Chapter 54

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Author: lipzoldyck


I came home.


I thought Zenda wasn’t there, but I saw her getting out of another carriage behind mine with Gerard.




I waved my arm as hard as I could at Zenda.


Then I got off the carriage and came into the front door, held by Uncle.


However, as soon as I entered the house, Uncle’s mood began to deteriorate rapidly.


“What are you bringing in?”


“…Well, they said they would sincerely apologize to the Master and the Miss. They have been waiting outside since yesterday.”




“I apologize. Why don’t you just listen to them before sending them off for today? It doesn’t look good to keep kicking them out in front of the front door. The same goes for the education of the Miss.”




It seems that Uncle’s guest came while he was away.


But it’s an unwelcome guest.


“They came here to apologize properly, so you can meet them for once and solve it.”


Leto, who greeted us, said in a serious voice different from usual.


What’s going on.


Originally, Leto was the type to say that he understood right away when Uncle told him.


Uncle, who hadn’t spoken for a while, dropped me off.






“First, go and change your clothes.”




In this case, it’s best to withdraw.


Holding Zenda’s hand, I went inside to wash and change.


When I returned to my room after washing and changing my clothes, Leto was waiting for me at the door.




“Miss, you’re wearing cute clothes.”


“Zenda picked this for me.”


“The Master told me to ask the Miss.”


I looked at Leto and asked.


“Because of those people?”


“Yes. They want to apologize to you for making a mistake.”




“He said it’s okay not to come if you don’t want to.”


Even though he said that, I seemed to know what Leto meant.


Also, he might come and bother Uncle someday.


I heard that they had come to apologize and do nothing else, so I decided to go.


“I’ll go.”


“Are you going there?”


“Yep, let’s go. Leto.”


I reached out to Leto.


I took Leto’s hand and went inside to see Uncle sitting cross-legged on the sofa.


And I saw four people sitting in front of him with their heads bowed like sinners.


I was confused about what was going on earlier, but as soon as I saw the four of them, I knew who they were.


They were the people I had seen at the banquet I went to for the first time in my life.


Who called me an illegitimate child.


I knew one in particular because she had blocked our carriage the other day.




I held Leto’s hand tighter.


I thought they’d never come again


I don’t know if it’s because they can’t buy a dress like I heard from Zenda.


I wasn’t a welcome guest at all, so I clung to Leto’s side.


Leto sat down on one knee and looked at me.


A friendly eye smile was visible through the thin-rimmed glasses.


“Miss, it’s fine. They said they came to apologize to you.”




“Aika, come here.”


Uncle reached out to me.


I nodded to Leto, let go of his hand, and ran to Uncle.


Uncle hugged me and sat me on his lap.


Then, among the people who were looking at each other, one of the brown-haired men suddenly knelt on the floor and bowed his head.


“I’m James Bolden. I apologize, Princess Valliot. I’m really sorry for hurting you at the banquet hall.”




I was startled and clung to Uncle.


“I will never make fun of you again. I’m sincerely sorry for hurting you. If you forgive me this time, I’ll make sure I don’t cause trouble again.”


I couldn’t help but be surprised when someone older than me bowed his head and apologized to me.


I was frightened, amazed, and even curious what had happened in the meantime.


Uncle hadn’t said anything since then, so I completely forgot about it.


I hurriedly looked at Uncle, yet he only hugged me tighter and chinned me to look at them.


Soon after, the woman right next to that man also bowed her head to me.


“Princess, I apologize I can’t take back what I’ve already said, but if you’re generous this time, I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again. This is what I prepared, and I hope you will be relieved.”


The woman put one of the boxes on the table.


When I opened the lid, there were all kinds of jewels and brooches inside.


Each of them was dazzling, as if it was a shining light.




Even the man with his head bowed next to her took out a scroll from the inside pocket of his jacket and held it out.


“Please accept this too. I didn’t know what you would like, so I brought a check, but please accept it as it’s my sincere gift.”


Uncle didn’t like it, but my eyes were wide open.


All you had to do was apologize, why did you bring so much?


Even to me.


The other two also said they were sorry over and over again, saying that they had come to apologize to me.


In particular, the woman who introduced herself as Rosina Green bit her lip and apologized to me, which made her tear drop.


She also had the most memorable voice.


The table was full of presents they had prepared.


Jewelry, checks, a guarantee of a small shop, a box of all sorts of cookies, another jewelry, and accessories.


It’s true that I was hurt by their words, but I wasn’t hurt this much.


I trusted Mom, and I knew it wasn’t all true.




Uncle tapped me on the cheek.




“It doesn’t matter not to accept it if you don’t like it.”


Then, I saw the man on his stomach, terrified and shaking his body.


“Um, but…”


They apologized like that, but if I don’t accept it again.


Of course! I didn’t think so because of the gifts piled on the table.


It’s a little, a little nerve-wracking though!


Earlier, Leto seemed to have asked to accept and deal with it quickly, so I decided to accept the apology as well.


Because  they’ll never do that again


“I will accept your apologies. Please don’t do that next time.”


I spoke out as clearly as possible.


Would this be enough?


Mom once taught me that forgiving is a way, as long as it doesn’t hurt my loved ones.


So I decided to forgive them just this time.


Even though Uncle, next to me, clicked his tongue saying I was too soft.


After they left, all sorts of things were left like rubble on the table in my room.


These were all presents they left behind.


“Zenda, look at that.”


“I know, right. They must have regretted it very much. How much is all that?”


“Should they do something wrong again?”


Then Zenda burst into laughter.


“Next time, the Master will never let them go.”


“Then are these really all mine?”


“Yes, they’re all presents for the Miss. Because you accepted their apologies. If today’s apologies are sincere, they will deeply engrave the Miss’ forgiveness in their hearts and never make that mistake again.”


“Yeah, it will be nice if that happens.”


Anyone who hears such words will be offended.


“You did really well today.”


It felt good to receive a compliment.


I opened the jewelry box with a big smile, looked around, and took out the largest brooch and jewelry.






“This is Zenda’s!”


Zenda’s eyes widened as if they would pop out.




“This is Zenda’s. Huh? I think this will be pretty too, Zenda.”


“Are you giving these to me?”


“Yeah, I should take care of Gerard too. Leto too!”


I was flipping through and choosing the prettiest ones, but Zenda blocked my hand.


Even that wasn’t enough, so she grabbed the brooch she had already put out and put it back in the jewelry box.




Then Zenda stared at me gently holding my hands.




“I know that you always love us and take care of us, but if you do this, it will be a big problem.”


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