Chapter 70

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Author: lipzoldyck


I looked outside and stamped my feet.


“Ser! You should have shown Uncle, not anyone else!”


How did I feel when he came here for the first time, though!


Out of frustration, I ended up yelling at Ser.


There was a reason why Ser kept its mouth shut.


This is because Ser already knew that hUncle would return injured today.


He said he wasn’t seriously hurt, that it was just a cut, but I was angry.


Ser had arbitrarily sealed away the abilities that I could have used.


Even though I could know the future, I couldn’t stop it.


Uncle isn’t seriously hurt, but my family is still…


I came here determined to protect Uncle, not anyone else.


It’s true that I used to look into the future randomly, regardless of time and place, but now, thanks to Ser, things have gradually become more stable and comfortable.


It was nice to be able to gradually see the future when I wanted, and to be able to do something about it, whether using it or preparing for it.


But still, still!


Even if it was something I couldn’t stop, I would have been able to at least give a tip.


I resented and hated Ser, whom I had been so thankful for just a moment ago.


“Aika, for your sake…”


“… Don’t talk to me. I won’t talk to you for a while.”


You haven’t said anything until now either.


It became quiet as if Ser had retreated.


I stamped my feet and waited for Uncle.


An image of Uncle with one arm covered in blood appeared.


I bit my lip to hold back tears.


Soon, I heard outside that Uncle had returned.


I kept looking at the window and as soon as I saw some dolls coming in the doorway, I ran out of the room.


I took a quick step up the stairs, but was stopped because of a person coming up the stairs in a bit of a hurry.






“Are you on your way out of the room?”


“Huh? Huh! Gerard, is Uncle here? I have to go to Uncle.”


But before I could take one more step, Gerard blocked my path.


“Ah, Miss.”




When I tried to go down to the right, Gerard went to the right.


If I wanted to go down to the left, Gerard blocked the way again.


Even though this moment is urgent now!


I stamped my feet while holding on to the railing.


“Why? G-Gerard, get out of my way. I want to go quickly and greet Uncle. Uncle is here, right? Huh?”


I was anxious.


Ser would have known before Uncle left in the morning.


It pretended not to know the whole time, but as time got closer and closer, it belatedly showed Uncle’s future.


And that was an hour before the accident happened!


I never thought Ser would betray me like this.


Even if I don’t know anyone else, I asked it to tell me if it’s Uncle!


[I don’t know anything else, but if Uncle is in danger, you will know even if I can’t see it, so you really need to tell me, yeah?]


Even though I asked you to help me like that until I was completely assimilated.


It was nice to be able to prevent Uncle and Grandpa’s dangerous future even if it was just a random future, yet that ended up being cut off.


Even though Ser knew, it didn’t tell me.


It said it was part of the practice, but I really hated it.


“Ah, it’s nothing else, I just rushed over because I had something I wanted to show you.”


As soon as you get home?


I asked because I was curious about how urgent it was.


“What is it?”


“I really want to show you, but it’s important, so can you go up to your room for a moment before I show you?”


Gerard pointed upstairs with his hand.


Let’s go to my room, he was saying.


“G-Gerard, now? For sure?”


But Gerard must have come in with Uncle.


I looked back and forth between my room above and down the stairs.


“I was waiting for you to come home today so I could show you this.”


“Ah… That, I-I want to see it later.”


But Gerard was blocking the stairs with his big body, so I couldn’t go down easily.


This moment is urgent, so why do you keep blocking me?


Plus, Gerard was exactly the same as usual.


If Uncle was hurt, I don’t think he would have even looked for me.


Is he really just a little bit hurt like Ser said?


Just looking at Gerard, it really seemed like Uncle wasn’t hurt at all.


Should I ask Gerard first?


I was about to go down the stairs after telling him I’ll go back to my room after seeing Uncle, yet Gerard blocked him again.


“Miss! Even if you go now, Master won’t be there!”


“Why…? He isn’t there?”


I’m sure I saw the carriage coming in a little while ago.


“Well, um, Master hasn’t arrived yet!”


The carriage has arrived, but Uncle hasn’t?


Of course I thought he was coming home with Gerard.


“Didn’t Gerard come back with Uncle?”


“Yes, there was work to do in the middle of the day, so I was the only one who got off and he went out again for a bit. Even if he comes back, it will probably take more than an hour.”


I was so completely blocked by Gerard that I was even caught by his arm.


“An hour?”


“Yes, ah, so he suddenly met his friend! Since it’s a friend who likes Master so much, he couldn’t help but to be caught… If that friend catches him, an hour will fly by.”


“Uncle has a friend?”


Then Gerard made an embarrassed face.


“O-Of course. Of course the Master has friends.”


“His Imperial Majesty the Emperor?”


“No. He has many friends other than the Emperor.”


I see.


I thought that Uncle had no friend other than the Emperor.


But why is it different from what Ser showed?


Originally, I would have naturally believed Ser’s words, but for the first time, I felt distrustful at the thought that it had deceived me earlier.


“He will definitely come back today! So, would you like to come into the room with me and see what I’m showing you?”


“Uh, uh…”


“I really, really almost jumped out of the carriage to show you this.”


Gerard scratched his head and laughed.


He emphasized over and over again that I would really like it.


“Uncle really hasn’t come home?”


I was still confronting Gerard on the stairs.


I kept glancing around to see if Uncle was coming downstairs.


“Yes. If he had, he would have already looked for the Miss. He checks to see if the Miss is fine every day.”


Gerard was right.


“Hmm, but…”


Then I guess he really hasn’t come home.


Ser was still silent since I asked it not to talk to me.


“How about I just show you this, then you can wait for Master with me?”


Gerard kept asking me for favors and I couldn’t help it.


Gerard smiled brightly as I reluctantly nodded.


“Let’s go up, Miss.”




I glanced downstairs and went upstairs again, following Gerard, who held my hand and led me to my room.




Hnngggg, I knew it would be like this.




Gerard rushed out from behind and shouted.


I ran down the stairs without even listening.


Gerard’s statement that Uncle hasn’t come home was a lie.


He deliberately prevented me from meeting Uncle!


Everyone is too much to me today.


Gerard went into the room holding my hand, saying he had something to show me, and fumbling around with his body for a while, taken aback.


“W-W-Where is it? Miss, please wait. I couldn’t remember where I put it because I was in such a hurry to get it. I will look for it quickly.”


Even after hearing Gerard tell me to take a seat, I stood and stomped my feet, waiting for something he would show me.


After taking a quick look, I planned to go down first and wait in the hall until Uncle came.

Then I will be able to meet  him right away.


“Hmm, uncle will come home safely then, right?”


I couldn’t bring myself to ask if he was hurt, so I turned around and asked.


“Pardon? Of course! Hasn’t that ever happened? He always comes home safely, right? Hahaha!”


However, contrary to his cheerful tone, Gerard was very dim.


“Where was iiit…”


Rummage, rummage.


He searched the pockets he searched earlier again.


While searching through his back pocket, he took something out of his uniform pocket and shook it off.




“Yes, yes?”


“What kind of thing is that?”




“The thing you want to show me. What is it called?”


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