Chapter 59

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Author: lipzoldyck


Really, how can she say something so embarrassing?


Karina looked at Liriette, her face so red as if it were about to burst, and then said.


“Weren’t we already? I never have a conversation unless we’re close friends.”


Eh, now that I think about it Miss Karina started to feel comfortable with what she said.


Karina continued her words to Liriette, who opened her eyes wide.


“I… like you too. I want to get closer with you from now on.”


Liriette looked at Karina with a face that had heard the most touching words in the world, and then she hugged Karina tightly, as if she couldn’t bear it any longer.


Her friend’s embrace was warm.


Very much.




“Angela von Brightini’s angelic appearance is all a lie. Angela viciously bullied a girl for years, and she framed the Princess of Windsor-Ice!”


The shocking news spread widely in northern social circles.


The shock was even greater because Angela had a warm personality and people had expected her to lead the northern social world in the future.


The nobles began to shower Angela with a barrage of criticism.


“How could a ten-year-old girl do such a mean thing? Kneel down and apologize to the Young Princess of Windsor-Ice and Lady Redsia right now.”


“This isn’t something that ends with just an apology. After paying the appropriate compensation, they should leave the social world altogether. She not only insulted the two ladies, but also our nobles.”


The anger was so strong that several nobles went to see Angela and grabbed her by the hair.


The Duke said to Olivia after hearing those words.


“It’s us who got hit, yet they’re the ones going crazy.”


“We’re the ones who suffered, that’s why they’re making such a fuss. Weren’t they swayed by Angela’s words and started whispering bad things about the Duke of Windsor-Ice? They’re pushing Angela harder because they’re afraid we’ll hold them responsible for it.”


“Even if we don’t do anything here, they will trample on the Marquis of Brightini.”


It was just as the Duke said.


A few days later, Marquis Brightini and Angela came to the castle.


Only a week has passed since the truth was revealed.


However, the Marquis and Marchioness had graying hair and sunken cheeks.


He looked ten years older.


The same was true for Angela, who was standing behind them.


Her angelic appearance had disappeared, and her eyes were wide open as if she was in pain.


As soon as they saw the Duke and Liriette, they bowed their heads.


“I foolishly made a big mistake by being swayed by my daughter’s words.”




“I will give you everything you want, including the Marquis of Brightini’s land, treasures, and everything you want, so please forgive me just once. Haven’t the Marquis of Brightini and the Duke of Windsor-Ice had a close relationship for hundreds of years?”


It was a desperate voice.


However, the Duke’s voice was infinitely cold.






The Marquis’ eyes widened at the extremely firm words.


“My daughter was greatly hurt by the Marquis’ daughter. I have no desire to forgive that. But…”


The Duke looked at Liriette sitting next to him.


“My thoughts and my daughter’s may be different. What do you want to do, Liriette?”


Liriette, with her hands clasped together, looked as usual.


She looked pure and gentle.


So the Marquis had expectations.


Unlike the Duke, who is extremely ruthless, Liriette may have human compassion.


The Marquis gave Angela a look. She, on her knees, looked at Liriette with a tearful face.


“I’m so sorry, Liriette.”


Transparent tears fell down Angela’s green eyes.


“Trust me. I never had bad intentions from the beginning. I really wanted to be a close friend with you. But no matter how good I treated you, I got jealous because you took care of Karina more than me. So I did that without even knowing.”


Angela walked over to her knees and took Liriette’s hands.


“You’re a good kid. Please forgive me.”


Angela’s face looked sincere as she shed tears. So much so that the spectators’ hearts ache.


Liriette said with complex eyes in her eyes.


“Angela. I want to forgive you too.”




At that moment, Angela’s eyes were filled with joy.


As expected, this girl is a stupid idiot. As soon as I shed a single tear, she takes my side!


However, Liriette’s words weren’t over.


“But I can’t do that now.”




“You came up with a terrible plan and put the blame on me. The scar is so big and painful.”


Angela shouted at the unexpected reaction.


“That’s why I’m apologizing like this now!”


“Apologizing is.”


Liriette took a deep breath and then continued her words.


“Apologizing isn’t something that can be done with just a few words. If you really want to be forgiven by me, ask for forgiveness until I feel okay. So, when the scar inside me heals and my hatred for you disappears, I will accept your apology.”


Liriette’s voice was warm. And at the same time she was infinitely strict.


Angela looked at Liriette blankly, then her expression distorted.


“You pretend to be nice until the end. Just be honest. You have no intention of forgiving me. Don’t think about torturing me by pretending to be a victim for the rest of your life just because you were framed once!”


Marquis Brightini silenced Angela, yet it was already too late.


The Duke spoke in an extremely cold atmosphere.


“It seems there is no need to continue the conversation.”


“Y-Your Grace the Duke!”


Before the Marquis defended Angela, the Duke continued.


“Apart from the apology, the Marquis of Brightini has caused enormous harm to my daughter and me. I would like to retaliate accordingly, but considering the long relationship the Marquis mentioned, I will give in.”


The Duke demanded compensation for the damage from the Marquis of Brightini.

100 billion gold.


It was an enormous amount, enough to shake the Brightini family that ruled the north.


However, the Marquis couldn’t possibly escape, saying he couldn’t make amends.


The moment he said that, he knew that he would have to pay for his sin with his life, not money.



The fertile estate of the Marquis of Brightini. A treasure stored deep within the mansion. In an instant, half of the Marquis Brightini’s fortune, including the jewels contained in the ornate box, disappeared.


Angela screamed as she saw her empty room.


“This is absolutely ridiculous! No matter how wrong I was, I didn’t do anything to deserve punishment like this!”


The Marquis shouted with anger on his face.


“What are you yelling as if you have done something great. You shouldn’t have done something like that in the first place!”


The Marquis was greatly disappointed in Angela.


The moment Angela saw the deep contempt in her father’s eyes, which had always been warm to her, she felt fear pushing her over the edge.


Even my father isn’t on my side.


Everyone hates me.


‘So what should I do now? How can I go back to the way it was before?’


Angela, who was worried, took extreme measures.


She took sleeping pills.


She didn’t take enough to risk her life, of course.


But the fact that a little girl did something like that shocked people.


Some nobles sympathized with Angela.


“It’s true that Lady Angela did something wrong, but in the end, the child just lied a little. Yet because of that, a family is ruined. No matter how much His Grace the Duke cares for his daughter, isn’t this being too much?”


However, when the Duke heard those words, he uttered a single word with a cold face.


“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a child or an adult. Anyone who hurts my daughter with malicious intent will be punished. Don’t ever think of messing with Liriette again.”


This made people clearly aware of it.


The Duke of Windsor-Ice especially cherishes the daughter he brought home from outside.




Karina came to Windsor-Ice Castle.


Liriette greeted her with a bright face.


“Welcome, Karina.”


The maids, including Marie, were whispering with flushed faces.


“Oh my, you’re as beautiful as a rose today too.”


“I’m jealous, you must see Miss Karina right now. I can’t see anything because of Miss Karina’s halo.”


“Wow, then you won’t be able to serve tea. I’ll bring tem some tea.”


“What are you talking about! That’s that and this is this. Let’s compete fairly.”


A fierce arm wrestling began between the maids. The maid who was the final winner let out cheers, saying, “Hey!”


Karina, who was watching them like that, said to Liriette.


“The maids here are really strange.”


“It’s because Karina is so pretty.”


Liriette’s words weren’t empty words.


Karina looked prettier than when she came to the castle a few days ago.


Her sharp face gained a little weight, and most importantly, her dress changed.


She wasn’t wearing an old, worn-out dress, but a shiny navy blue dress. Ribbons also sparkled in her red hair.


“Navy blue looks good on you, Karina.”


She responded in a clear voice to the honest words.


“Really? Mother would be happy if she knew. It’s a dress that Mother carefully chose.”


After it was revealed that Angela had assaulted Karina, Marquis Brightini visited the Baron of Redsia.


He bowed his head to Baron and Baroness Redsia, who cried out, “How could she do such a terrible thing?”


[I raised my daughter wrong. I will compensate you appropriately.]


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  1. That’s what I thought, Angela’s parents didn’t seem bad. Kind of feel bad for them too, they’re just suffering the consequences of their daughter’s psychopathic actions