Chapter 56

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Author: lipzoldyck


2 million gold?


At the sound of Uncle’s voice, I raised my head like lightning.




Then I ran straight up to Uncle and kissed him twice on the cheek.


“We’ll be right back if you make trouble.”


“Yep, yep! Then can Russphe go too?”


“Send him a letter.”


“Mmhm. I will write it today!”


First thing after eating in the morning!


I put my hand around Uncle’s neck and excitedly headed to the dining room.


As soon as I went to the dining room, I was surprised to see a grandfather.




My voice drew the eyes of the people in the dining room to me.




“It’s Grandpa Cake!”


The one who brought a cake at Grandpa’s banquet hall wearing a very big hat!


Why is that grandfather here?


“What is Grandpa Cake, though.”


I stepped down from Uncle and pointed from the floor to my height.


“The other day at the banquet hall, he made a cake this big and delicious. Isn’t that right, Grandpa!”


Then the grandpa chuckled.


“Yes, it’s a cake I made. I didn’t know the Young Miss was there then.”


I didn’t know it at the time because he was wearing a hat, but he had very wavy blonde hair.


“But why are you here? Did you come to make a delicious cake again?”


“Ahaha! Similar. I’m also a member of the Valliot family. I’ve been here several times, but this is the first time I’ve greeted you. Greetings. My name is Rodrigo, Miss.”


At that, I put my hands together and nodded.


“I’m Aika de Valliot!”


“Did the cake I made taste so good?”


“Yes! The cake was very tasty. The cream had a fruity taste and the chocolate was delicious. I liked it because it tasted similar to the cake Grandma Sophie made!”


“Yes? Is that true?”


The grandpa made a surprised face.


Soon, his mouth was torn left and right, and the grandpa suddenly turned around.


“Honey! Did you hear? The Miss said it tasted just like the cake you made, Honey!”




I opened my eyes wide again.


Grandma Sophie herself brought out the trolley with the breakfast menu on it.


“Please don’t make any loud noise in the morning. The Master and the Miss are also here.”


“Ahem! Alright. But did you hear that. Hmm? Didn’t she tell us that the cake tastes just like the one Honey made? We must have become soul mates now.”


“Obviously, using the same recipe, wouldn’t it taste the same? Get out of the way. Miss, today there are many dishes with lots of cream that you like. You can look forward to it.”


Grandma Sophie began to place the food on the table, using both yelling and sweet voice.


The grandpa kept talking to Grandma Sophie, while he was helping her to put the food.


Everyone’s gaze looked familiar.


Except for me!


Even Uncle, who hates noise, stayed still today.


“So, Grandma Sophie’s husband is Grandpa Cake?”


“Yes, the two are married.”


Zenda said, putting a napkin around my neck.


My goodness.


The grandpa who makes delicious cakes and Grandma Sophie who makes delicious food are a couple!


Not only that.


Grandpa Rodrigo is also a disciple of Grandma Sophie.


Originally, the two of them were running the Evosophie Bakery together, but it was so difficult that only Grandma Sophie came to the Marquis of Leguier.


Although the Imperial Palace tried casting the grandpa over and over again at the imperial palace, he also said that the reason he couldn’t go wasn’t because he was cocky.


I heard that he always had to run whenever Grandma Sophie called, but he couldn’t do that when he was in the Imperial Palace, so he couldn’t go there.


But the grandpa told me that he ended up at Valliot Street because he was given a lot of money even after all the support.




Grandpa Rodrigo laughed out loud.


“The Miss’ eyesight is nice. We met when we were both 17 and celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary this year. Right, Honey?”


“…If you don’t want to be kicked out, please be quiet and bring me some more food from inside.”


At Grandma Sophie’s words, Grandpa Rodrigo headed toward the kitchen.


“I’m sorry, Miss. You’ve been so distracted since morning.”


“No! It’s so nice to see Grandpa Cake again.”


Then Grandma Sophie smiled brightly.


When the grandpa was here, she kept frowning, though.


“Still, that old man makes a good cake. Since the Miss likes it, I will make sure he makes another one before he goes.”


“Wow, thank you. Grandma Sophie’s cake is also delicious! And food.”


“It’s an honor, Miss.”


Yet as soon as the grandpa came out, Grandma Sophie’s face became coy again.




As soon as I got back to my room, I started writing a letter to Russphe.


Since Russphe said I could come hang out anytime, he wouldn’t mind going anywhere together.


“Ser. I hope every day will be like yesterday and today, right?”


“A day without danger?”


“Yep. I ate a lot of delicious things. It would be nice for you to eat too.”


“It doesn’t matter because I share your feelings to some extent.”




I stared blankly at Ser.


Ser, who had been hanging on to me all the time, got out of the way and was hanging on the table.




“Your voice is very low. How did you do that all this time?”




Ser suddenly twisted its body and covered its face.


In the book I read this time, I heard that those who have awakened from ancient relics don’t usually appear, only appearing when necessary.


Ser was almost always showing up.


Of course, only in front of me.


And he always dangles from me too.






“Do you remember the past now?”


After getting close to Ser, many questions arose.


Since I couldn’t go to Lepus every time, I wanted to find out more through conversation with Ser.


“Well, to some extent? It’s getting clearer. I didn’t think about anything when you were asleep.”


“I see…”


“Still, when I tried to think of it, it seemed that something vaguely came to my mind. Now, it feels like my memories are vividly reviving every day.”


I leaned closer to Ser.


“Really? How were you in the past?”


“Well, I didn’t know it at the time, but it was a pretty boring life. I had a colleague who was always with me. Always wearing the same clothes, always moving at the same times, always doing the same things.”




“A representative of God. Like me.”


Ser’s gaze was aiming somewhere in the air.


As if it was looking into the very distant past it was talking about.


I mean, a certain period of time when it didn’t have the look it has now.






“Do you ever feel like you want to be free?”


Actually, it’s been quite a while since we met, but it’s not that long when you measure it from waking up.


But I wanted to ask Ser for once.




They said that if the seekers, called Indagator or Indagatrix, let them go, they would become free.


If the seeker dies, that may happen, but if Ser wants it first, shouldn’t I let him go?


Even if I can’t see the future.


“You wouldn’t see the future without me.”


“Regardless of that.”


“No, not really.”


I blinked in surprise.


I didn’t expect it to say no right away.




“Do you want to let me go already?”


“N-No. It’s not that.”


“I like it now. It feels different every day.”


“You like it?”


“Hmm, you’re still young, so you won’t know well, but if I say I feel resurrected, you will know. When I get free, I can get out of this body, but I feel like dying again. I want to stay like this for a long time.”


There was no lie at all in its low voice.


It felt good to hear that it wanted to stay with me for a long time.


“I want to stay with you for a long time too.”


“Then why did you ask that?”


“It’s just! Since we’re friends, I want to know everything.”




Having said that, I focused on the letter again.


“We go to the moo-seum…”


“It’s mu, not moo.”


“I wrote it like that, though?”


“Look closely.”


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