Chapter 55

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“If I receive this, I might become a maid who is loyal to you, hoping for a price. It will probably happen without me knowing.”


“Um, but.”


“Also, maybe I will have a bad heart. Humans are cunning beings. My heart is more easily shaken than I thought. They may not have had the intention of apologizing in the first place. Then, when their families are reeling and struggling, only then do they look back at their mistakes.”




Zenda warmed my hand a little longer.


“It’s the same with gifts. When I receive a gift that doesn’t fit my budget, I sometimes lose track of the subject. Or someone could approach you aiming for what you have from the beginning.”




I nodded eagerly at Zenda’s words.


She smiled softly.


“I hope there are only good people by the Miss’ side. To do that, you have to see, hear, and experience a lot. Like receiving an apology today. Please don’t give away valuables like this. It’s the same with your heart. Do you understand? Even if that’s me.”




It was a bit difficult, but I seemed to understand what Zenda meant.


I tried to say that Zenda wasn’t like that, that I knew everything she was giving for me, that I could believe her, but somehow I thought she would say no right now.


“Of course, you can always trust the Master and the Duke. For they will cherish you more than their lives.”


“Yes! I know that for sure.”


I answered confidently.


On the left chest of Zenda’s maid outfit, there was still the flower-shaped brooch I made the other day.


Zenda pointed at the brooch, as if to keep it safe.


“What the Miss gives me is enough for me. I will receive today’s gift with my heart and cherish it deeply.”


Even though it’s a paper-like lace that will quickly break, the brooch Zenda is wearing is always clean and pristine.


Zenda’s words definitely reminded me of my Mom.


Because Mom told me that when she taught me too.


Maybe it was because she had told me not to trust anyone.


Actually, I really don’t trust anyone, but I think I have a tricky eye of my own, yet in the eyes of adults, that may not be the case.


“Oh my!”


I stretched out my arms and hugged her.


“I like Zenda.”


Zenda’s hand patted my back lightly.


A ticklish laugh sounded in my ear.


“I like you too.”


“I really, really like you.”


“So do I, Miss. I really, really like you.”


Zenda copied my tone the same way.


This time, instead of jewels, I pointed to boxes full of cookies and desserts.


“Then can we eat this together?”


On the outside of the box, [Evosophie Bakery] was written.


“Yes, that’s fine. Oh my, they bought it from Evosophie.”


Zenda let out a welcome look.


“Gerard too?”




“Leto too?”


“Of course.”


“Uncle too?”


“Shall I share it now?”


At that, I burst into laughter.


“I want to eat it with everyone.”


It’s clear to me that they are better than anyone else.




“Your Lordship, they seem to be from Lahodo.”


The information of those who invaded the Duke’s residence two days ago was placed on Kassel’s desk.


“Lahodo? Ragia moved again. Old friend, I’m tired of sending them away.”


There is no comfortable day.


He heard that they were from Lahodo, but Lahodo was no different from Ragia’s dog.


It wasn’t just one or two raids, so there’s nothing to be surprised about.


The moment the news was delivered, Kassel frantically climbed up to the capital as if his butt were on fire.


Most of the raids on the Duke’s residence tend to be handled inside, but seeing as Kassel was notified, it seemed that the Duke of Valliot was doing the same thing.


The investigation of the Seria accident is also annoying because it seems like there will be a clue soon.


“How should we handle it?”


“What do you mean how. Of course, we have to send them back.”


That would be right, wouldn’t that?


#8. Run Away! Crazy Horse Is Coming!


“Uncle, wake up!”


I succeeded in waking up earlier than Uncle today as well.


As soon as I woke up, I came to wake up Uncle who was still sleeping with his back exposed.


He told me not to wake him up in the morning, but there was something he had to do today.


I deliberately brought the newspaper that came out in the morning.


Whew. He’ll catch a cold if he sleeps like this.




“Uncle, it’s morning!”


I woke Uncle while covering his broad back with a blanket.


“…Hey, Short Legs.”


Uncle let out a muffled voice as he buried his face in the pillow.


“I’m not ‘Short Legs’!”


“I told you not to wake me in the morning.”


According to Zenda, Uncle was in the lowest mood in the morning.


It was to the point that I was taught that if I wanted to touch him, I should choose the night rather than the morning.


What did they say, because of the low pressure, they said that I shouldn’t do anything in the morning.


But he must eat breakfast.


And there were things I had to show.


“But I want to have breakfast with Uncle. Grandma Sophie’s breakfast is delicious.”


Even though I don’t like to eat vegetables.


Before long, Uncle slowly raised his large body.


His brow furrowed and his already cold face looked even more ferocious.


“Uncle, you’re ugly.”


“…Who taught you to lie?”


“It’s not a lie!”


Uncle suddenly waved his hand at me instead of answering.


As soon as I took his hand as if possessed, he dragged me away.




In an instant, I was hanging upside down and struggling.


Uncle lifted me upside down with brute force.


“Uncle is what?”




Then Uncle stood up.


I felt my body float away from the floor.






“Ug, no, Uncle is the best!”


“I knew.”




Only then did Uncle turn around and put me on the bed.


At most, the hair Zenda had brushed was messy, as if it had been struck by lightning.


It felt like the world was spinning.


I took a deep breath as I grabbed my chest, which was beating with excitement.


Meanwhile, Uncle, who had woken up, stretched.


I looked at him and reached out again.




“Do it again.”




“Do that one just before again. It’s fun!”


“…I lost.”


My uncle looked at me with an absurd face and immediately shook his head, moving his feet towards the dressing room.


In the meantime, I spread out the newspaper I had brought.


Because I saw something strange in the morning paper.


The largest museum in the capital was closed due to long construction, and it was reopened this time.


In addition, it was written that all kinds of strange things that hadn’t been seen before would be exhibited.


That, too, tomorrow!


[I’ve never been to a museum before.]


[How about going there?]


[A museum?]


[Since they said everything is there, you might be able to see ancient artifacts. How is it?]


Ser’s tricks made me fall for it too.


After returning to the Imperial Palace, Ser stopped talking strangely behind me.


It didn’t even raise its voice on purpose.


From the moment I said I wasn’t afraid.


On the contrary, I was strangely sorry that I couldn’t hear the strange tone anymore, but I also felt a little closer to it.


Uncle, whom I was waiting for, reappeared wearing his shirt.


“Uncle, look at this!”


Not wanting to miss it, I quickly reached for the newspaper I had opened.


“What else.”


“Let’s go to the museum here, us.”




“Yes! There are so many interesting things here. Can’t Uncle go with me?”


This time, Uncle obediently grabbed the newspaper and read the article.


“Is this fun?”


“I don’t know. I’ve never been there, so I don’t know if it’s fun. That’s why Uncle, go with me. ah! I want to go with Russphe too.”


“I haven’t said I’m going yet.”


I couldn’t hide my disappointment and pouted.


I know Uncle is busy, but… Still, I think it would be fun to go with Uncle.


Well, it’s sad, but understandable.


Zenda had told me that Uncle had been working late yesterday, just back from Cartiers.


I just fiddled with the stupid newspaper for no reason.


“Well, if it’s at least 2 million gold.”


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  1. Hello Translator-nim! Always grateful for your hard work and the chapters youprovide! Just wanted to let you know that this chapter, Chapter 55, is an exact repeat of Chapter 54. But still, thank you for everything!