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I, Woo Yeonhui, am still at the bright age of 26.


Honestly, I don’t think I’m old enough to go to jail and eat beans, not to mention a Hunter will be put in a special prison dedicated to Hunters, where they can see the end of hell there. 


It’s what the nationwide quibbler I know said, so it’s probably the truth.


Putting aside my new identity as a new Hunter, I should have a lot of jail time as Finger Technique.


Dungeon stealing, making illegal equipment, destroying other people’s terminals, ignoring rankings or warnings… I even sneaked into the special gate, although I eventually closed it and returned safely.


It was Mr. Smith who helped me every time I almost went to jail. He always told me to call him Arthur, but Mr. Smith was very catchy. Smith… sounded like a special agent.


I’ve been helped in many ways by the relationship of saving lives in the past, and we’ve been helping each other since. But will he help me if I go to jail for assault?


… No, I don’t think so.


I pondered seriously about it for a while, but I Really Like, who has the space and dark attributes, dropped me into an unknown place again.


Hide in the dark or shadows if they’re at a disadvantage and move elsewhere if caught. They even grab and move others at will.


However, the reason why I couldn’t attack that jerk randomly is because of the compatibility.


In terms of pure strength and combat sense, mine is, of course, superior. It’s not hard to beat him up as soon as I catch him, but this unconventional nature of moving freely in space itself is a problem.


If you touch a Hunter with a space attribute while they’re in the middle of moving the space, you will be trapped; a part of your body might be left somewhere in the space.


We’ve been using transportation so far because space attribute Hunters are extremely rare, and you can end up becoming Woo/Yeon/Hui if they make a mistake.


So, lower-rank space attribute Hunters do not teleport because it will be a big deal if they make a mistake and tear people apart.


A moment’s misjudgment can ruin the rest of your life.


I looked around while throwing comments like public service ads. The hallway, covered with soft carpets, was bleak with cold air.


IRL, you jerk, where the hell did you bring me?


Does the Black Vermin accept assassination requests? I’ll have to inquire soon. But of course, there’s a good chance they will not accept my request since it involves an S-class Hunter with a space attribute.




I heard the wind blowing somewhere. A long hallway without a single window continued in front of my eyes. I felt a sense of déjà vu as I walked down the hallway, which resembled the lair of villains in hero anime.


The Hunters Association president’s office was also built like this. Do all the big shots these days have such stupid taste?


The images of countless monsters engraved on the walls caught my eye.


The ones over there were the army commanders of the King of Wrath, the ones next to them were the army commanders of the King of Envy, the ones here were the army commanders of the King of Sloth, and the list of army commander-level monsters continued.


Some were unfamiliar, some had human forms, and some had a terrifying resemblance to acquaintances.


Does it feel like this when you enter an ancient historical site or temple?


An unpleasant feeling ran through the back of my neck, but I kept my head upright so as not to look at the carvings on the wall.


I was just going to register as a Hunter and go home to eat out with my mom. I don’t know why I got caught up in this.


My cell phone was dead for some reason, and I remembered what had happened earlier as I was about to kick down this nasty hallway. I almost froze to death.


Those little intellectual criminals of Paradise. Thinking I would beat them up and destroy their buildings, they sent me to Antarctica to make it impossible to do anything.


I can’t believe our country broke the anti-pollution treaty like this. If caught, not only those cultists but also the country will be in trouble.


This is why one shouldn’t play with a cult. Yes, of course.


I nodded and opened the door at the end of the hallway.


I didn’t even knock!


This blows away all the politeness and courtesy I have maintained for 26 years into the sky. It can be said to be a wonderful action that will earn me a good smack on the back if I get caught by mom.


I examined the room with a slight exclamation.


Unlike the warmth felt, the warm room was made up of only achromatic colors. A spacious room without a speck of dust, simple colors of black and white, and minimal furniture.


I gulped at the sight of the room unfolding before my eyes. It was a room where it wouldn’t be strange if there were Evian mineral water bottles in the refrigerator.


… Did I mistake the genre?




I heard a voice that seemed to melt gently. 


The man who had been sitting on the sofa rose from his seat with a smile. He had dark purple irises and white snow-like hair. Contrary to his subordinate I Really Like, his faded white hair stood out, and his holy-looking face was dazzling as a pseudo-religious leader.  Whenever I see that face, I think it wouldn’t be strange if fanatics developed.


“The universe-”


“Let’s stop there. I can’t get used to it because it’s been 10 years since I played online games.”


“Really? The you I knew liked to be greeted. Every time I say hello, your face blushes, and you close your eyes tightly.”




It’s not that I like it. It’s because I’m embarrassed and ashamed.


Who else would like to be greeted with “the universe~” by someone who seemed to have developed a chuunibyou syndrome? Not to mention he’s a pseudo-religious leader.


And what does he mean by “I knew”? I’m the only one in the world, and I don’t know who else he greeted like that.


IRL says he can see the future. But is this what he means by foreseeing the future? Talking in the past tense?


He’s an unknown human being in many ways, but I guess it’s given since he has the ability to see souls and raise the dead.


Isn’t death the most basic fear of humans? Maybe it’s not strange that he turns out to be a weirdo as someone closer to death than anyone else.


“Well, then let’s say so.”


Putting everything down and thinking I was talking to an idiot made me feel much better.


I will nail Paradise to the list of guilds that should never be entered. I mean, why would you consider a pseudo-guild in the first place? One shouldn’t have any relationship with pseudos.


“I didn’t come here to hear those corny greetings. To be honest, I didn’t come here voluntarily, but since I’m here, I’d better ask. How did you know I was Finger Technique?”


At my words, Polar Night blinked. He looked like an examinee who didn’t understand the examiner’s intention.


“You’re asking a strange question. It’s not even that much of a secret. Have you heard the explanation before coming here?”


“It’s a tight secret.”


“Then you didn’t listen to the explanation properly.”


A terrifying expressionless expression passed over Polar Night’s beautiful face instantly.


At the same time, only I Really Like’s face popped out from the shadow of the furniture in the room.


“My apologies.”


He left that sentence and disappeared.


What? What was that?


A reverse durahan or something?

[T/N: Durahan is Internet broadcasting slang where the caster doesn’t reveal face, revealing only a part of the body below the neck. Since I Really Like only showed his face, Yeonhui called it a ‘reverse durahan’]


“It doesn’t matter if you keep it to yourself, but it’s difficult if you spread the word around. I hope you keep your mouth shut.”


“Why are you hiding your identity? That name would put you in a higher position than anyone else.”


“No, how can anyone with common sense hold her head up while using a nickname like Finger Technique? I’m still living listening to rumors that it’s absurd, but if it spreads all over the world, it’ll become twice as absurd, and that lunatic from Daybreak will become even crazier once this identity is revealed. It’s enough to see that face once or twice a year. I don’t want to see a grown man shyly appealing to me,” I spoke very seriously and quickly of the despair of my life.


There’s one more thing I didn’t say.


He might ask me to film a movie if I reveal my identity.


He’s going to make a sequel to the documentary, so he might ask for an interview.


And he’ll try his best to bring me to Daybreak.


The amusement park will be open for free for a month, the number of dungeons will decrease due to enthusiastic activities, and thrilled to see the respectable Finger King’s face, he will crave fewer guild members.


Then, peace will come at Daybreak, our country, and the world… No, that’s not right. How could Finger Prince’s identity disclosure go as far as world peace?


I returned to reality, admiring my limitless imagination and potential for development.


“The Crown of Creation has always followed you. Although it seems to be severe this time.”


“You talk like a cultist when you say you’re not. You seem to have been fine the other day, so did you become more absorbed in the position of leader as time passed?”


“I’m not a cultist.” The pseudo-religious, aka cult leader, who looked even more like one than the last time, smiled with a hehehe.


I mean, you totally sound like a cultist. How can you not be one?


I calmly swallowed the rude words about to come out of my mouth. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone over the level of one day’s rudeness.


“Have you ever thought this world is like a novel?”


“Yes. Like the mass produced ones with gates, dungeons, waves, monsters, and guilds.”


“A novel like that always has a main character.”


The pretty lips of Polar Night drew an arc.


I looked at him, who looked just like the main character, and tried to say that he was the main character, but then realized that there was usually no novel in which the cultist was the main character.


Isn’t someone with that identity usually get beaten up?


“Who is it?” After I asked, I clenched my fist nervously.


Seeing what he said about me, it seems like he wanted to say I’m the main character, but I thought that too.


Rank 1 is a very main character-like position.


But then Polar Night’s eyes, which boasted beautiful colors like violets, were filled with sadness.


I stepped back, horrified by the gaze mixed with unknown emotions.


How can there be such melodramatic eyes aimed toward me in real life?


My genre of life is a comedy, not romance.


“I cross hundreds of millions of stars to see you again, my king,” He spoke words that shouldn’t have existed in my life, getting down on one knee and bowing his head.


Then, I Really Like popped out of the shadow of the furniture just like before, waved a banner with [I Love You ☆ Finger Technique], and disappeared again.


What the hell’s up with these bastards? I thought casually.

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  1. ‘I Really Like’ – I’m warming up to him as a dysfunctional minion.