Chapter 50

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Karina’s eyes widened at the confession made in a calm voice.


‘She looks like a startled cat.’


Liriette continued, thinking that even that appearance was pretty.


“But I couldn’t express that feeling properly. Because Miss Karina… doesn’t seem to like me. I didn’t want to burden Karina with my one-sided feelings.”


So she endured that.


She wanted to talk to Karina and stop other girls who were touching Karina.


She’s afraid Karina will be displeased with her unreasonable behavior.


“But I couldn’t do that today.”


Liriette said, placing her small, white hand on Karina’s forehead.


“Karina looked so sick.”




“As expected, you have a fever. You’d better go home as soon as possible and rest.”


Karina’s eyes wavered.


It was just as Liriette said.


She has had a fever and chills since this morning. But she couldn’t tell anyone.


Because her parents weren’t interested in her, and her little sister was too young.


She couldn’t avoid coming to the tea party. For Angela doesn’t care about Karina’s situation.


‘But how does she know that?’


Tears welled up in Karina’s eyes.


Liriette carefully held her hand.


“I’ll take you home.”


She can’t be friends with the Young Princess of Windsor-Ice. If Angela finds out, she’ll be angry.


Yet Karina couldn’t shake off Liriette’s hand.




After Liriette and Karina left, the atmosphere at the tea party was unsightly.


The girls couldn’t contain their anger.


“What just happened? Why is Miss Liriette siding with someone like Karina?!”


“Karina is so sly that it’s no problem for her to coax just one person. She probably pretended to be pitiful and tempted Miss Liriette.”


“No matter what, how could Miss Liriette do that? If she takes Karina away like that, what will happen to Angela?”


“That’s right. Angela was so nice to her… I thought she was nice, but she was very mean.”


Angela spoke amid criticism pouring in for both Karina and Liriette.


“I’m sorry, but can everyone please go back? I think it will be difficult to proceed with the tea party like this.”


The girls who were talking nodded with stern faces.


They comforted Angela and left the mansion.


Left alone, Angela looked out at the empty tea party room.


Teapot and teacups with floral prints. Tea leaves made from dried rose flowers. A cake topped with fresh strawberries.


These were the things Angela worked hard to prepare for today. Yet all of this has become trash.


‘Because of those two bitches!’


Angela’s eyes glowed eerily.


It was then.


A maid’s voice was heard outside the door.


“Miss Angela. The Young Princess of Windsor Ice came to visit.”


The moment she heard that name, Windsor-Ice, I felt unbearable anger. She wanted to slap Liriette’s cheek and curse right away.


But when she entered the room a little while later, she saw Angela smiling softly as always.


Angela lowered her eyebrows and said sadly.


“I thought you wouldn’t see me again because you left out like that.”


Liriette looked at Angela with a complex gaze and lowered her head.


“I was too emotional earlier. I’m sorry for ruining your carefully prepared tea party, Angela.”




Angela just gave her a somber look and didn’t say it was okay.


Liriette continued as she felt a tingling sensation in her chest.


“I never said that to hurt you. However, I didn’t think it was right for multiple people to harass one person. Even if it’s just a joke in a friendship.”




Although Liriette was disappointed in Angela and the girls, she didn’t want to become enemies or fight with them.


“Please, Angela. Can’t you make sure to protect Miss Karina from being bullied? If you do that, no other lady won’t be able to harass Karina. Because everyone follows you.”


Angela muttered, frowning her pretty face.


“So, you’re saying that you will be on Karina’s side from now on.”


Liriette shook her head with a confused look on her face.


“No. I want to get along well with Angela and Karina.”


Liriette’s sky blue eyes were infinitely clear. There was no doubt that it was sincere and not a single bit of lies.


That’s why Angela hated Liriette.


She approached Liriette first and offered her greetings. She gave an invitation that she didn’t give to just anyone.


At the tea party, she made her sit in the seat closest to her. She did her best to help her engage in conversation.


‘Yet in the end, you chose Karina over me.’


She felt an unbearable sense of betrayal.


However, Angela didn’t express it and just smiled.


“Alright. From now on, as you said, I will pay more attention to Karina. I’ll tell the other ladies not to treat Karina carelessly.”


Liriette held Angela’s hand with a joyous expression on her face.


“Thanks, Angela.”


“Well. We’re friends.”




Liriette thought, repeating the warm word.


‘That’s right. Angela is my dear friend. My first friend, at that.’


Let’s be nicer to Angela from now on. Let’s get closer.


Liriette recalled playing together with Angela and Karina, the three of them, in the distant future.


Just imagining it made her feel good.


It was a few days later that she realized how immature and naive that thought was.




After Liriette finished her breakfast, she received an etiquette lesson from Olivia. She also practiced the violin hard.


‘It finally sounds nice now. Wouldn’t Angela like it if I asked her to play the violin with me?’


After completing the practice, Liriette went into her room and wrote letters.


One for Angela.


One for Karina.


She also enclosed gifts.


Gorgeous jewelry for Angela.


Sweet chocolate for Karina.


‘Miss Karina was eagerly eating the dessert at every tea party.’


Although it was hard to tell as she ate very quietly, Karina clearly liked sweet food.


Karina’s house is in an uproar after receiving the letter and gift from Liriette.


Baron Redsia and his wife asked with shocked faces.


The Young Princess of Windsor-Ice.


It was a name that felt like a god to them, who lived a life worse than that of commoners.


“Karina, are you close to Young Princess Windsor-Ice?”


“It’s not like that.”


Karina spoke calmly and opened the box.


Inside the box was luxurious-looking chocolate.


“Wow, it looks delicious.”


The baron and his wife, who only ate cheap bread every day, were amazed with their ecstatic eyes. Even her younger sister, Ceria, who couldn’t get enough of sweet food, drooled all over.


“It looks delicious.”


Karina gave Ceria the entire box.


“You can eat it all.”


“It’s Sister’s, so you should eat it. Let’s eat together.”


“I’m okay. Unlike you, I eat it every time I go to a tea party.”


Tears welled up in Ceria’s big eyes.


“Hng. Thanks, Sister.”


Ceria cried and held the chocolate in her arms. Karina said, glaring at Baron Redsia and his wife.


“It’s all Ceria’s. You two, don’t even touch it.”


Although the Redsia couple grumbled at her, asking who she resembled and why she had such a bad temper and head, they no longer coveted the chocolate.


For they were frightened by their eldest daughter’s harsh gaze.


Karina entered her room and opened the envelope.


The scented paper was full of round letters, and she could feel warm consideration and affection in each line.


[Miss Karina, please come visit Windsor Ice Castle whenever you have time. I miss you.]


It was Liriette who wrote the letter, and Karina’s face heated up as she read it.


She frowned and muttered.


“How can she write these words, even in a letter? Isn’t she embarrassed?”


Never before had she received such honest and warm expressions of love, not even from her mother and father.


Contrary to her expression, Karina wasn’t upset.


It was rather nice.


Her heart throbbed, and she felt as if warmth enveloped her entire body.


However, Karina’s face soon hardened.


Because she reminded her of Angela.


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