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As everyone knows, Hunters can usually be divided into two: official Hunters and illegal Hunters.


Official Hunters are those who registered with the association as Awakeneds. They can receive terminals, join guilds, and work in the light.


The majority of Hunters belong to official hunters. 


Official Hunters are also divided into government Hunters and just Hunters.


Government Hunters are hunters who belong to the government and work like government officials, and rescue citizens when the gate opens unexpectedly. No matter how much you perform, the salary you receive from the country is the same, so usually, low-rank Hunters apply for government Hunters. 


High-ranking Hunters or Hunters with special abilities prefer belonging to guilds rather than government Hunters. There are various guilds created by Hunters, some guilds colluding with companies to make ends meet, while others commit unimaginable crimes.


Illegal Hunters usually do a lot of such work, and Hunters belonging to guilds usually have good income.


That’s why the number of government Hunters is a bit small.


Ah! There are illegal guilds that are not official guilds.


Illegal guilds created by illegal Hunters who did not inform the association of their awakening literally do illegal things. They illegally buy and sell by-products of monsters, collude with loan companies to threaten creditors, and even receive assassination requests.


The most famous illegal guild in the world is the ‘Black Murderer’, which has earned the nickname “Black Vermin” because it is found in every remote place in the world.


I saw an article about eradicating Black Vermin in the United States, the country of origin, but there was no follow-up article, probably because the eradication was unsuccessful. After all, they are a bunch of nasty people.


Illegal Hunters like Black Vermin didn’t usually enter the dungeon.


This is because they needed a terminal to act as a Hunter after entering dungeon or wave, but since they did not inform the association that they had awakened, they did not have a terminal.


However, there are solicitation and theft in the world.


Among the illegal Hunters, there were also those who stole terminals from the Hunters Association and used them. It is very coveted because you can know your rank, use the Hunters market, and even climb the rankings with a terminal.


So, the Hunters Association stopped producing the old terminals without GPS and developed new ones.


Still, the renovators did a good job.


In principle, terminal payment is provided with light personal information of the Awakened. You can receive the device by just providing your country, name, and date of birth.


What era is it these days? With that information, you can know anyone.


But it was different when the war just broke out.


The terminal made by Arthur Smith, a big data powerhouse that builds a huge and vast network, was given to anyone who was Awakened, and they didn’t even check who took it.


It was because everyone was in a hurry to push the Awakeneds into dungeons and waves.


For that reason, the early Awakeneds’ personal information was not revealed even though they were in the rankings. So, except for those who revealed themselves to create guilds and build forces, everyone still doesn’t know who is who.


Besides me, there must be one or three other people in the top 100 in this situation.


In the early days, even if you brought a terminal into the dungeon,


[$□£¥$○$ in ¿]


Something like that might appear, but it gradually developed, and these days, they tell you about the king, the army, and the division of the monsters.


It varies depending on the degree of information collection, but it still tells you what kind of king and what kind of army it is.


The world has gotten so much better.


I chewed on a peppermint candy and submitted the Awakened Report. Then, the employee at the desk smiled and handed over the terminal.


“It has been dealt with. After turning on the received terminal and registering as a user, go to the rank differentiation room on the right and check your rank.”


I received a cool 3rd generation terminal that was different from the 1st generation terminal I had.


The 3rd generation terminal took the form of a bracelet that can be worn on the wrist, and its brilliance was unusual.


Wow, that’s why everyone changed their terminals to new ones.


[Please select a nickname to use.


*You cannot change the nickname once set.]


A window popped up in the air. Did they remove the annoying typing system?


It’s now made to float like this not just in a dungeon, but in everyday life as well.


I moved my feet in amazement at the rapidly developed technology.


What nickname should I use? I’ll be in trouble if I input something weird like last time. At least I should use one that won’t come out of Mom’s mouth.


Should I just use my name instead? My personal information will be revealed once I join a guild anyway.


I opened the door to the rank differentiation room while contemplating a new nickname.


I thought I should take a numbered ticket in case I wasn’t the only one who came to report my awakening today.


“Hello. Did you get the terminal?” the Hunters Association staff, whose kindness reached a fantastic level, asked.


I showed the terminal to the employee and nodded.


“Have you registered your nickname?”




“Then please wait a moment. Please open the characteristics window and check the characteristics.”


Characteristics window?


In the old terminal, I can press the screen, but how to open the characteristics window with this bracelet?


I vigorously waved up and down the bracelet studded with small jewels that glowed in rainbow light and prayed for the summon of the characteristics window. It didn’t work.


“Oh, the characteristics window opens just by saying it. The same goes for markets and ranking windows. As long as you speak, it will open.”


Why did you just explain it now? What have I been doing?


Anyone would’ve thought I was a human paddock working on removing arm fat.


Look at that, the other employee there is also smiling at me.


“Characteristics window.”


[<List of Possessed Characteristics>


*Reinforcement system


Body enhancement (S++)




The Fall of the King of Wrath (?)


The Burning of the King of Lust (?)]


When I called up the characteristics window, it really appeared.


Wow, that’s amazing.


It was strange to see it through a window after viewing it only on the terminal screen like a cell phone.


Is this the over-technology of the 21st century?


I guess it is wrong to say that people who use old things should use new things seeing how great this thing is.


While waiting for my turn, I looked at the functions of the terminal with excitement.


The world ranking window where Finger Technique is ranked 1st, the domestic ranking window where Finger Technique is ranked 1st, and other things like the market or phone window.


“Awakened number 6, please come this way.”


After fiddling with the terminal for a while, it was my turn. Following the staff’s guidance, I stood in front of a punching bag studded with red beads.


“The first rank of an Awakened is determined by their first attack. This is the same principle for those with special characteristics, so if you have special characteristics, you must first receive an F and then request a separate evaluation. What are your characteristics?”


“Mine is electric.”


“All right. You don’t need to request a separate evaluation. Now, attack the punching bag with all your might,” the staff member in charge finished the explanation with a smile.


The red beads absorbing the shock flickered at a constant speed.


I couldn’t reveal my body strengthening or fire ability because they’re the well-known abilities of Finger Technique, so I said electric, but what about the rank? What if I get an “S” in the wrong place?


I had three characteristics, but what I could call my unique characteristic was the first body enhancement I got. The other two were the kings’ powers obtained by killing the army commanders at the special gate. 


Subduer takes away the token bestowed by the king to the army commander upon defeating them.


Everyone knew Finger Technique had the Burning of the King of Lust, which left the Fall of the King of Wrath.


For detailed description,


<Then they said to them, “I saw Satan falling like lightning from the sky.”>


It’s a very uncomfortable characteristic, but it can’t be helped. This is the only thing I can reveal.


If you subdue another army commander, you might get a new characteristic, but the special gate is rarely open. Also, subduing an army commander doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a trait.


In the case of ‘Glory’, the army commander of the King of Pride, it dropped a weapon. I’m still using it very well.


I was very nervous because I was not using it against monsters but against a punching bag.


Swallowing dryly, I reached for the punching bag. I controlled my mind, imagining burning the threads on a cute baby rabbit doll. I had to relax as much as I could.


I can only hope that the army commander ‘Mastema’, whom the King of Wrath gave the Fall, is a commander who has not received the king’s trust.


I hope the king gave them a trashy power…




But earnest prayer often doesn’t come true. The sandbag turned into a handful of ashes as soon as my fingertips touched it.


It sparkled and shone like static electricity, but the results were disastrous.


Wow, anyone would think that this ability would turn others to ashes.


There was a ringing sound in my ears. The expression of the Hunters Association staff looking at the ash bag was devastated.


It was then that a window appeared in front of my eyes.


[<Rank Measurement>


Firepower: S++


Control: E


Threshold: ?


Total: S]


[The world ranking is being judged. Please wait a moment.]


[The domestic ranking is being judged. Please wait a moment.]


[<Estimated Ranking Judgment>


Nickname: Coincidence


Rank: S


Estimated world ranking: 14th


Estimated domestic ranking: 5th]


[No dungeon information. Your ranking will drop.]


[No wave information. Your ranking will drop.]


[No impact information available. Your ranking will drop.]


[<Final Ranking Decision>


Nickname: Coincidence


Rank: S


Final world ranking: out of the bounds


Final domestic ranking: 35th]


[Ranking judgment has been completed.]


[The community system has been opened.]


[The guild system has been opened.]


[The dungeon record system has been opened.]


[The quest system has been opened.]




Countless system open notifications came to mind.


I sighed, relieved that it was S, not S++.


Looking at the estimated rankings, it’s a bit risky, but, fortunately, it’s S. I want an A, but that’s not up to me.


There was an uproar outside as if the news of the ranking change had gone to all Hunters in Korea.


I took off my bracelet in disgust at the flooding messenger.


Who knew a quiet world could be so beautiful?


Yesol, the master of karaoke in Mapo district, wouldn’t have known that either.

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