Chapter 65

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Author: lipzoldyck


Gerard was in a very good mood.


It was because he took care of his master’s orders well, neatly, and perfectly.


Although he stayed up for several nights, his heart pounded at the thought of the rewards and vacations awaiting him.


Gerard’s eyes sparkled.


Zenda was walking in front of him.


Zenda recognized Gerard and raised the corners of her lips.


“You just came back now?”




Gerard went over to Zenda acting cute, then buried his face in her shoulder as if he had never pretended to be tough.


“Where are you fooling around?”


Still, Zenda patted Gerard on the shoulder.


He’s much taller than she is now, but at times like this, it always reminds her of their childhood.


“I cleaned up the trash before coming back, so give me a compliment.”


“Good job. you always do well Even if I don’t say it.”


“What about the Miss?”


“She’s in her room now. She has to go to bed soon.”


“Ah, it’s night. Just one touch on the Miss’ cheek will alleviate my fatigue.”




“I can’t even touch it because I’m afraid I’ll die in Master’s hands. You too, Sister. Even though the Miss likes me so much. But you look like you’re in a good mood today?”


Zenda chuckled.


“Today, the Miss lost her first tooth. The front one.”


Gerard was very surprised.




“Yeah, it was shaking a while ago, but it must have suddenly fallen off earlier. She was so lovely, showing me that little thing.”


Zenda smiled as she pressed her chest with both of her hands to see the remaining cuteness.


It was a pleasant smile that even spread to Gerard.


“Did you tell the Master?”


“No. Don’t tell him yet either.”




“The Miss has asked me desperately. So you too, don’t pretend to know first. She’s extremely heartbroken right now.”


Gerard laughed thinking about Aika, who had lost her tooth, then looked down the hallway in the direction Zenda was coming from, then down the hallway on the other side.


Zenda wasn’t heading to her own room.


“But where are you going?”


“I’m going to make a tooth fairy card after she sleeps. She’s sullen right now, so I want to make a memory for her.”


“Oh, that will be fun. I’ll do it too. Then it’s a great opportunity to see the Miss’ front teeth!”


Zenda sighed as if she couldn’t stop him.




Then Gerard began to follow Zenda.


It was such an innocent look that it was impossible to find even the sight of him removing Jamiel de Rondo’s limbs until dawn.




“A tooth fairy really visited.”


As soon as I woke up, I checked the nightstand.


Zenda told me that if I sleep with my front tooth, the tooth fairy would sneak up and give me presents and cards.


But my front tooth was really missing, and cards and a gift were placed instead.


I was worried because my upper tooth fell out first, but Zenda said I didn’t have to worry too much about that.


There were two cards.


Hello? I’m the tooth fairy

I’ll exchange your front tooth for a present.

Congratulations on your growth, Aika!

We’ll take your front tooth.

-Tooth Fairy-




The gift was a handkerchief embroidered with pretty flowers.


It wasn’t long before Zenda came in with a glass of water and a tray of towels.




I held the handkerchief and card in both hands then waved them around.


“Miss, how are you? You got up early.”


“Zenda, look at this! There are two cards.”


“Oh my! I suppose so. Two fairies must have visited.”


“They also gave me a handkewchief. As Zenda said yesterday, I asked for a pretty front tooth.”


Zenda sat down on the bed and set the tray down.


“Good job. It will grow soon.”


“You didn’t tell Uncwe, right?”


“Yes. The Miss told me not to tell him, so I kept it hidden.”


“If Uncwe finds out, he will definitely make fun of me.”


Just thinking about it gave me goosebumps.


I asked Zenda to keep the secret even as she wiped my face with a warm washcloth.


While Zenda was gone for a moment, I lowered my head and examined my body.


“Not cold and hot at all.”


Amazingly, when I woke Equus up, I didn’t get chills or anything hard like when I woke Serpens up.


It was very fortunate.


Today is a day without classes, so I should practice with Ser again.


Until I can detect danger anytime, anywhere!


Of course, even on days with classes, I practiced with Ser.


So now, without Ser’s help, I was able to vaguely read aura.


I also knew that even in the face of danger, if the person in question isn’t hurt, the aura can’t be read.


And, little by little, I had to admit that no matter how much I wanted to prevent danger, there were people who didn’t believe me.


[It’s impossible to protect everyone. That’s never easy even for God.]


On the other hand, there was also a good fact that danger could be prevented with just a word.


For example, if there’s a maid who has an accident where a part of her body is burned by boiling oil.

[Grandma Sophie. I want to eat steak for lunch tomorrow! Potatoes!]

[Oh, Miss. You want steak? I was going to cook fried food, but then I’ll change the menu.]

[Thank you!]


In this way, Ser taught me how to ease the burden of my ability while developing my ability to see the future.


If I care too much about others, I might not see the future, so it warned me to be absolutely careful almost every day.


“Miss, shall we go to breakfast now?”


Zenda came back.




I got out of bed in a hurry.




Today I met Uncle in the dining room without waking him up first.


Uncw… Hap.”


Unknowingly, I raised my hands and tried to greet Uncle, but I kept my mouth shut.


The place where my front tooth was missing was literally empty, so I kept putting my tongue in it without realizing it.


Even though Zenda told me not to, I couldn’t help it.


It was because, strangely enough, I felt something sticking out very little hard.


Although yesterday I told Zenda it was weird and checked it in the mirror, she said it was because the new front tooth was already coming out little by little.


So I prayed and prayed for the new front tooth to grow before the remaining front teeth fell out.


Uncle sat down in front of me.


Instead of saying hello, I waved at Uncle.


“Why are you quiet today.”




“Did you make any trouble?”




I answered without opening my mouth, shaking my head.


And waited patiently for food.


“Now, here comes the omelet. I also added the cream you like.”


“I’ll enjoy it weww!”


My pronunciation became more muffled as I defended my front tooth with my upper lip.


I bowed my head to Grandma Sophie and raised the fork and spoon.


I cut the steaming omelet in half with excitement, then colorful chopped vegetables appeared pouring from the inside.




It was so tightly packed between the fluffy soft eggs that I couldn’t pick it out and eat them.


It was shocking, but I decided not to talk as much as possible today, so I took a spoonful and took a bite with a solemn heart.


Hap, I put it in my mouth and mumbled, yet it didn’t taste like vegetables because it was mixed with eggs.


Uncle still only drank water today, and I eagerly finished a plate of omelets.


I ate and patted my stomach, then Uncle and I made eye contact.


I swallowed a gulp and shut my mouth.


It feels like he has been watching me for some reason.






“You ate it all?”




Uncle got up soon after.


I unknowingly sat down and stuck my butt slightly behind.


Why is he suddenly doing this?


Uncle, who came up to my nose, knelt in front of me and sat down.


“Open your mouth.”




I answered with my head lowered while defending my front tooth with my upper lip as much as possible.


“Say, aah.”


Uncle urged me persistently.


I opened my mouth slowly, reluctantly, with tears in my eyes.


After checking the inside of my mouth, Uncle’s eyes widened for a moment, and then his tall nose twitched.


Grin, his lips twisted.


“You lost a front tooth somewhere.”


A smile appeared on his face, and he asked me in a voice full of laughter.


My face suddenly turned red.


Geez, I was trying not to get caught because of this.






“It fell.”


Uncle found out in a day.


The reward of hard work has gone to waste.


Unaware of my feelings, Uncle kept looking at me curiously and asking me to open my mouth.




Uncle laughed again.


“A millet fell out of our Peanut, what should we do. It’s a big problem.”


“Zinggg, I heard it grew up quickly. The tooth gairy took it, you know!”


I turned my eyes and Uncle messed up my hair.


“That little thing too.”




After laughing for a while, Uncle patted my cheek and stood up.


“Know that some people from outside are going around today.”


“Mm. From outside? Are they gueshts?”




What guests, I wonder?


Until now, there were no guests at Uncle’s house except for the teachers.


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