Chapter 56

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After the incident, Angela stopped eating and drinking.


The nobles, including the Marquis couple, felt sorry for Angela.


[Why are you suffering because you were treated badly by the Windsor-Ice Princess?]


They believed Angela’s words without a doubt and condemned Liriette.


However, there was one thing that was different from Angela’s expectations.


It was the Duke of Windsor-Ice.


‘Even if Liriette is his daughter, she’s ultimately an illegitimate child with half the blood of a commoner.’


So Angela thought that if the incident occurred, the Duke would be harsh on Liriette.


She was severely scolded for disgracing the family, or she was completely removed from the family register.


However, the Duke wrapped his arms around Liriette without any hesitation.


Thanks to this, the case wasn’t completely concluded and time was passing slowly.


‘Of course, I have gained a lot just from the flow so far.’


With her reputation at an all-time low, it would be difficult for Liriette to enjoy a comfortable social life, and Angela would become the most beloved noblewoman in the North.


Just like until now.


Nonetheless, Angela felt a tightness in her chest.


‘It’s not going to end like this. I’m going to make Liriette that bitch get down on her knees in front of me and beg that she did something wrong.’


Angela’s green eyes glowed eerily.



The next day, Angela got ready to go out for the first time in a long time.


The Marquis spoke with a worried look on his face.


“Kid. Aren’t you in bad shape these days because you can’t eat or sleep properly? Just rest at home.”


“No. It’s an important event. Even if I’m sick, I have to attend.”


Today was the day when a regular banquet was held, attended by all the high-ranking nobles of the north.


Although the conflict between the Duke of Windsor-Ice and the Marquis of Brightini, the major axis of the northern power, intensified, the banquet was held without being postponed.


All the nobles who came to the banquet hall looked like shrimp caught in a whale fight.


“Since that incident, this is the first time the Duke of Windsor-Ice and the Marquis of Brightini have met, right?”


“I’m afraid of everything. Please, nothing should happen…”


“Anyway, it ended up like this, so I hope we can put an end to the incident here. Only then will the chaotic social atmosphere be resolved.”


Amid the whispers of the nobles, Marquis Brightini appeared.


The nobles covered their mouths with surprised faces.


It was because of Angela’s thin face that shone like an angel.


“I heard that since the incident happened, Lady Angela has been so shocked that she can’t even eat properly.”


“My goodness. I’m so heartbroken.”


The nobles who were already on Angela’s side looked very sad.


‘It’s really easy to control adults as I want.’


Angela giggled to herself.


After a while, the servant’s voice echoed through the banquet hall.


“The Duke of Windsor-Ice family has arrived.”


Those in the banquet hall imagined what Liriette would look like.


‘Will she act very pitiful to somehow avoid criticism?’


‘If someone touches her, will she make an angry face as if she won’t leave them alone?’


‘Or, she might not have come at all for fear of encountering a breathtaking reality.’


However, people’s expectations were all wrong.


Liriette, who stood next to the Duke and Olivia, neither cried nor got angry.


She was just calm.


As if all the words aimed at her were nonsense and nothing to worry about.


The nobles were speechless at the sight of the calm and clear girl.


In a suffocating silence, Marquis Brightini approached the Duke of Windsor-Ice.


He said, glaring at Liriette.


“My daughter can’t eat properly, thus she’s getting thinner day by day, yet the Young Princess has a bright complexion. She seems to feel very at ease.”


The nobles who saw this thought that Liriette would get scared and hide behind the Duke.


But as Liriette looked up at the Marquis, she spoke clearly.


“No. I wasn’t doing well at all. I was wrongly accused, how can I live comfortably?”


She continued while looking at the nobles looking in this direction.


“I’m just trying because I don’t want to break the mood by revealing my personal feelings at an important event attended by many people.”


Saying that, she raised the corners of her lips.


She’s like a dignified girl who hides her difficult feelings and smiles.




At that moment, the expressions of the Marquis, and Angela, who was standing behind them with a thin face, distorted.


Liriette had none of the childishness or clumsiness commonly seen in girls her age.


On the contrary, she seemed like a noblewoman who had been educated strictly for a long time.


Thanks to her, they only found Angela’s position embarrassing.


‘It’s like I’m a child whining immaturely in public!’


The nobles are more attracted to a child’s cleverness than their innocence.


In their eyes, it was obvious who would look more dignified between the two, Liriette and Angela.


Angela bit her lip.


‘No. In any case, I’m the one who is in the victim’s position according to public opinion. People’s support is focused on me.’


She had to make the most of it.


Angela lowered her eyebrows and made a sad expression.


“It’s amazing that you can care about something like that, Liriette. I was so scared and tired of what happened that day that I couldn’t do anything properly…”


The sight of his daughter made Marquis Brightini’s emotions intensify again.


The Marquis spoke as if he were lamenting, with a face full of anger and sadness.


“These days, Angela’s condition is so serious that she can’t live a normal daily life. If you really have a conscience, Young Princess, please apologize right now. Please.”


Although the words conveyed the anxious fatherly love, Liriette lowered her eyebrows as she spoke.


“Marquis. I know you care for your daughter, but I can’t apologize. I’m just a victim of Angela’s false accusation.”


At that moment, Angela stumbled. The Marquis was surprised and supported her skinny body.


She cried in her parents’ arms.


“Liriette. Still, I thought of you as a friend, so I wanted to end this with an apology. Yet in the end, you keep trying to avoid the situation with blatant lies.”


She looked so sad that anyone who saw her with tears in her eyes would feel sorry for her.


However, instead of comforting her by asking if she was okay, Liriette said something else.


“Angela. Even though I come from a commoner background and am young, I know for sure. How bad it is to steal and hit others. If you do something like that again and are caught, how much criticism and punishment will you have to face?”




“I’m Liriette von Windsor-Ice. As the Young Princess of the Windsor-Ice family, I will never do anything that would tarnish my family’s honor.”


In fact, she agonized over whether she should attend the banquet or not.


She was worried that if she went out in front of people, she would hear hurtful comments or the situation would get worse.


The reason she decided to attend, however, was because of the nobles who had gathered there.


‘The reason people don’t believe me is because they don’t know much about me.’


Don’t get agitated, just stay calm.


Elegant yet warm.


If she acts like that, she’s sure there will be people who view her favorably.


Liriette’s wish came true.


The nobles began to become confused by the sight of Liriette speaking clearly with a clear gaze.


‘The Young Princess who seems so good and clever did something so vicious against her friend?’


‘Is that something that would be discovered so quickly?’


It’s a success.


Liriette, who noticed the changed atmosphere, clenched her fists.


Angela’s eyes twinkled fiercely.


‘Hmph. Do you think you’re the only one who has prepared a weapon?’


Angela sent eye contact to the girls standing over there. The girls nodded and shouted at her.


“Everything the Young Princess said is a lie!”


The girls who came rushing out were the daughters of noblemen occupying a place in the north, and they were always invited to Angela’s tea party.


They said while glaring at Liriette.


“No matter how good Angela was, the Young Princess responded bluntly, and she also behaved arrogantly towards us.”


“At the most recent tea party, she got angry at us as soon as she arrived. In the end, the tea party that day was stopped before it could even start.”


It’s difficult to lie, but it’s easy to tell a lie mixed with the truth.


The girls didn’t seem to be lying at all.


‘No. If things continue like this, the tide will turn towards Angela again.’


Liriette shouted urgently.


“It’s different from the truth. I was always polite to Angela and the ladies. At the tea party the other day, the ladies behaved very rudely towards Karina, so I just pointed them out!”


However, despite her protests, the mood was cold.


Olivia, who had been keeping her silence behind Lyriette, let out the groans inside her.


‘I never thought children would intervene at this timing.’


Although she knew Angela had influence on girls her age, she had no idea it would be to this extent.


Now if Olivia had come forward and asked the girls if they were serious, it was clear that she would be seen as threatening the children.


More than anything…


Olivia looked at the Duke standing next to her.


The reason the Duke stayed quiet until now was because Liriette asked him to.


[I want to solve this problem on my own. Without embarrassing my name as the Young Princess of Windsor-Ice.]


But the Duke’s eyes were now at their limit.


The Duke seemed ready to immediately embrace Lyriette and hide her in his arms, and then pour out his angry rage on those who dared to criticize his daughter.


To avoid such a worst situation, she had to leave the banquet hall with Liriette at this point.


But before Olivia could open her mouth, a sharp voice rang out.


“The Young Princess of Windsor-Ice did nothing wrong!”


The people in the banquet hall opened their eyes wide and looked at the person responsible for the voice.


The girl who appeared wearing a shabby cape that didn’t match the fancy banquet hall at all was Karina.


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