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The maids skillfully removed the plates from the tray and began placing them on the table.


The round table was quickly filled with plenty of food.


Simon smiled and said.


“You must be hungry, please eat first.”


Just as Simon said, Liriette was very hungry. But…


Liriette looked at the food on the table and spoke cautiously.


“Are the people here eating with me by any chance?”


“That can’t be. The maids here and I are here to wait on Miss Liriette, and this food is only for Miss Liriette.”


“But I can’t eat all this food by myself.”


It was natural.


No one in the world would think that a child as small as Liriette could eat all that food.


“You can eat as much as you want and leave it behind.”


However, at Simon’s words, Liriette looked tearful.


He was perplexed.


‘What on earth is the problem?’


Liriette said to Simon, who had no clue.


“If you leave food behind, you will be punished by the goddess.”


“…Pardon me?”


“Of course, the goddess isn’t someone who gets angry over such things, but I don’t want to do anything that will make her hate me even a little bit.”


Only then did Simon realize.


The fact that Liriette, who looked infinitely cute, was no ordinary child.


She was a special child with divine power.


Besides, since she was raised in the temple from a very young age, she must have thoroughly ingrained the doctrine of the temple in her body.


Simon looked at Liriette with enlightened eyes and said.


“I apologize. I didn’t even pay attention to it. How can I solve Miss Liriette’s difficult situation?”


Fortunately, there was an easy way to fix it.


“If you give me a plate, I will eat only as much as I can eat. Can you get the untouched food and give it to someone who needs it?”


When Simon didn’t answer, Liriette continued her words with a perplexed face.


“Is it rude to give someone food even if you haven’t touched it?”


“It’s not.”


Even for the Duke of Windsor-Ice, overflowing with gold and jewels, food like this was precious.


Servants with good appetites will rejoice and pounce on food like wild boars.


“I’ll take care of the food, so don’t worry and eat as much as you please.”


Simon gave a round plate to Liriette.


Liriette took the plate in hand and circled the round table.


Seeing the food Liriette put on the plate, Simon was surprised again.


‘She chose only the things I thought she would never choose!’


Lettuce salad with tomatoes. Stir-fried bean. Two baked potatoes. Ten grapes.


It couldn’t be said the worst, but it was a menu that he could never convince was the best.


Because the table was full of food that made him salivate just by looking at it!


Grilled chicken legs that were roasted over the fire. Juicy beef steaks. Fish cutlets made of deep-fried white fish flesh…


‘I can’t believe she didn’t choose any of them at all.’


Simon, a meat-loving northerner, couldn’t understand it.


In the end, he opened his mouth even though he knew it was rude.


“Miss Liriette, do you, by any chance, hate meat?”


“I don’t.”


“Then why don’t you eat any…”


Simon remembered while he was talking.


Another doctrine of the temple dedicated to the goddess.


‘Don’t eat creatures that bleed.’


It was as Simon thought.


Liriette had never eaten meat since she was a child.


Because the High Priest raised her that way.


‘No matter how hard it is, it’s too much to force such a strict doctrine on a growing child!’


Simon’s face hardened.


However, not knowing his thoughts, Liriette munched and smiled.


‘Wow, this is the first time I’ve tried such delicious stir-fried beans.’


Even the salad, which she ate every day without being impressed, was crispy and delicious. It was the power of the highest quality materials.


Seeing Liriette eating with a happy face, Simon’s heart was complicated.


‘Right now, I want to put a pile of meat on her plate full of starch.’


But that was obvious rudeness and excessive meddling.


Simon smiled, trying to contain his emotions.



After the meal, Simon said.


“Do you want to take a bath? Or would you like to go to bed right away?”


“I want to take a bath.”


“I understand. Then we will prepare the bath.”


At the word ‘prepare the bath’, Liriette imagined being given a basin of water and a towel to wipe herself.


However, the maids who entered the room had a huge bathtub in their hands.


One of the maids stepped in front of Liriette and bowed her head.


“Nice to meet you, Miss Liriette. I’m maid Marie. I’m here as a bath attendant to help Miss Liriette.”


Looking at the muscular maid who greeted her brightly, Liriette tilted her head.


‘What is a bath attendant?’


After a while, she realized the meaning.


“Then let me take off your clothes first.”


At Marie’s words, Liriette shouted in bewilderment.


“It’s okay! I can do it alone.”


“Of course. But you must be very tired from coming a long way. If you entrust your body to me, I will help you wash your body as comfortably as sleeping and as cozy as a dream.”


Marie’s face was very gentle, unlike her muscular body that looked strong. Her voice was also kind.


Even Liriette, who was accustomed to bathing alone, involuntarily wanted to nod her head.


Yet she couldn’t do that.


‘The traces of the cut I made to heal the Duke are still on my finger.’


The bleeding would have stopped over time, but the wound would still remain on her fingertip.


She wouldn’t notice that Liriette could heal people with her blood even if she saw the wound.


Even so, Liriette didn’t want anyone to find out about this wound.


‘Not anyone.’


Seeing Liriette’s anxious gaze, Marie put on a sorry expression and bowed her head.


“I apologize!”




“I was so excited about having to serve a cute lady that I was rude without even realizing it. I should have asked your opinion first if you would like to have a bath attendant.”




“It seems that you’re comfortable washing by yourself, then I will go out. I will be standing at the door, so if you need anything, call me anytime.”


Marie’s voice was still warm.


She didn’t show any disappointment or annoyance.


It was so strange that Liriette blinked her eyes and replied a beat later.


“Yes, I will… Thank you.”


Marie’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of her putting her hands together and bowing her head.


‘Uaakh. She’s so cute!’


Liriette couldn’t have imagined it, but the moment she entered the castle, the maids went into a frenzy.


This is because she was a small and cute creature that appeared in Windsor-Ice Castle, which only had giant creatures in decades.


There was a fuss among them about who was going to take care of her in the bath.


In the end, the winner was determined by the unspoken rules of Windsor-Ice Castle.


Arm wrestle.


Marie, who had won after a fierce battle, entered Liriette’s room.


Looking at Liriette, who blinked her big eyes, Marie clenched her fists.


‘I want to wash her soft silver hair cleanly! I want to wash her soft-looking face with soapy water! I want to massage her tiny shoulders too!’


But Marie barely resisted the urge.


‘I’m a maid at the prestigious Windsor-Ice Castle. I can’t act to burden my precious guest any more.’


Marie hid her feelings and bid goodbye to Liriette, leaving the room.


Alone, Liriette looked at the bathtub in that room.


The huge bathtub was filled with hot water and steam was rising.


It seemed warm enough for her to want to go in right away, but before that, there was something else to do.


Liriette took off her gloves.


A red crust of blood stuck to the tip of the second finger.


Liriet muttered with a bitter look on her face.


“To heal the wounds of others and not be able to heal my own… What kind of divine power is this?”


The tip of her finger was sore, but this much pain was tolerable.


As in her previous life, she had suffered worse every day.


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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful translation, TL-nim!!

    For some reasen I really need to see the fierce battle of that arm wrestling… I bet they are deadly

  2. Thank you for the translation!
    I love the people of the north already!

  3. Oh? A FL with a religious background that actually has food restrictions? I never really gave it much mind but that’s nice to see for once ha ha, thanks for translating!