to be told what they were going to do with such a lousy daughter and granddaughter. She didn’t want to embarrass the two of them.


Olivia, who knew Liriette’s feelings, smiled then spoke,


“As of today, all the nobility in the north, no, the Empire would have known for sure. That Liriette von Windsor-Ice is the proud and precious daughter of the Duke.”


She smiled brightly at Olivia’s words.


“By the way, did anything happen in the lounge?”


Olivia was worried inside.


In a place where the Duke and herself weren’t there, she wonders if they would have done something unpleasant to Liriette.


Contrary to her concerns, however, Liriette answered brightly.


“Everyone was kind to me. They listened to me very well.”


Liriette continued her words with a shy face.


“And I received an invitation to Miss Angela’s tea party.”


“An invitation?”


“Yes. Grandma said that tea parties are for only the closest. So I was very surprised.”


“…You look happy.”


It was as Olivia said.


“I’ve never been friendly with a kid my age before.”


At Liriette’s words, Olivia and the Duke were speechless for a moment.


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