Chapter 63

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Author: lipzoldyck


“No, not thaaat.”


That’s what I say.


“Can you read a little more?”


“Mm! I can do it.”


As Ser said, as I continued to read, the speed increased.


Later on, my eyes were able to slurp it with just a little concentration.


It would be nice if the Imperial language increased like this!


But I couldn’t find more words besides what I found.




“Equ, Equus…”


After that, whenever I was alone, I muttered words while holding the hoof.


Other words were also called alternately.


“Is there a lack of earnestness?”


“I’m more desperate than ever, though?”


“More than when it was me?”


“Not that, but still. Shall we change the way?”




“I’ll show you.”


I put the hoof in my pocket and jumped up.


Then I headed to the dining room.


“Grandma Sophie!”


“Our lovely princess has arrived. Dinner is still not yet, but are you hungry?”


“No! Not that…”


As I hesitated, Grandma Sophie came a little closer.


“What does our princess need?”


“That… carrot.”




I stretched out my hands.


“Please give me carrot!”


Then everyone in the dining room turned their eyes to me.


“The Miss wants carrots?”


“Did you just say carrots?”


“You mentioned a vegetable?”


“What? You’re eating carrots?”


Suddenly, questions poured in.


Gasp, this isn’t it.


They almost misunderstood that I was looking for carrots because I wanted to eat one.


“Ah… I-I’m not going to eat it right now! I just need a whole carrot.


Grandma Sophie opened her eyes wide.


“You want a whole carrot?”


“Yes. Please give me one.”


“Wait… Can you wait a bit?”




I sat down on a chair in the dining room and waited for Grandma Sophie.


A little while later, Grandma brought a basket.


Fill with cleanly washed carrots.




So many.


It was an amount that the stable horses could eat to their stomachs even if they ate all of them.


Half were green long-leaved carrots, and half were sliced carrots on top.


Washed clean without any dust.


“Do you want it with leaves? Or would you like this one?”


I looked at the carrots and deliberately chose one.


“Uh … This one!”


It was the carrot with the most leaves.


“You don’t need anything more?”


“Yes, this is enough! thank you!”


I nodded and left the dining room holding a carrot.


I want to know what kind of abilities it has, and what it looks like.


Since it’s a hoof, it must have taken the form of a horse.


Will it be as tall as Gunther? Or is it cute like a pony?


Or it might look like a toy horse.


If anything, it would have been better if it was small.


“What will you do with the carrot?”


Beside me, Ser’s head dangled.


“Horses like this. I’m going to call it with this. I thought if I pray hard, it will come out.”


As soon as I got to the study, I closed the door, put the dolls together neatly, and placed a carrot and hoof side by side in the middle of the floor.


The carrot even stood up with a few small dolls.


There weren’t many people on this side of the study, so it was safer here than in the room.


I knelt down and put my hands together and prayed earnestly.


“Equus, come out!”



“Equus! Soniphea! Bes…!”


Pluck, the carrot that had been standing upright fell to the side.


“…I don’t think this is it.”


“It’s not this too? I don’t have to go to the ancient library to find it again, right?”


It would be nice if I could even teleport there.


“Geez, I’ve done this far!”


To think that it doesn’t come out easily.


I heard that previous seekers have found at most three ancient relics in their lifetime.


As it turned out, wouldn’t there have been many cases where they couldn’t wake it up after finding an ancient relic?


“I’m going to rest for today…”


I did too much today.


The only thing I did all day was to wake up the thing stuck inside the hoof.


I just lay down on my back.


“Let’s do it tomorrow.”


“Yeah, sure.”




From that day on, I called Equus in my spare time while studying.


Even after dinner and after playing with Uncle.


Also, when writing a letter to Russphe, I fiddled with the hoof in my spare time.


As I began to properly learn the Imperial language, I began writing letters in order to master the Imperial language more perfectly.


And since we can’t see each other every day, let’s talk through letters!


“Hi, Russphe. I ate more vegetables today than yesterday, you know? And…”


The next day too.


Also on the next day.


One day I was annoyed, another day I was full of anticipation.


Today, while practicing the Imperial language on the floor, I was talking about Ser and the hoof.


“Still, I think it would be cool. When it came out, I’d would call it a very cool Equus. You can’t even ride a big horse yourself, can you? I’ve never ridden a horse before.”


It was then.


Suddenly, the hoof glowed white, and something huge rose in front of my eyes.




I collided with a large, rapidly growing body and fell backwards.




It was the moment when I saw a huge white horse right in front of me with a thunderous cry.


The black eyes, the translucent body, the plentiful tail and mane, and the shiny fur radiated on their own, making it look whiter.


It felt like the same size as Gunther I saw in the stable.


This feeling, filling the room…




“To think that you woke this body.”


A calm, low voice rang out.


I was so surprised that I didn’t know it, but my mouth hurt belatedly.


It was because I bumped my face directly into Equus’s torso.




It’s nice that it came out, but it didn’t have to come out so drastically!


I raised my body, but suddenly the clothes pulled tight behind my back and my body floated in the air.


“Huh, huh?”


The white horse had bitten my clothes and lifted me up.


Then, all of a sudden, it started running around.




What the hell is this!


It ran like lightning between the bookshelves, and my eyes went round and round.


I-It’s a crazy horse!


I thought it was a cool horse, but it was a crazy one.


“Get me down! Please!”


Its bite was so firm that I didn’t even fall to the floor.


I screamed in terror to please get me off.


Even after hearing my scream, the white horse ran ten more laps and slowly slowed down.


Even then, it turned around once more and put it down where I first rolled.


My head was spinning and my heart was pounding.


What the hell did I bring?


“I’m really awake. It wasn’t a dream.”


I was going to die of my mind, yet the horse in front of me was making that kind of noise.


“What… on earth is that? Why did you bite me and run?”


It was so absurd that I asked the horse.


“It was a rush of joy.”


It was smirking, and I was speechless.


Then I stood tall.


It was belatedly that I had the feeling that something in my mouth was empty.


I think something came out of my mouth when I bumped into it a while ago and fell backwards.


The moment I cautiously stuck my tongue out, I was shocked.


One of the spaces between my front teeth was empty, and when I looked around, something pure white fell in front of my eyes.






With my hands trembling, I picked up the white thing that had fallen on the floor.


My front tooth!


“No way. My front tooth…”


The front tooth that I had been defending so much fell out.


And without spilling a single drop of blood.


I started shaking seriously, but I thought I would hold on.




My heart ached as much as one of my front teeth had been pierced.


Despite the joy of meeting Equus, I briefly glared at the giant horse.


Equus was looking down at me with a big body and black eyes.


In the center of Equus’s forehead, there was a mysterious silver pattern engraved as if it were a seal.


I should thank it for waking up, though.


Before that, there was something I had to say.


I thrust the small front tooth that had chipped from my gums in front of the Equus.


I was furious.


“My front tooth fell out because of you!”


It also fell out before the lower tooth.


Zenda said I was definitely going to lose my lower tooth.


…I’m doomed.


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