Chapter 71

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Author: lipzoldyck


I calmly asked Gerard.


No matter how you look at it, Gerard’s was very suspicious.


“Ah, um, the thing I’m giving the Miss… Ah, here it is. It’s here, Miss.”


Gerard took off the badge attached to the inside of his uniform and handed it to me.


It was a badge with the seal of the Leguier family engraved on it.




“Hmm, I was just going to tell you that I will be taking over as your escort soon.”


This is what Zenda said earlier.


She said it would be difficult for Gerard because he has many enemies as dangerous as Uncle, but has it already been decided on Gerard?


First of all, this wasn’t important.




“I will wear this and greet you again soon. Not just Gerard, but Miss, the Miss’ escort!”


I took the badge Gerard held out and gave it back.






“Even if you’re not an escort, you still have this.”




“This is just what Gerard has had since last time.”


Gerard is stupid.


I think Gerard completely forgot that this was the badge he showed me one day after I first greeted him when I came here.


At that time, I also said that I wanted one too.


I was disappointed and at the same time realized that Gerard was lying.


“M-Miss. I-Is that so?”


Gerard was greatly taken aback.


“Uncle is here.”



Gerard’s eyes turned to the side.


Just like when I avoid the eyes of the spiteful Uncle.


“Uncle, Uncle is home now, right!”


Gerard groaned.


“Yes, Miss. H-He did come home.”




“I thought he was too tired today to greet you, so I came instead. How about saying hello tomorrow morning?”


Gerard stopped me, sweating profusely.


“Gerard is bad too!”


I turned around, ran out of the room, and headed to Uncle’s office.


Considering that I couldn’t come down from the room on the second floor, he’ll be there!


When I went to the office out of breath, Uncle’s office was half open.


I saw Uncle sitting on one side of the sofa with his back to me.


“Did you hide it well from Peanut? Don’t let her come down to the first floor today.”




Uncle said without even looking back.


I guess he thought I was Gerard.


Uncle’s upper body was naked, his left shoulder and half of his forearm covered in bandages.


Next to him, I saw a wet towel curled up, probably from wiping off his blood.


Uncle’s wound was identical to the one that Ser only showed to her later.


I know he just got grazed by the sword.


I know that the other person suffered beyond words.


What matters is that Uncle was in danger and was injured.


“Go get another bandage…”


Uncle must have been irritated while organizing the bandages and turned his head, speaking in an irritated voice.


At that moment, our eyes met directly.






Uncle’s eyes were filled with frustration, and as soon as our eyes met, I burst into tears.


“Huwaaa, Uncle!”


I ran to Uncle and hugged him.


“Why did you come down?”


A gloomy voice fell over my head.


“Gerard won’t let me go to Uncle.”


“Go up to your room.”


I was afraid of Uncle’s voice, so I hesitated again.


Even though his voice sounded like it was dripping with ice water, I gathered courage and grabbed his arm.


“Don’t wanna! “Uncle, you’re hurt!”


“What would you do after seeing something like this. Go up quickly.”


He threatened me in a scary voice.


I stood awkwardly holding  his hand and cried.


Blood on Uncle’s arm!


Even though he was wrapped in bandages from his shoulder to his forearm, blood was visible oozing out.


Ser was really bad.


It really should have let me know about this.




As I started crying on the spot, Uncle threatened and silenced me.


It was hard to see because of the tears, but Uncle’s eyes were wide open as if he was surprised.


When I saw the blood, I cried even more.


I don’t know why I’m crying like this.


I’m just so worried. Even if Grandpa was hurt, I felt like I would cry like this.


Uncle gave up pushing me away, sighed, and waved his hand.


“Come here.”


Wiping away my tears, I hesitantly walked closer to Uncle.


He wiped my cheek with his large hand.


“…Peanut. Anyone who sees you will think I’m lying in the coffin. Why cry over this? Ssh, stop.”


Uncle let out a deep sigh again, as if wondering if this was a big deal.


Because of me, he couldn’t even wrap the bandage properly, but I couldn’t stop crying either.


“Huwaaaa, Uncle, don’t get huuurt…”


“I told you it doesn’t hurt. Peanut, don’t you fall down?”


“Huwaaa, this isn’t a fall. You were injured by a knife. Isn’t that right, it is. Huwaaa.”


It’s the first time in my life I’ve seen someone hurt like this.


Mom has never been hurt like this before!


To me, just looking at the blood made the wound look big and serious, yet Uncle acted like he just hit it somewhere.


That made me even more upset. I could have saved him.


I clung closer, holding Uncle’s waist and sniffing.


Huwaaaa, but Uncle’s body was like a rock so unlike Mom, that’s why it didn’t feel as cozy.


No, this isn’t important.


“You just had a runny nose.”


Sniff, no!”


In fact, it almost spilled a little, so I quickly wiped the snot.


“I can’t even go somewhere and get hurt.”


“Why would you get hurt!”


“Okay, okay.”


Uncle lifted my body straight up.


“U-Uncle. Wound!”


I stopped him because I was worried that the wound on his arm would get even bigger.


“So stop crying. Stop.”


Uncle, who was holding me on his leg and looking at me, said as he wiped my eyes and wet cheeks with his index finger.


Although his touch was rough, Uncle didn’t say anything even though my snot was smeared on him.


That would be dirty, though.




I closed my eyes tightly and held back tears, but the tears threatened to burst out again.


I pursed my lips and asked.


While saying, “Whew”, he pressed the back of my head to his chest with his large hand.


As soon as my face touched his bandaged shoulder and chest, I burst into tears again.


“Uncle, don’t get hurt…”


“I got it, so stop crying. Do you want to become swollen and turn into a carp?”


Meanwhile, Uncle kept stroking the back of my head.


“I won’t cry. Sniff.”


When I felt the warm hand touch me, I felt more relieved than before, but still.


As I dug deeper into Uncle, I shed tears and snot.




Someone opened the door and came in.


Of course I thought it was Gerard and turned my head, but it was the first time I saw him.


He was a tall man, like Uncle, with blonde hair as bright as a lemon.


A man wearing dark gray pants, a white shirt, and a black vest.


His bangs were neatly pulled down, the complete opposite of the neatly swept-back style of hair like Uncle.


He had round eyes and a cheerful face, as if he was smiling even when he was still, and as soon as he saw me, he smiled as if it was amazing.


It’s my first time seeing him, though?


Who is he?


I asked, still holding on to Uncle, covered in tears and snot.


Hic, sniff! Who are you?”


A tightly shut voice came out.


The person facing me looked at me and twitched his nostrils and lips.


Although it was my first time seeing him, he looked like he had seen me before.


He and Uncle seem to be similar in age.


Where did I see him? I’ve never seen him before, though?


I sniffled and looked back and forth between Uncle and the other person.


“…Is this your niece?”


He looked at me with surprised eyes and asked.


“I’m, sniff, Aika de Valliot. I’m Uncle’s niece.”


Uncle didn’t answer, so I answered.


In the meantime, Uncle was amazed at how I answered.


“Wow, you really…”


He looked at me in disbelief and shook his head.


What’s wrong with him.


I was on guard, sniffling.


“…Who are you?”


Who are you really?


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