Chapter 22

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Author: lipzoldyck


I scooped out the pink chocolate beads and fruit part with a fork, holding it out to Gerard.


“I’m fine.”


“This is the most delicious part, quick!”


I made a fuss about it falling.


Then Gerard reluctantly opened his mouth and ate the cake.


“Is it delicious?”


“Yes, try it too, Miss.”


I smiled contentedly and popped the fork full cake into my mouth.


“It’s really delicious…”


The pure white cream tasted like peaches.


No. It also seemed to taste a bit like oranges.


It tasted like several fruits.


Huh? Come to think of it, it tasted similar to the cake Grandma Sophie made.


Although Grandma Sophie’s cake is much, much better.


That was when I ate half the cake.


As if the music had changed, the sound of the music disappeared and the musicians could be seen busily moving.


But then.


“Is she an illegitimate child?”


While the music stopped, I heard something I hadn’t heard before.


“Ah, so…”


“I heard the Marquis was taking her with him earlier. I mean that kid.”


“Is he taking care of her for a while?”


“An illegitimate child…”


“The Prime Minister was single. So, she must have kept it hidden until now. I don’t know why she’s exposing herself now.”


“Is the Marquis thinking of welcoming her?”


“If it’s Marquis Leguier, he can accept at least one flaw like that.”


I naturally turned my head in the direction from which I heard the sound, and I saw two men and two women gathered behind the fountain looking at me.


He looked a bit older than or similar to Uncle.


Even though it was further outside than me, the bright light inside the banquet hall was shining brightly on people’s faces.


Are they talking about me?


Mom… hid me?


Weird. Mom was always proud of me.




Everything these adults said was a lie.


“I wonder if they’re thinking of making her the successor…”


“I guess not. If it’s the successor, it was already announced.”


“That’s right. She must have lived out of Valliot. Still, His Grace the Duke of Valliot, isn’t a person who doesn’t care even for his family, right?”


“It must have been a bit of a blow. To think that the Prime Minister of the country has such a big flaw.”


“Maybe the child threw a tantrum?”


My heart was pounding.


“Ah, maybe so. Just look at her. That’s why the Marquis had no choice but to…”


“Still, isn’t it a good direction that the Marquis doesn’t hate children?”


“Oh my, fufu, what are you thinking?”


“No, I’m not sure what people’s businesses are.”


I was bewildered and looked up at Gerard, but his face was fierce.


He seemed to have heard something.


After all, Gerard might have better ears than I do!


“I’ll be back.”


“No, Gerard!”


I shouted in surprise and hurriedly grabbed Gerard’s hand.




“If I get into trouble, Uncle will scold me.”


“This isn’t Miss’ trouble. They didn’t know the weight of their words and spoke recklessly.”




“They deserve to be held accountable. No matter how much they drank, they dare not even know the subject.”


“I’m fine. All of that isn’t true. It’s a lie.”


I looked up at Gerard with straight eyes.


People didn’t even think about stopping the conversation, and they even laughed while drinking bubbling liquor in succession.


They’re bad people to make fun of other people’s stories like that.


Although I shook my head and looked at Gerard, he was looking at me with his eyes wide.




“Mom said she was proud of me the most in the world.”


“…You’re right, Miss.”


I looked at the people again, but those who had been talking about me were hiding their mouths with pale faces.


I shrugged my shoulders wondering what was wrong with them.


“I’m really fine. Sssh, it’s a secret to Uncle, you know?”


“What secret.”




It’s Uncle


Startled, I jerked my head upward.


I dropped the fork at the same time.


For a moment, I had the illusion that Uncle’s red hair was on fire.


Because his expression was so scary.


W-When did he come?


I didn’t even know that Uncle came behind me when I held on to Gerard.


Perhaps he heard that? Did he?


Because Gerard was looking at me with his back turned, he must have noticed it too late, and his body stiffened.


“Bring the brat and stay in the carriage.”




There was a grinding, or rather breaking, noise coming from Uncle’s mouth.


Gerard shut his mouth.


I tried to hold on to Uncle, but I gave up when I saw Gerard shaking his head.


It won’t be a big deal, right?


As I said before, Uncle’s nickname is…


The Mad Dog.




Rosina, who was in a good mood while drinking champagne like water, was having a fun banquet with her friends.


A cake made by the most famous patissier in the capital was brought into the middle of the banquet hall.


It was the work of a patissier with such a reputation that even the Emperor had to ask politely before they stepped into the Imperial Palace.


Rosina’s eyes sparkled.


She heard that Evosophie Bakery is also run by the Valliot.


Marquis Kassel de Leguier.


And he will inherit all of Valiott.


In fact, he has a reputation for being resourceful enough to say that it was Marquis Leguire, not Duke Valliot, who raised the Valliot family.


What’s more wonderful than that?


The corner of Rosina’s mouth went up when she remembered Kassel.


He was an enchanting sculpture itself just by looking at it.


As soon as she saw Kassel at her debut tangent a few years ago, she fell in love with him at first sight.


Since then, she has had a crush on him for close to 10 years.


[Who is that handsome man…?]

[Do you mean Kassel de Valliot? He’s the eldest son of the Valliot family. He’s also the younger brother of Young Duchess Valliot.]


Most of the young ladies present that day probably felt the same way as she did.


Right now, she was almost in a state of giving up, but she was just thinking whether an opportunity would arrive.


She wished she could speak to him properly.


Out of hundreds of greetings so far, she only remembered being greeted once.


Still, there were some young ladies who were told not to bother or were hurt by Kassel’s cold treatment and cried.


However, she had never been told that.


One day, he specially accepted a glass of champagne that she gave.


[Excuse me… Would you like some of this?]


[What is it?]

[It’s champagne. I’m afraid you’ll be t-thirsty.]

[It’s all annoying…]

[If you accept it, I won’t disturb you again!]


After that, he even greeted her with his eyes sometimes…


And if she looked at it more broadly, the business of her family was related to Valliot.


Although she was sure they could get closer, it wasn’t easy.


If she got married to Marquis Leguier, would the wedding cake be made by that patissier?


She was thinking of greeting Marquis Leguier, who was hard to see at the banquets, however.


Today, he brought a child and carried her around.


To think that the great Kassel de Leguier was with a child.


She wondered if there was anything in this world that didn’t suit him that much, but when she faced it, Kassel was nonetheless very cool.


The child was talking non-stop and chattering as if she had no idea.


Kassel frowned but accepted everything and hugged the child tightly.


To think that Kassel, the cold-hearted to everyone Kassel, was sweet.


It was the first time that she was so excited.


She didn’t know that a man with a fiery nature could have such a side.


He is so kind to a child who isn’t even his own, what about his own children?


On the one hand, she felt bad.


That child was definitely the daughter of the well-known Prime Minister.


She kept it hidden and never showed her to anyone.


Apparently, no one even knew who her husband was.


In fact, none of the central nobles came forward as her husband.


It’s not uncommon for noble couples to adopt or introduce an illegitimate child, yet she didn’t want to.




She couldn’t leave such a stain on her life.


If she were to marry him, it would mean that she would have to take care of the girl.


Thinking so made her very uncomfortable.


The child was laughing without notice as she ate the cake.


“This is the most delicious part, quick!”


Even the act of passing the cake with a fork to her escort was vulgar.


How is she so different?


Even if she wasn’t sure about the deceased Prime Minister, her real father was obviously a noble in a corner of the province who didn’t even have a crest or someone who didn’t even know the basics.


“Even though the Marquis is fiery, he doesn’t have such flaws. This is why the basics are so important. Don’t you think so?”


He shouldn’t have a child like that.


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  1. Well, I would say it was nice knowing you, Rosina, but it wasn’t. Bye bye ✋️✋️✋️

  2. acting like she’s already kassel’s wife? girl, touch some grass.