Chapter 60

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Author: lipzoldyck


“Thank you!”


I nodded and focused on writing down the words again.


I’ll get 100 on the next test.


“Come to think of it, they say that the late Prime Minister rose to the position at the youngest age ever. I really admire her.”


“Ah… yes! That’s right.”


That’s right, because my mom is the most wonderful person.


As I answered, I nearly misspelled a letter.


I put the squiggly letters together with a pencil, and then wrote the words down again.


“It’s an honor for my family to be able to teach such a person’s daughter.”




“Well, what kind of person was your mother?”




“I heard that the late Prime Minister also had a close relationship with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.”




That’s because Mom and His Imperial Majesty were friends.


“Then, has the Miss ever had an audience with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor in the Palace?”




Why is she asking such a thing all of a sudden?


“Ah! It’s just a question out of respect.”


“Ah, yeees.”


“Because the late Prime Minister was a very wise person, and the Miss is so intelligent that you almost learned the letters before you even get a proper education.”


I only wrote one more word between the words of Teacher.


I had to write it quickly so I could move on to the next class, but it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to write it all within today at this rate.


“Let’s you haven’t.”


Ser, who had been quiet until now, whispered in my ear as if warning me.


I slowly raised my face and shook my head.


Then Teacher Logis showed a startled look to the point of stepping back a little.


“No? I’m surprised… Hasn’t he told you to visit him?”


“Say there’s none.”


Ser told me that, but since he had never really told me to visit him officially, I could say this with more confidence.


“Yes, there’s none. Teacher.”


I also felt the question was strange.


Things regarding Mom must have nothing to do with class.


Moreover, His Imperial Majesty the Emperorㅡof course, we decided to be friends, but stillㅡwas even more irrelevant.


“Ahem, he doesn’t care about you more than I thought…”


Teacher Logis turned around and muttered to herself, but I heard it very clearly.


After Teacher’s question disappeared for a moment, I quickly moved on to the next word.


My eyes narrowed at the difficult words.


Gwieer… Oh, this sounds like Uncle’s name, though?


“Then, Miss.”




“If you’ve never had an audience with His Imperial Majesty, I’m sure the late Prime Minister never talked about the Emperor, right?”


In response to the continued question, Ser told me to say that there was no such thing, but I tilted my head.




“Yes, please speak.”


“Why do you ask that?”


“Pardon? Ah, do you perhaps feel offended? Because of the respect I have for the Prime Minister, I have many questions without knowing it. If it was rude, I apologize.”


“No, it’s fine. I thought it was related to the class Teacher was telling me!”


Logis clenched her fists and cleared her throat.


“It’s not related to today’s class, but exchanging conversations can be said to be part of studying. Don’t you have small gatherings now, Miss?”




Then, Teacher’s face became even more surprised than before.


“Ah! Haven’t you had that kind of experience yet, Miss?”


“I’ve never been to a gathering…”


“Not even once?”




I’ve played with Russphe, but I know that hanging out with Russphe isn’t a gathering.


“Oops. I thought you were thorough in education…”


Teacher murmured again and turned to me.


“Girls around your age hold gatherings to build friendships, such as poetry recitals and singing groups. Of course, I thought the Miss was also attending. Really firm…”




“Ahem! It’s nothing. To think that you’ve never been to a gathering…”


I’ve never done anything like that.


Does Russphe do that too?


I know he takes a lot of classes, but I’ll ask if he goes to gatherings later.


“Yes. I’ve never had a gathering before.”


When I was still, Teacher Logis spoke flustered words as if to calm me down.


“That’s right! Well, sometimes there are people who start late, so you don’t have to worry at all. My niece didn’t start her first gathering until she was over 10 years old. Really.”


I nodded eagerly despite Teacher’s long words.


Uncle told me to listen to the teachers, soI have to listen carefully!


“So you don’t have to be ashamed of something you haven’t experienced.”


“Yes, Teacher. I’m not ashamed…”


“I’m in charge of the Miss’ Imperial language education, but I’m ready to teach you anything from what I know if you’re curious.”


Teacher suddenly cut off my words.




I was a little upset, but I answered eagerly.


“Sure. Whether it’s a gathering or whatever, if you have even a small concern, please let me know anytime. As an educator, I will try to think about my student’s concerns together.”


She told me to tell her if I had any concerns.


“Thank you!”


Then Teacher came close to me and sat down on her knees.


“As an educator, it’s a natural thing to do. Then, shall we pretend to have a poetry recital gathering in the next class?”


“A poetry recital?”


“Yes, you’ve never had a gathering before, but shouldn’t you do it in the future? It’s much later than the others, so you’ll need some practice. A stupid mistake will soon become a flaw. I will teach you myself.”


I heard Ser’s voice in my ear.


“I think this teacher is talking too much nonsense. She doesn’t even teach you the Imperial language.”


I was thinking the same thing, but I couldn’t answer because Teacher was so close.


I heard that she was the person Professor Boville recommended because she couldn’t come, but when is the class going to be held?


Even after that, Teacher Logis asked me questions from time to time.


However, the problem was that most of the questions weren’t related to the Imperial language, yet almost all about Mom.


In the end, I couldn’t write the words Teacher gave me to the end, and she organized the class, saying that it was okay even though I couldn’t write all the words.


“Then see you in the next class. I will bring something that can be useful for meeting practice.”


“Thank you for teaching me today!”


Teacher Logis left and Ser hissed beside me.


“Oh, she was really loud. I want to shoot poison in her mouth.”


“You can shoot poison?”


“I only say that.”


“What… But just like you said…”


“You said she smelled suspicious, right?”


I nodded and closed the door.


“Tell the adults to just give her attention first.”


“Let’s see more. Mom told me not to move hastily when I suspect anything.”


First of all, we need to find out why she’s so interested in my mom!








I raised my head at the sudden sound of words.


I was sitting in a chair, dangling my legs, writing words I couldn’t write in today’s Imperial language class.




“Didn’t you hear something just now?”


“What are you talking about?”


“…It’s not?”




But again a sound was heard.


It’s like the sound of a horse gurgling.


Although it wasn’t loud, it sounded pretty clear.


“See, it sounds like a horse. Uncle must be here!”


Otherwise, there’s no way I’d be able to hear the horse from here.


I jumped up from my seat.


Apparently, the carriage carrying Uncle had entered the garden.


Originally, I couldn’t hear it here when I closed the window, yet today I heard it clearly.


“Looks like Uncle came home early.”


The window was high, so I stepped on the stepping board, opened the window halfway, and stuck my head out.


Then, right under the window, I followed the path to the entrance to the front door.


“…Huh? Is it not? I can’t see Uncle’s carriage.”


“I don’t think he has come home. And I didn’t hear anything.”


“No. I really heard a horse’ noise, though? It sounded like, purr.”


Although it disappeared as soon as I opened the window.


The stables were so far away from here that I could never hear them.


However, as Ser said, there really was no carriage in the garden.


Only a few gardeners were visible.


“It’s not, though…”


I heard it clearly.


I shook my head and closed the window again.


Maybe I heard hallucinations because I missed Uncle.


“Ugh, I thought it was nice that Uncle was coming home, though.”


I put my regret behind and returned to my study spot.


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  1. Oof, first the tension with the hunter and now with this weird teacher