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[HOT] [BEST] Summary of the new S-class


By: Fairy Tale Book (Glory)


There’s a lot of gossip about the new S-class, so I summarized what is known to the public and the testimonies of the five guilds that were in contact with the public.


If there are any mistakes, let me know in the comments.


  1. It is said that the punching bag turned into ashes the moment they touched it with their fingertip. Punching bag = the one with the absorber stone embedded in it.


The one with the meme that Lennon Tyler broke and got cursed at by Arthur Smith.


  1. They’re ranked 9th in Korea. Need I say more?


  1. Ranked S and 35th place worldwide upon first placement.


Only three rankers in Korea were ranked S or higher upon first placement: Finger King, the punk from Daybreak, and Mr. Polar.


Except for Finger King, the other two are from the five major guilds, and among them, Finger King and the crazy punk are the most peculiar.


Considering Lennon Tyler, the world’s Rank 2, also started in S-class, this new ranker can also develop well.


Might become legendary;;


  1. It is said that their characteristic appears to be electricity emitter.


Public expectations are high because high electrical surface control can be used for medical purposes.


Even if the output is high, there are many places where electricity can be used, so it’s fortunate for everyone.


  1. All five guilds looked for them in a day.


The head of Daybreak’s 3rd raiding party, Choco Milk, who’s in charge of YouTube; Paradise’s Mr. Polar’s right-hand man, You Really Are Crazy; Hundred Thousands’ Pretty Name, who’s in charge of YouTube; Constitution’s leader who made a direct appointment; and Research’s Big Interest, who’s in charge of SNS.


They are all rankers who have a position in the guild.


It tells us how crazy this new ranker is.


  1. It is said that You Really Are Crazy, that crazy handsome guy, went to pick them up himself.


That guy never talked to an ugly person, but he! went! to pick them up! Wham!


That’s why I’m so excited.


If they’re on par with Mr. Polar, I’ll be the president of their fan club.


  1. The punk of Daybreak blocked all of the new ranker information aside from those of the 1st raiding party.


Of course, all five guilds seem to have figured the information out in moderation, but the guilds below don’t know anything about the S-class.


A senior gatekeeper said that it was unfinished because said they lacked firepower. Well, how would they close an advanced gate with one S+ and three S/S/S-? Wouldn’t they need the undisputed No. 1 ranker in the world the highest Fing-er-King?


But after writing [Finger King>S+/S/S/S-], it seems so funny hahahaha because it’s true hahahahahahahahaha


Anyway, it seems that the crazy punk decided to lean on the new ranker instead of Finger King.


Well, did Finger King really dump the crazy punk? Since he follows them around like that, I thought they must’ve accepted him at least once, but Finger King is very mysterious.


But personally, I don’t really like that crazy punk, so I’m rooting for Finger King. God-Finger-King,,, forever,,, I will always,,, cheer for your,,, impregnable wall,,, ^ㅅ^


  1. It is said that they dumped Paradise’s leader.


I mean, how could you make such a choice while looking at the face of Paradise’s leader??


It’s a fact everyone knows that Paradise’s leader’s original beauty is SSSSSSSS level;;


I don’t know how great the face that could dump Paradise’s leader is.


You can trust this fact because it is certified by You Really Are Crazy.


Anyway, it seems that the new ranker doesn’t want to go to Paradise.


Since they decided to meet Constitution’s leader, do they want to join Constitution?


I can’t imagine how excited the Constitution’s oldies will be for the fresh young man;;


If the new ranker joins Constitution, they’ll be able to join the entire course of hiking, fishing, and go clubs.

[T/N: go is a game of traditional chess]


Saheon’s three major clubs are mountain climbing, fishing, and go hahahahaha writing it like this is funny hahaha


That’s all that’s been discovered.


There was a bit of private conversation mixed in, but it’s nothing special, so let’s move on haha.


I’m also curious about the new ranker, so I hope they quickly go to any guild and reveal their face.


Whether it’s an older brother or older sister, I’m willing to dedicate my life to paradise.


I tried my best, but please tell me if there are any mistakes.


I can’t review it because I suddenly got a package now;;


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Wolmyeong Seonghui (Research): He’s gone

ㄴ Anon: He’s been taken

ㄴ Anon: He’s been taken by You Really Are Crazy.


I Really Like (Paradise): It’s not me

ㄴ Anon: By Daybreak, then.

ㄴ Candlebox (Constitution): ㅋ_ㅋ

ㄴ Anon: He was definitely taken away by Daybreak. Why did he mention Daybreak here?;; He should’ve used an anonymous name on the bulletin board… Who are you- Mmph!


Anon: But is the new S-class really hotter than Paradise’s leader?

ㄴ Soap Bubbles (Daybreak): Yes, I’m very curious too, but the 3rd raiding party kids won’t tell me.

ㄴ Anon: Why? Daybreak’s leader shut them up?

ㄴ Soap Bubbles (Daybreak): Mmm


Rena (Constitution): I hope the new S-class will come to our guild! I like all of my aunts and uncles. New ranker, if you see this comment, they’re totally great, so please come to Constitution! Constitution! All Hunters’ beloved Constitution Guild!!!

ㄴ Anon: Yoo hahahaha the youngest member is here hahahaha

ㄴ Anon: Ah. How could someone in their 30s be the youngest member? Pfft

ㄴ Rena (Constitution): ㅠㅠ


Red Flavor (Sea God): With the electricity attribute, you don’t have to pay the electricity bill. I’m envious

ㄴ Anon: I’m curious, honey

ㄴ Anon: Why does it get more and more…

ㄴ Family’s Glory (Judgment): The electricity bill is not a problem. With an S-class, we can supply electricity to the whole country.


Isn’t it an information article? Why is there only false information?


Can my face contend with Polar Night’s? I would’ve been a celebrity then. Why are you doing this?


I scrolled down, pulling out the cucumber stuck in the kimbap.


My mom nagged that I was being picky again, but I didn’t care.


I won’t die if I don’t eat cucumbers. I’m supplementing my vegetable needs by eating potato chips, so throwing out the cucumbers is okay.


Despite my complaint, the information article still had information that could be called informative.


Daybreak’s leader blocked all my information? He’s not the type to do that. That’s strange.


I turned on the TV while spitting out the cucumber I had accidentally put in my mouth.


There was news on TV about a tax law amendment to Hunters.


Hmm. I heard that the leader of Hundred Thousands has a strong tie with the political world. No wonder this happened. As expected, she’s a scary person.


“Then Yeonhui, are you active as a Hunter from today?” my mom, who put the beautifully cut kimbap in a plastic container, asked as she threw away the cucumbers I had thrown away.


I replied as I gulped down the rolled kimbap in my mouth, “I need to join a guild to do Hunter activities. Mom, where would you like me to go?”


“Any place where you can be treated well is fine. Don’t go to Paradise, though. The guild leader there looked so pretty, but he looks like he’s going to ruin something, either people or the country.”


I admit that he’s a beauty that will tilt the country.


I asked again as I picked up the pickled radish that had fallen along with the cucumber and ate it.


“Then, among Daybreak, Research, Hundred Thousands, and Constitution?”


“Constitution is where the person who came last time is the guild leader, right? I don’t think it’s bad…but don’t go there. If you make a mistake, you will be dragged to the middle of Everest or the Pacific Ocean. I did a little research. They just went to the Arctic Ocean the other day.”


The kimbap I picked up fell onto the plate.


Why are they going all the way to the Arctic Ocean to fish? What the hell are you catching in the Arctic Ocean?


I recalled Rena, who had posted a post on the bulletin board last time saying, “The aunts and uncles of fishing clubs will go to the deep sea to catch deep sea fishㅠㅠㅠ”


That was real? Are the people of the Constitution Guild still human beings?


Oh, my god. It was too intense a sport for me to handle.


They go directly to the deep sea to catch deep sea fish. Are they human?


I decided to seriously reconsider joining Constitution.


No matter how I looked at it, they didn’t seem to fit me, a homebody.




“Baby Angel! Here, here!”


“Oh, big sis! There’s only us today. What’s with the nickname?”


When Finger Technique was contemplating her fate…


At Bukhan Mountain in Seongbuk district, Seoul.


A group of hikers seated near a rock wall without equipment for climbing was sharing paper cups.


“There are no men today? The eldest sister didn’t come either.”


“The eldest sister and the executives are crazy about filming advertisements for the guild! And the men went to play soccer.”


“Really? All the executives are gone? Then why isn’t the chairman going?”


In the middle of a towering rock wall…


A Hunter, wearing a hiking suit made from the skin of a monster and expensive sunglasses, was looking across the mountain. The gold bracelet on her wrist was the club president’s badge, representing the top three of the Constitution Guild. Her eyes, called ‘God’s eyes’, shone brightly behind the sunglasses.


“Why, you know the newly introduced S-class Hunter.”


“Ah~ The rookie Hunter who saved the eldest sister’s younger sister?”


“Yes! The eldest sister went first to put a stamp, but what if the rookie falls into Daybreak’s hand again? That’s why the eldest sister called the chairman.”


“No wonder our chairman didn’t take her cup.”


The harmonious Constitution’s Mountaineering Club on Bukhan Mountain.


Their small talk today was about Hunters.


Rena, the youngest member among the aunties who were 20 years older than her, shed tears when she saw the current scene.


‘Aunts, drinking while hiking is illegal…’


It’d been a long time since the government banned drunk hiking because of sudden gates, but illegal activities were still common.


The core members of the Constitution Guild, a powerful Hunter group, and the mountaineering club, which only the most elite could join. Their drinking on the mountain, ignoring even the law, started with makgeolli and ended with soju.


“Aunts. You were fined for drunk hiking last time. Why don’t you each drink a glass of makgeolli and go down before finishing the rest?” Rena, impatient, narrowed her eyebrows and smiled, but her words were ignored.


Everyone opened their mouths at the anxious voice of the cute youngest, whose age would reach the number of eggs in a carton this year.


“It’s okay, it’s okay! We just have to pay the fine! Our baby, come and get a drink!”


“That’s right. Your dad’s not here today! Auntie will give you two cups. Come and sit down.”


“By the way, can our youngest drink makgeolli? Shouldn’t we give her Sprite?”


“Oh, that’s right, that’s right! Our youngest is 30 this year! 30!”


“Yes, yes. Indeed!”


The situation didn’t change even though it was only a month ago that the oldest sister of the Constitution Guild, Natural Dream, told them to prepare for another fine.


Barely freed from the grip on her arm, Rena headed up the rock wall with her last hope.


“Chairman, Chairman! The other aunts did it again-!”


“Baby, shh.”


Khaki irises shimmered through the half-down sunglasses.


Constitution Guild’s A-class Hunter, ‘God’s Eye’ Fall Classic.


The owner of those eyes, which in theory could see a thousand miles, made an extremely solemn expression.


It was inevitable that Rena would become solemn as well.


“Daybreak has moved.”




“Paradise is also unusual. Polar Night is back.”


No one knew where he had wandered without a regular guild building, but that great man, who was not usually within 400 km, had returned.


This meant that something worthy of direct action by Polar Night would happen sooner or later in this area.


Autumn Classic raised her sunglasses again, predicting that as a new gate.


A notice had already come from the association.


It looked like those resourceful pseudos would try to snatch the gate again.


She couldn’t just sit and watch.






“Call the eldest sister.”


Rena raised her head stiffly and took out her terminal as soon as Autumn Classic finished speaking.


Daybreak made a move?


‘This must be a plan to steal the new rookie we’ve spotted!’


Constitution’s youngest member, who had four years of experience as the youngest and was still called “baby” even after getting older, gritted her teeth.


She couldn’t pass the opportunity to greet the new youngest to Daybreak again.


‘No. Never!’


Was it an illusion that those eyes were burning with pride for some reason?


Autumn Classic smiled at the scene and looked across the mountain again.


Atop Bukhan Mountain, she smiled, looking at where Polar Night might be. She smiled as if she knew where exactly to see.


He was a formidable opponent. Naturally, there was no chance for Constitution. Because even Daybreak was reluctant to have Polar Night as an opponent.


She had to recruit a new S-class immediately into the guild to increase the odds.


Turning her back on the blazing Rena, her gaze reached the two Daybreak Guild members walking around the rookie’s house.

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