Chapter 9

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Author: lipzoldyck


Uncle stood up and turned around.


“We’re going to visit old man, no, your grandfather’s house.”


At the surprise-gift like words, I raised my head.


I asked on the huge back of Uncle.


“Really? Are we going to visit grandpa today?”




We’re going to Grandpa’s. Then you can eat something super delicious!


“Okay, Uncle! Ah, then can I bring Grandpa a present? The food I ate this morning is so delicious that I want to bring it to Grandpa.”


“Take whatever you want.”


“Really? Uncle, is it really okay?”




What’s wrong with Uncle?


I answered quickly before he changed his mind.


“Okay! Thanks, Uncle!”


I took care of the present and thought that I could go and eat my fill and come back, so I nodded quickly and headed to my room.


Then I decided to put all my energy into getting ready to go out.


Nice! I ran into the room like lightning.


“Zenda! Uncle is going to go play with Grandpa!”


As soon as I entered the room, I looked for Zenda.


Then her face somehow turned dark.


“Zenda, why? Are you sick?”


“It’s nothing. I’ll help you with your hair. Would you like me to tie it to both ends and attach a flower to it?”


“Yeah! Thanks, Zenda! Give me two flowers.”


As Zenda walked holding my hand, she smiled since I don’t know when.


I also liked her smile, so I laughed out loud.


“Do you like it so much?”


“Yeah, it’s good to see Grandpa. Zenda, I’ll bring a lot of delicious food when I come back.”


Zenda’s face was darker than before, but I thought it was because she was worried about me going with Uncle.




“Oh, my baby!”




As soon as I got off the carriage, I was hugged by Grandpa, who was as big as Uncle.


Illode de Valiott.


The owner of the Valliott family and my only grandfather.


When I first saw Grandpa, I was scared.


He had the same red hair and golden eyes as Mom, but he was also very tall like a huge mountain, making him look like a very fearsome adult.


Perhaps Uncle’s height resembled Grandpa’s.


I was afraid of my grandfather, yet he was very nice to me.


He always tells me that I’m the best and gives me something delicious every day.


As for how cool Grandpa is, I once cried because I was the only one with black hair, yet Grandpa, Uncle, and Mom all had red hair.


But the next day, Grandpa showed up with his hair dyed the same black as mine.


The dye was a little off, but his dark red hair was similar to mine.


“Come on, my baby. What did you do without gaining weight? Did that damn bastard not even feed you?”


Grandpa’s eyes turned to Uncle behind me.


I shook my head left and right.


“No! I eat together with Uncle every day. I ate with him this morning too.”


“Did you? You did really well. Let’s go in.”


“Yes, Grandpa! Ah yes, Grandpa. I also brought a present for Grandpa. I had it with Uncle this morning. It’s so delicious!”


Grandpa chuckled.


“Why would you bring something with those little hands. Even the arrival of my baby is a present.”


“Hehe, the more presents, the better!”


Still, I always came to Grandpa’s once a month with Mom.


I had lived here for over two months before going to Uncle’s, so it was comfortable like another home.


I checked behind to make sure Uncle was following me, and went inside with Grandpa.


“Thank you. Is my baby sleeping well?”


“Yes! I sleep well every day. What about Grandpa? Does Grandpa sleep well?”


“Grandpa missed our sweetheart, so I couldn’t sleep.”


Gasp, that can’t be. Grandpa, then take a nap with me later!”


“Hoho, let’s do it.”


“If you like her to death, why did you let her go? She needs to always be by your side.”




Grandpa’s voice, which had only been warm, suddenly became sharper.


“Did I say something wrong? It seems that your filthy rhythm is well matched.”


Uncle rubbed his ears and spoke in a gruff manner.


“I sent you away for you to be a human, you bastard! My, my, my golden baby, go eat a lot of delicious food today. I bought a lot of presents.”


“Yes, Grandpa!”


Grandpa yelled loudly, holding my hand as if he had never done so, and passed through the hall to a room with a thick carpet for me to sit and play.


It was the room where I used to play every time I came to Grandpa’s.




On either side of it was a five-story cake tower that was as large as a fountain, and beside it were numerous presents and snacks.


“Do you like it?”


As soon as I entered, my eyes widened at the feast of colorful snacks that greeted me.


“Very, very much! Grandpa, can I eat all of this?”


“Come on, it’s all for my baby, of course.”


“Yes, Grandpa! Grandpa, eat together with me. Uncle too!”


Grandpa stroked my hair.


His hand was so warm that I felt better and smiled bashfully.


“Grandpa has to talk to your uncle for a while, so we’ll be back soon after you’re eating.”


“Yes, Grandpa!”




“I’m full…”


I forgot the existence of Uncle and Grandpa, and filled my stomach with sweet food.


The mountain of dessert wasn’t much different from when I first saw it, but my stomach was so bloated that nothing couldn’t go in anymore.


“I miss Mom.”


I thought as I lay curled up on the carpet.


Mom only let me eat half a piece of cake a day, but even though she nagged me to brush my teeth right after eating, I missed Mom.


I’ll have to see Uncle’s face later.


I grabbed the strawberry cupcake in front of me again.




As if my wish had come true, Grandpa, who had gone out to talk with Uncle a little while ago, returned.


“Grandpa! Grandpa, eat this too. But what about Uncle?”


Yet Uncle was nowhere to be seen.






Grandpa took a seat next to me just like I did.


He said, stroking my hair gently.


“Now let’s not go to Uncle’s and live with this Grandpa. Just like before.”


“With Grandpa?”


“Yeah, let’s have fun with Grandpa like before.”




I blinked.


It’s good, but what do you mean by that?


The thought stopped in an instant, and soon my mind started spinning.


I opened my eyes wide.


It wasn’t good! It sounds like Uncle left me here.




“I-I can’t!”


I was surprised and dropped the cupcake I was eating on the carpet.


“Baby! Aika!”


“Grandpa, wait a minute!”


Even when my grandfather called, I got up and ran outside.


‘My legs, run faster!’


I had to catch him before he went away.


Uncle had long legs, so he quickly moved away from anywhere.


If I’m late, he will really leave me behind.


Then he might not really come to see me.


As Grandpa said, Uncle really had already come out and was on his way to ride the carriage.




I went down the stairs quickly.




However, I must have been in too much of a hurry, leaving one last step before my feet got tangled and I fell flat.


“Ah… It hurts.”


It hurt terribly.


I quickly got back up, yet my knee hurt so bad.


My jaw hurt and everything else hurt.


When I looked at my knee, it was already peeled and blood was seeping out.




I had to brush it off and go to Uncle quickly, yet it was so painful that I couldn’t move my feet.


I’m just trying to save Uncle.


I just want to be with Uncle.


Why does it hurt so much?


I guess it’s because of the blood.


Gradually, my vision became blurry.


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  1. aika is so sweet~ i’m glad her grandpa adores her, but i’m sure he won’t be happy to let her leave again

  2. aww don’t cry aika !!!! thanks for this chapter !