Chapter 52

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Author: lipzoldyck


The Duke was wearing a uniform with medals. He must be leaving to attend to some important business.


First of all, she has to say goodbye.


After the Duke has finished his work, she must tell him about what happened today.






The Duke opened his eyes wide.


This is because Liriette ran over and hugged the Duke, then burst into tears.


Very sadly.


The Duke looked at Liriette with wide eyes and began to comfort the sobbing back.


It was some time later that she stopped crying.




Liriette was sitting on the plush sofa with reddened rabbit-like eyes. Her small hands held a steaming cocoa.


The Duke and Olivia were sitting in front of Liriette.


The Duke canceled the noble meeting.


Olivia, who was enjoying a tea party with noble ladies, also heard the news and immediately returned to the castle.


Olivia muttered, lowering her eyes.


“So, she said Liriette hit her and tried to take her things?”


Just as Liriette was about to say again that she really didn’t do that, the Duke and Olivia spoke at the same time.


“How dare they accuse my daughter/granddaughter like that?”


She opened her eyes wide.


“You trust me?”


This time, the Duke and Olivia nodded at the same time.


“Of course.”


There wasn’t an ounce of doubt in their eyes. Liriette felt like the tears that had barely stopped would come out again.


‘I’ve been crying all this time, I can’t cry again.’


Above all, it was more important now to talk about the incident accurately than to cry.


“When I didn’t apologize, the Marquis said he wouldn’t let it go and that he would make sure I got the punishment I deserved.”


At that moment, the Duke and Olivia’s eyebrows rose.


He stood up with a cold look on his face.


“I will go to the Marquis.”


Olivia frowned and grabbed the Duke’s arm.


“What are you going to do when you visit? Are you going to challenge him for saying harsh words to your daughter?”



“Of course your words will have an effect. No matter how powerful the Marquis of Brightini is, the sight of an angry Duke of Windsor-Ice would be scary.”


The Duke always subdued his opponents with force rather than with words. Olivia also knew that her son was quite adept at such methods.


But this time, things should never have been resolved that way.


Because it involved Liriette.


Olivia said.


“Laurencio. Liriette is different from you.”


Liriette was from a commoner background, and she wasn’t the child of an official.


Now that the Duke has noticed her, everyone is praising Liriette as the Young Princess of Windsor-Ice, but her position was extremely incomplete.


By mentioning her title as the Young Princess of Windsor Ice, Liriette humiliated the Marquis, who was a noble among nobles. And the Duke put an end to the matter by force.


When the nobles find out, they will feel intense anger.


And the place where the anger would be directed wouldn’t be the Duke, but the still young Liriette.


“Public opinion about Liriette will worsen. So much so that they won’t allow her to have a smooth social life in the future.”


“There’s no need to have a social life if she has to go through something like that.”


Liriette didn’t take pleasure in smiling on the outside and fighting fiercely on the inside, nor did she want to exert influence over the nobles.


So, she probably doesn’t have much interest in her social life.


But Olivia had different ideas.


“That’s your opinion.”




“Liriette, what do you want to do?”


The Duke and Olivia’s gaze turned to Liriette.


As the Duke thought, Liriette wasn’t interested in social circles.


She wasn’t a noble to begin with, and she had never longed for the fellowship of nobles.


Although she wanted to make friends, she didn’t have to be a socialite.


Nevertheless, Liriette…


“I want to get along well with nobles.”


Because I’m the Young Princess of Windsor-Ice.


I want to be recognized as the Duke’s shameless daughter.


The Duke’s cool eyes slightly wavered at Liriette’s determined gaze.


After a moment, the Duke nodded his head.


“I get it. I thought too hastily.”


Now that she has said so, at least he won’t go to the Marquis and go on a rampage brandishing his sword.


Olivia said as she sighed in relief.


“Of course, I’m not saying we should just let this go. We will reveal the truth and hold them accountable for putting a nasty and ugly accusation on the child.”


“That’s right.”


The angry Duke and Olivia were truly ferocious and overbearing. So much so that most people would run away screaming.


But Liriette wasn’t scared at all. If anything, she felt relieved.


She thought that the two strongest people in the world were on her side.


Even though she had decided not to cry anymore, tears started flowing again.


Lyriet said, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.


“Thank you for being by my side. Thank you so much.”


The Duke and Olivia looked at her with indescribable expressions, and then hugged the sobbing Lyriette tightly.


Like two giant bears trying to protect a baby lamb.




A dark night. Olivia came into the Duke’s room.


She had just come out of Liriette’s bedroom.


“Although I was worried that she might not be able to sleep due to shock, she fell asleep right away. It’s like she’s relieved that it’s okay now.”


“Thank goodness.”


The Duke answered briefly and put a huge silver goblet to his mouth. The pure alcohol seemed to burn his throat.


Olivia frowned.


“You haven’t drunk at all since Liriette came, and you’re drinking for the first time in a while.”


“I feel like if I don’t drink at least this, I won’t be able to control my emotions.”


Although he took a step back for Liriette, the Duke still had the urge to attack the Marquis.


Olivia, knowing her son’s temper, clicked her tongue and sat across from the Duke.


She poured a drink into an empty glass.


Olivia said, downing the drink without the slightest change in expression.


“We really can’t let down our guard to society.”


The Marquis’ daughter, Angela, was known for her good looks and warm heart.


That’s why she watched with pleasure as Liriette became friendly with Angela. She hopes that Angela will become an invaluable socialite to Liriette.


It was a complacent judgment.


“I thought she was a bright and sweet child, but I never thought she would come up with such a devious plan.”


“Did the Marquis and Marchioness Brightini order it?”


“There’s a good chance that won’t be the case.”


The Marquis couple had upright and upright personalities. So much so that they could never plan something this clever.


Above all, they were prouder of their ‘angelic daughter’ than anyone else. They wouldn’t make her daughter do such a vicious thing.


“Maybe they were fooled by Angela too. They can’t imagine that this was all planned by their daughter, and they must be upset that their daughter was bullied.”


“Things won’t be resolved easily.”


Marquis Birghtini had great love for his only daughter.


He will never forgive Liriette for bullying his treasured daughter.


Even if there is a conflict with the Duke of Windsor-Ice.


It was as the Duke expected.


The next day, Marquis Brightini came to visit the duchy.


With a face full of determination, even death.




Marquis Birghtini spoke with his usual polite and friendly demeanor completely gone.


“Did you hear about the incident that happened yesterday from the Young Princess?”


“Yes. My daughter visited the Marquis’ house and something terrible happened to her.”


The Marquis’ shoulders flinched at the Duke’s cold demeanor. However, he clenched his fists as if he wouldn’t lose.


“I have to say it right away. We’re the ones who suffered something terrible. The Young Princess slapped my daughter in the face to take away her belongings.”


“No. After the Marquis’ daughter forced to give the brooch to Liriette, she slapped her own face and screamed.”


The Marquis shouted with a shocked expression on his face.


“D-Do you believe such an absurd lie?”


The Duke answered with a voice that didn’t waver at all.






“When the Marquis’ daughter screamed, as if she had been waiting, the door opened and the Marquis and Marchioness came in. It’s as if you’ve been waiting for something to happen.”


With a look in his eyes, wondering if the timing is too good to be a coincidence, the Marquis spoke.


“A few days ago, Angela spoke to me carefully. She couldn’t bear to say it until now, but she says that whenever they’re alone together, the Young Princess harasses her.”


She had always been a loving and cherished daughter, but the Marquis found it difficult to believe those words. Because he couldn’t imagine that Liriette, who seemed so gentle, would bully his own daughter.


Above all, the opponent was the Young Princess of Windsor-Ice.


She was someone whom he couldn’t treat carelessly only after listening to his daughter’s words.


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  1. It’s going to come crashing down on Angela sooner or later.