Chapter 18

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Author: lipzoldyck


There was no one in the carriage except Kassel.


Kassel’s face grew colder, and a troublesome sigh poured out.


“Peanut, come out.”


There was still no one in the carriage.


Only the rolling sound of carriage wheels and Kassel’s voice linger.


At that moment, with a rustle, a small wriggle appeared in the darkness under the opposite chair.


Before long.




Breathing heavily as if she had just been pulled out of the water, Aika stuck her head out from under the chair on the other side.


The place where Aika went and hid was a space that could only fit a few small items.


She was hiding in the cloth that covered the luggages.


What should he do to that brat, really.


How the hell did she get into that narrow gap?


At the same time as his backbone ached, he met golden eyes that sparkled round.


It pissed him off even more because it’s the same eye color as his.


“Hehe, Uncle…”




“H-How did you know?”


Aika crouched out and sat with her knees on the ground, unable to stand up and turning her eyes, trying to get out of the situation.


Perhaps she was determined to follow him, she was wearing a dress with ribbons all over it instead of pajamas.


There were piles of dust all over the clothes she was wearing as she was hiding under the chair.


She wasn’t a good child who went to bed early, but disappeared to do this cunning thing.


“When did you get on?”


Aika didn’t reply.


The sound of her little brain rolling could be heard all the way here.


As he glared at her for a long time, Aika bit her mouth, wondering if she could do that.


“I-I just came out to greet Uncle, but… Uncle came out late.”


“So you swiftly got on?”


Aika’s big eyes turned once more.


His eyes could see that little brain was in constant motion.


It was clear to anyone that she was determined to hide.


She couldn’t even think about it, but when he didn’t come out, she must have decided to get on.


That’s what she came up with at best.


She’s not even a duckling that just hatched from an egg. Why is she following him around like this day and night?


It would have been exhausting for him to get angry and kick her out, but it was crazy because she stayed with him all day laughing, hehe, like a goldfish the moment he turned around.


He thought she would be like that inside the house, yet now she came out.


What if he was going to a dangerous place, huh?


Anyway, she’s fearless.


When he heard from his older sister, she said that she was a strong niece who listens well and stays at home alone.


Where on earth is that?


Seriously, what should he do with this little chestnut tree?


Even if he puts her in a safe enclosure, she crazily jumps out and clings to him like a curious kitten.




Damn it, my head.


Whether it was because of the rattling carriage or this mischievous niece, Kassel felt a strong headache and pressed his temples.


He then tugged on a rope in the carriage.


“Yes, Milord!”


At the same time, Gerard, who was sitting in the driver’s seat with the coachman, stopped the carriage.


Then Gerard hurriedly opened the carriage door.


“What’s wrong… Huh, Miss?”


Gerard’s eyes widened.


Obviously, Kassel should be alone in the carriage, yet there was another rabbit-like figure.


“Gerard, helloowwwww…”


The condition of the Miss, who didn’t forget to greet him while keeping a close eye on Kassel, didn’t look very good.


No, to be precise, it’s the atmosphere inside the carriage.


“Miss, why, no, how are you here?”


“Hmm, so I wanted to follow Uncle, then…”


Aika continued to glance at Kassel as she brushed the dust off her clothes.


“You take her home and come back.”


“Waaaah, you can’t!”


Aika clung to Kassel.


“Who can’t. You ain’t getting down right away?”


“Uncle, can you take me too? Uncle is wearing pretty clothes, so it’s not dangerous.”


“The moment you go there, it’ll be a battlefield. Get down quickly.”


“Only for once!”


“It’ll be once every time, get off quickly.”


“Uh, uh…”


Gerard stood between Kassel and Aika, unable to do anything about it.


Aika held onto Kassel’s pants, trying hard not to get down.


Her eyes flashed brightly, “Gerard, help me!” yet it was hard to refuse the request coldly.


“…Can’t the Miss go with you today?”


At that, Kassel rolled his eyes.


“Now you’re talking nonsense?”


“I apologize. But this banquet is also where His Grace the Duke of Valiott is coming…”


Kassel’s eyes at Gerard were filled with vicious swear words.


“I apologize…”


Gerard lowered his head and secretly winked at Aika.


A bright smile spread across Aika’s lips as she sat awkwardly on the ground and pricked up her ears.




Aika’s voice popped out.


At the same time, Aika hugged Kassel’s arm.


“I’m going to see Grandpa! Uncle, hm? I will be very quiet!”




He was stunned by the obvious strategy.


Why is the old man there?


That Gerard must have been taken aback by his niece’s cuteness.


He can’t just throw both of them away.


It was noticeable that Aika was twitching her hand and trying to get a chance to grab his.


She seemed to think of holding his hand as a meaning of permission.


He doesn’t know why or what the law is, but she always seemed to have her own firm standards.


If he drops off and comes back, he will be late.


He’s not sure he’ll go alone even if he dies.


I’m dying of old age.


“Close the door.”


Kassel finally raised the white flag.




Aika raised her hand and rejoiced while jumping.


Gerard smiled and shouted, “Yes, I understand! Milord!”, courageously closed the carriage door.


As the carriage departed, Aika, who judged that there was no threat of her returning home, clung even closer to Kassel.


“Uncle, you’re the best! Awesome! The best in Warford! The best in the world!”


“Sit up straight, my ears hurt.”


Even so, Kassel didn’t let go of the hands that were hugging him tightly without letting go.


Aika, who was in high spirits, sang a song with incomprehensible lyrics.


Something about canary, something about yellow flowers.


Something about yellow cats, and something about white butterflies.


Kassel glanced down at Aika and saw the dust still on her head.


As he raised his hand to brush them off, Aika jerked her head.


“What, why.”


“Uncle, what were you going to do?”


“What’s the use of it.”


At the same time, he pretended not to care and carefully brushed the dust off Aika’s head and shoulders.


“But, Uncle, where are we going?”


She then became the perfect companion now that she had been allowed.


What a nonsense.


“Wherever we’re going. You can’t get off the carriage.”


Gasp, I don’t want to!”


“How dare you talk back. Who told you to follow me?”


Aika’s cheeks swelled in an instant.


“This is all for Uncle, though?”


If you can’t talk.


“…Let’s not talk.”


Kassel eventually gave up on stopping his niece.


#3. Uncle May Have Actually Been On My Side


“Wow, it’s shiny!”


Countless lanterns lit up the building.


As if a bunch of stars were collected and scattered on the building.


Uncle said that this is also Grandpa’s.


In fact, I’ve been curious all this time.


Where did Mom go while being dressed up so prettily even though she said it was a nuisance!


When I asked where she was going, Mom always said, “Aika, this is an extension of work. Haa.”


I couldn’t keep up because I chose not to interrupt when Mom said she was working.


That’s why I always wondered, as I decided to protect Uncle.


Achieve that lofty goal! Solve my doubts too!


That’s how I tried to follow him, but if I had known it was such a cool place, I would have followed Mom right away.


Didn’t Gerard say this is where the banquet is held?


I grabbed Uncle’s clothes as he strode inside and followed him.


“Uncle, did Grandpa come first?”


“How would I know.”


The more I passed through the corridors and entered the fancy banquet hall, the closer I got to Uncle.


I didn’t know because I had hardly ever left the house, but I realized something odd.


Just like in the Imperial Palace, every time I passed by, people’s eyes were all on me.


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