Chapter 64

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Author: lipzoldyck




An obvious sneer sounded in my ears. It was Serpens.


Geez, I lost my pronunciation.


“I’m sorry.”


The horse that ran as fast as it could belatedly apologized.




What should I do now?


I got up from my seat clenching my front tooth.


Even though I raised my body, Equus was so big that it had to lower its head to make eye contact with me.




Anyway, I succeeded in summoning it.


It’s too big and a little scary.


I was more scared because of the memory of Gunther raising its front paws when it was surprised by me.


It was a shame that the study was so spacious, but there was a horse as big as Uncle’s horse, Gunther, in the room, so it seemed that even the slightest movement would destroy everything around it.


But fortunately, it was a translucent body, so it only bumped into me, and even if it touched chairs and tables, it missed like a ghost.


“You… really came out from hewe?”


“Right. This body is Equus.”




Why didn’t it come out until now?


“What is your name?”




“Aika. That’s cute. Can you repeat what you said earlier?”


“What did I shay?”


Every time I spoke, my pronunciation leaked and my gums kept getting cold.


Whether it hurts or not, my tongue touched and I got goosebumps.


I think I need to go see Zenda, but first I felt like I had to deal with the Equus in front of me.


“You said handsome Equus.”


“…I shaid a cool Equus, though.”




Me too, anyway. If you want to come out, come out early.


And come out plainly.


It seemed that this was the only ancient relic that would bite people and run for joy after it came out.


Ser was too shy, so it wasn’t easy to deal with.


I was upset because my tooth was falling out, but I decided to endure it for a little while to achieve my goal.


I slowly extended my other hand to Equus.


Equus pursed its lips and placed the bridge of its nose in my hand.


At that moment, I felt the wind and smelled the thick grass.


Mysteriously, the moment I came into contact with Equus, all my fear disappeared.


When I woke Serpens up, it was like I was facing the rainy season.


“What is your ability?”


I still don’t know what Equus is capable of.


I have no choice but to ask directly.


“I just showed you.”


“Just when?”


All it did was bring the bridge of its nose, though?


“I showed you some time ago.”


“Can’t you just say it with words?”


“Then it’s not cool.”


Equus seemed to put a lot of importance on external things such as fashion and good looks.


Even though I got the name right, it didn’t appear until I said cool Equus.


Somehow, in a different way from Ser, I felt that the future would be difficult.


Suddenly Serpens felt like an angel.


“Saying it ish also cool.”


“Is that so?”


Equus’ ears perked up.


“Mmhm! So can you tell me?”


“I’m fast.”




“I can get you where you want to go faster than any other horse.”


… So you’re talking about how you just bit me and ran like lightning.


It was good that I didn’t ask the horse to show it.


Still, the ability Equus said was very tempting.


“Me? anywhere?”


“If there is a road and it’s not blocked.”


That’s great!


I can ride Equus anywhere!


Then, even if I was a little upset, I thought it would be okay to lose my front tooth.


Serpens who sees the future, and Equus, who can take me the fastest.


I wanted to tell Lepus too.


“Can we go to the Imperial Palace too?”


“The Imperial Palace? Of course we can. Do you know the direction?”


“Ah…, I-I don’t know that.”


“You have to tell me which direction to go. A map?”


“…I don’t have that either. I’ll tell you later!”


And there was another problem.


No matter how invisible it is to other people’s eyes, I don’t think such a large Equus can continue to appear.


“Can’t you be smaller?”


“It’s  unacceptable.”


R-Right. Because it’s not cool when it’s small.


“Then what should I do…”


“Instead, I will come when you need me. Is that okay?”


“Mmhm, good!”


“Then we exchanged greetings, so call me when needed.”


As soon as it said that, Equus disappeared in a pure white light.


The hoof ornament that fell to the floor rattled and swayed.


I blinked my eyes, looking only at the place where Equus disappeared in an instant.




“It’s gone.”


Very exhausting.


It seems that my clothes stretched because Equus ran around holding on to it.


“Ser, is my clothes weird from behind?”


“It has expanded.”




Zenda will be surprised again.


Although it was to the point of feeling empty because it left so coolly, it was still important that I woke Equus up.


As for the hoof ornament, I should probably make a necklace out of it and wear it.


To summon Equus when needed.


I said to Ser while holding the small hoof.


Although I’m a bit out of my mind.


“I think I’m kind of cool.”


It was already the second success.


Ser laughed again.




“Let’s go home.”


“Yes, Master.”


Jamiel, who was about to get on the carriage heading home, hesitated while climbing the stairs.


It was already a dark night.


Even today, at the noble meeting, Leguier wasn’t seen.


It seems that he’s too busy taking care of a child.


Now was the perfect opportunity to cut off Leguier’s limbs.


Leguier, who doesn’t even know the topic, was spurring the construction of the building after obtaining the right to establish an academy a while ago.


He tried to stop it somehow, yet he couldn’t stop it and his mouth was bitter.


That said, he couldn’t see one of the important institutions and the center of the Empire’s education fall into the hands of Leguier and Valliot.


Any more.


“The academy that Leguier is building, stop it no matter what. Either set it on fire or pour water on it. Whatever you do, never let it stand. Just make sure your tail doesn’t get stepped on, just like a few days ago.”


He will definitely defeat Valliot and find the glory of the past with Deslin.


“Yes, Master.”


His shadow disappeared with the answer.


Jamiel climbed into the carriage and leaned back contentedly.


“How would I like to use that kid…”


How long do you think you can only keep her in your arms, Leguier?


It reminded him of the little child who clung to her uncle with worldly innocent eyes.


Soon, a sly smile crept across his lips.



Upon arriving at the house, Jamiel passed through the garden and entered the mansion as usual.


The butler, Rom, greeted him politely.


“You have arrived.”


“There must be no problem, right?”


“Yes, Master. Ah! Something came for Master today.”




Jamiel stopped before coming inside.


“On the top of it is the Cheshire Merchant’s mark. It looks like they sent a thank-you gift for the last transaction.”




The Cheshire Merchant was a business he had been in a steady relationship with for several years.


It was also a place where he was investing quite a lot of money because it was trustworthy and always delivered things he requested.


But what gift?


Jamiel smiled contentedly.


“Aah, I see. Where is it?”


“Ah, yes! I will bring it right away.”


The butler soon brought a box.


The box was only as wide as the butler’s shoulder, probably because it contained quite a lot.


Rom showed the entrance part to make it easy for Jamiel to open.


Jamiel opened the lid, imagining it would be whether jewelry or money inside.


“W-What is this!”


The moment he saw the contents inside, Jamiel jumped backwards and screamed.


Frightened, he backed away.


“Why is that? What gift… Aaakhh!”


The butler was startled and missed the box.


The box fell and the contents spilled out as if it were protruding.


Pitter, patter.


Jamiel’s face was greatly distorted.


What was in the box was corpses with only the snakes’ heads cut off.


It seems like there could be dozens of them.


All were white.


Cough, he was nauseous.


“Check again who brought this! Call Gale!”


Jamiel called out the name of one of his elite men.


Damn this.


Jamiel headed straight to his office.


However, even after a long time, Gale didn’t come.




Instead, Rom came in.


“Why did you come when I told you to call Gail?”


“…That, he’s not answering the call.”


“What? Where has hebeen? Call another guy.”


“Yes, I will!”


Yet even after that, it was Rom, not an elite subordinate, who returned after a long time.




“What else!”


“That, that. They were attacked as if promised at dawn, and I heard that they’re now lying in hospital beds with serious injuries.”


And that’s half of his elite subordinates.


“What, what…”


It was thunderbolt-like news.


Jamiel grabbed the back of his neck and slid into the chair.


“Leguier you son of a bitchㅡ!”


Jamiel’s angry voice echoed throughout the mansion.


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