Chapter 47

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Author: lipzoldyck


It wasn’t until he checked that the drawer was open that he saw footprints left inside the house.


Judging by the different sizes, there were at least three intruders.


For Leto, who only knew how to use a little swordsmanship to protect himself, he could have been in big trouble.


“Take the escort with you for the time being.”


Originally, Kassel had attached to him an escort.


However, Leto stubbornly refused, saying that it was okay, and then this incident came.


Kassel sarcastically said, you see that? yet Leto had nothing to say.


“Yes, I will.”


“Did they smell you leaving your spot? In any case, how diligent of them.”


Kassel’s chin was bulging, saying that he will feel better if he catches and grounds all of them.




Leto finished his report and went back to the room he left in the morning.


He thought that he would have to live in the mansion for the time being, even for safety, and was about to change into comfortable clothes when he noticed a glass bottle on the desk.


Just as he was smiling at the thought of the Miss, someone knocked on the door.


“Sir Steward, this is Hemel.”


“Ah, hold on.”


Leto unbuttoned his buttons, rearranged them, and opened the door.


“I apologize, knowing you were taking a break. I brought it because I thought it was nonoe other than Sir Steward’s document.”




Hemel bowed his head and held out a wad of paper to Leto.


Leto wondered if His Lordship had even run an errand, so he handed it over without checking.


“Thank you.”


Leto’s eyes widened as he closed the door.


“Wait, Hemel!”


“Yes, Sir Steward?”


“Stay there for a moment.”


Why is this here?


It’s a report that he had finished and delivered this morning, though?


He wrinkled his brow, wondering if he hadn’t come back to his senses because he only experienced strange things yesterday and today, but a part he wrote down was subtly different.


[I know this too. Uncle says he’s losing his life because of me. That’s why there are a lot of zeros, right?]


He wrote a new one and raised the number by one more with his own authority, for he remembered the girl who puffed up her cheeks and grumbled as if it was unfair.


It was easy for the Master to make up his mind because he would have added more to his niece, the Miss, but he wasn’t a great person to do less.


So obviously 2 should be 3, yet the written content was 2.


The lost documents were returned.


In addition, it was crumpled all over where it came from.


“Hemel, where did you get this?”


Leto, who was looking at the document with Hemel standing outside the door, asked.


“Ah, the Miss just said that she picked up something that fell down the hallway over there. Seeing the number written down, I wondered if Sir Steward wrote it down. If I got it wrong…”


“No. It’s really the document I should have. But you said the Miss picked it up?”


“Yes, the Miss gave it to me and asked me to find the owner.”


“…I-I understand. You may go first.”




As Hemel went and closed the door, Leto’s eyes were fixed on the papers.


“The Miss gave him this?”


It’s crumpled, but it doesn’t have the slightest dirt or dust on it, considering it was picked up in the hallway.


Leto’s brow narrowed.


By the way, how can coincidences overlap like this?


Above all, why does it keep overlapping with the Miss?


The Miss who stubbornly held him yesterday kept shimmering.


She had never been so stubborn with him, it was strange.


He thought it might be because they got to know each other better, and passed it on.


How can coincidences overlap like this?


Once doubts sprouted, everything seemed strangely put together.


He needed to check it out.


Leto searched Kassel again that way.




“…Do you love me?”


Watching Leto visit him several times today, Kassel crumpled his face.


Leto flinched at the look on his face,  which was saying, I’m busy to death but even you have to put more work on me?


Somehow, after Peanut came to this house, everyone’s actions changed like Aika.


Even if he’s busy to death.


“Am I crazy… I searched for you because I had something to tell you.”


“You search for me shamelessly. Why, what else.”


Leto held out the crumpled papers.


“This is the document I lost yesterday.”


“Well, since you found it, should I pat you on the butt? Peanut is cute, but why would a grown up guy keep fooling around.”


“That’s not it. The Miss gave me this.”




“The Miss said she picked it up in the hallway… That doesn’t seem like it.”


Kassel softened his anger a little, as if he had finally made up his mind to listen.


Leto reported everything that happened yesterday to him.


From what he kept himself from going to what happened today.


Kassel listened silently to Leto’s words.


“So, did Peanut know?”


“… … I know that you’re thinking it’s weird. But even though the Miss is young, she deliberately doesn’t ask for help because she fears that the servants will have a hard time, yet yesterday it was really strange.”




“But since this happened today… Have you ever heard anything? Her turning inside out once…”


He honestly doesn’t know how to explain it.


Also, is it just a joke? Is he the only one who thinks like this?


Kassel stood still with his arms crossed, leaning back crookedly.


“Your Lordship?”


“I got it, so stop and just leave.”




“I told you I got it, just go ahead.”


“Yes, then. Call me if necessary.”


Leto, who put on a puzzled expression, greeted him and went back.


Kassel, who had been quiet, opened the drawer of his desk, rummaged through it, and pulled out a bundle of newspaper fragments.


They were things he skipped over even though Aika was screaming at him to look at them yesterday.


He unfolded them again and examined them one by one.


She had cut out and collected all the accidents similar to the one that happened today.




Kassel, who was looking at them in turn, began to look at each piece of newspaper again.


Some incidents are the same, others are different, but put together they resemble what Leto went through this morning.


She didn’t just collect newspaper articles.


She scribbled articles with a writing instrument, whether it was a pencil or colored pencil, and then wrote other letters.


For example, turning a thief into a gangster.


Brown to black hair.


Woman to man.


One to three.


All the crooked letters belonged to Aika.


If one looks at the way Aika fixed it and the order in which she tied them together, they fit exactly as Leto said.


Of course, not all were the same.


Because Leto wasn’t attacked.




‘If he had returned yesterday, he would have been attacked.’


Peanut knew he was going to be attacked by three men? As far as brown hair?


It’s not like they’re doing a play.


Leto said it didn’t look like someone broke into the house either.


He said he thought at least two or three people were there.


“This bastard Leto is trying to make my mind go crazy.”


Kassel scratched his head annoyedly, yet couldn’t take his eyes off Aika’s stack of newspapers.


Aika grabbing Leto and begging him was something she did to him as well.


Asking him not to go out today and just play with her.


Even when I just came here, she got in trouble.


All sorts of ridiculous manure that drive people crazy.


It wasn’t until after a full day had passed that she exclaimed triumphantly, as if relieved, “Uncle, you can go out today! Safe day!”


He was really dumbfounded.


“What does the kid know?”


No matter how smart the kid is, does it make sense for her to read the future?


Of course, his nephew has a cute appearance that might come out once in a thousand years and a smart mind, but it’s not to that extent.


Although her mother, Seria, was also a bit peculiar, she couldn’t see the future.


Where did she hear that?


Sometimes people say they have precognitive dreams. However, Kassel didn’t believe that either.


He was sure they hit it off.


Or maybe it happened because they felt uncomfortable with their dream, so they were being more sensitive for no reason.


“Hmm… No matter how genius my baby is.”


Kassel set the stack of newspapers down on the desk.


“It’s nonsense.”


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