Chapter 36

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Author: lipzoldyck


But this one was better.


I hugged Uncle’s neck before he changed his mind.


“Uncle, I’m cold, but I’m hot.”




“Cold, but it’s hot… But the doctor said I’m not sick.”


“That’s because you didn’t listen. Why are you whining after taking medicine in the morning?”


Gasp, Uncle, how did you know I took medicine?”


“I know because it’s written on your forehead. It’s written here in a big way.”


Uncle put his big hand on my forehead and hit it with his index finger.


It was a little shocking, but I smiled and said “Heeㅡ” again.


“This is to make up for laughter. Does it disappear like that again, or it doesn’t.”


“…It doesn’t disappear.”


“Were you wrong, or weren’t you.”


“I-I was wrong. But where is Uncle going?”


It was clear that we were close again.


So I summoned up the courage to ask.


Uncle didn’t even answer, he passed down the hallway and headed for my room.


“My room?”


Then he threw me down on the bed.


This much was fine now.


I jumped up after rolling a lap around the burrow.


Uncle, whom I thought would leave immediately, lay down on my bed.


“Uncle, aren’t you going anywhere?”




He was always busy so even though I asked to take a nap together with him, he said he didn’t want to and told me to sleep.


Uncle put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes without saying a word.


I gently pulled my butt and sat close to Uncle.


“Uncle, Russphe…”


“I said no.”


“Not thaaat! Can I write a letter to Russphe? I want to write a letter saying I’m sorry I couldn’t play with him yesterday.”


“You can tell Zenda about that.”


“It’s just that Uncle is next to me!”


“Do whatever you want.”


I nodded and sat down next to him, but it got hot again.


I flapped and ripped off my clothes, then got cold again and spread out on the bed.


Apparently, Serpens had a bad personality like Uncle.


Otherwise, it couldn’t have bothered me like this.


I have to keep feeling as if I’m going back and forth like sitting in front of a stove on a summer day and falling into ice water on a winter day.


I lay down on my stomach and sighed, but Uncle and I met eyes.


“Peanut, yesterday, you…”




“Nevermind. It’s nothing. And from next week, I will assign you a teacher, so study.”


With a sound like thunder, I dragged Uncle’s clothes.


Could it be that he came to me to tell me this?


“Teacher? Why? Mom taught me every day.”


I’ve never had a teacher.


It was always Mom who taught me something, even when she was busy.


“Originally, at your age, you need everything, peanuts. So don’t make a mistake and learn calmly.”


“Hnnnng, Uncle.”


However, regarding a teacher, something came to my mind.


No, actually, I wanted to ask this before, but I couldn’t hold back.


I guess I’ll have to ask now.




“When can we go home?”


“What home.”


“The house where Mom and I lived.”


After the accident, I never returned home.


I stayed at Grandpa’s house and then at Uncle’s house.


I haven’t been to the place where Mom and I lived.


Although Grandpa said he would let me go very later, he didn’t say when.


So I put up with it, but I wanted to go there again.


For I thought maybe there might be a friend like Lepus in my house.


Mom and I liked to play hide-and-seek or treasure hunt at home, but I also wondered if there might be treasures I couldn’t find.


Uncle opened his eyes again before I knew it and just stared blankly at me.






“I’ll take you when it’s safer.”


I thought he would say no unconditionally, and I jumped up at the unexpected words.






“Sure, then when Uncle goes, you know,”


“Don’t put up with strange conditions.”




Uncle is so smart.


I licked my lips with regret.


“Why would I eat this raw every time.”


“It’s not, though! If you listen to me, I’ll kiss you on the cheek, Uncle!”


I ambitiously put out the secret that I had been saving.


As long as Mom had this one shot, I could do anything.


It worked for Grandpa too.


So there’s no way it wouldn’t work for Uncle.


“What does this have to do with kisses? And will you only kiss me?”






I looked at my uncle with a shocked face.


“Do you know how expensive it is to move your uncle once?”


I glanced at the lying Uncle.


I had never heard of such a thing.


“You’re lying. Mom said my kiss is worth a million gold. My kisses are very expensive, you know? And I’m giving that to Uncle for free, you know?”




“Yes, Uncle.”


I answered triumphantly and gallantly.


Then Uncle laughed as if it were funny.


“The value of money doesn’t fall that easily.”


I opened my mouth.


What is that supposed to mean?


My kiss is worse than a million gold right now?


“Uncle, I’ll say this again, but my kiss is a million gold.”


Uncle snorted and tapped the tip of my nose with his index finger.


“Alright. If you do it twice, I’ll think about it.”


Then, with his index finger, he tapped both of his cheeks once more.


Like, once here and once there.


Instead of a kiss, I rolled my eyes at Uncle and crossed my arms.


“Then it’s 2 million gold.”


“Hey, is your uncle worse than that?”


“Uncle. You said that the value of money doesn’t fall that easily. I only did it once a day to Mom.”


Uncle raised his eyes slightly as if surprised.


Then he covered my face with his big hand.


“…You learn incredibly fast.”


This is what it feels like to win!


The snort tickled the bottom of my nose.




Uncle glanced at me through his hand.


“So you’re not going to do it?”


Then, he turned his head so that his cheek could be seen.


Inevitably, I decided to give Uncle an expensive kiss worth a million gold.


I stooped flat.


Muah, muahㅡmuah!


I felt better, so I did it three times.


“Why three times?”


“This is a gift from me to Uncle.”


It was a celebration of becoming friends again.


“I’m sure it’s because you made trouble.”


“No. That… I did it to protect Uncle and Grandpa, but… It just didn’t go well.”


“Are you saying that just a snot will protect me?”


Uncle snorted.


“Where is there a snot this big!”


“In your nose. It’s still there.”


Startled, I tried to stick my finger in my nose, then I glared at Uncle.


Ah, really.


Uncle kept laughing at whatever was funny.






“Come here.”


Uncle supported his head with one hand, laid on his side, and patted the seat next to him.


It was at most two or three spans away from where I was sitting.


“I’m next to Uncle, though?”


“Take a nap. You said it’s cold then hot. You’ll get better if you do.”


Blinking in surprise, I propped up the bed with both hands, bent my knees, and stared at Uncle.


Even the doctor didn’t believe me.


Even Zenda, who touched my forehead, said it would get better in a little while.


And to think that Uncle told me to take a nap, it was a word that didn’t go well with him.


“Is Uncle taking a nap too?”




“Really? Can you not work today?”






Uncle has a bit of a bad personality, but he has a scent similar to Mom’s.


I didn’t want Uncle to change his words, so I hurriedly slipped into his open arms.


I curled up on his chest and looked up at him.


“It’s my first time taking a nap with Uncle. Uncle, should I sing you a lullaby?”


“This uncle wants to use his ears for a long time, though.”


“…I won’t.”


Then Uncle burst into laughter that made my heart jump.


“Try it.”


“Then the lullaby costs 5 million gold. Understand, Uncle?”


“There’s no other scammer like you. You put me greatly in debt.”


I giggled, closed my eyes, and sang the lullaby Mom had sung to me.


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