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When I looked up the outdated news, there were endless rumors about Constitution Club’s accident.


A fine for drunk hiking is basic, but a fine for drinking at the gate is almost shocking.


The club’s scale is so impressive that this person here has a kimbap stuck in her throat.


What is Constitution Club? It’s not like an average club, but more like, “Hahaha! We intend to test the limits of human beings! You, who think about testing the limits of humans, come to our club right now!”


Hunters are not superhumans; they’re only humans who have awakened special abilities. I don’t know when everyone became superhumans in that club.


I could now believe that the people of the Constitution did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 km of running every single day.


I thought I could even believe if someone said all of their members’ hair were wigs.


Among the three general clubs, if the climbing club climbs Everest and the fishing club fishes in the deep sea, what is the remaining go club doing?


‘Fufufu, those two were the weakest clubs. We’re not hardcore at all!’ What if they say something like that? I think there’s a good chance.


I concluded after in-depth consideration of the Constitution Guild.


Considering that Rena, the youngest member of Constitution, is being dragged into all the club activities, it’s only suitable that I don’t go there.


My ego rejected Constitution Guild will all its might.


“I decided not to go to Constitution Guild.”


Mom patted me on the shoulder, saying it was a good idea.


I almost froze to death in Antarctica yesterday, and if I join Constitution, they might say something like, “We should go to Antarctica or Mars because there’s no mountain left to conquer.”


“Then what’s left are Daybreak, Research, and Hundred Thousands?” I turned my head towards the TV, muttering to myself.


On the TV screen from earlier, I saw the familiar face of the Hundred Thousands’ leader.


Elegantly wavy black hair, golden irises as bright as the blazing midday sun. The beauty, who’s in her 30s but can be trusted even if someone says she’s in her 20s, responded to reporters with a gentle smile.


The guild with the noon sun as its symbol, Hundred Thousands.


The leader is Go Inha, the daughter of a conglomerate chairman and an A+ class Hunter. Unlike the slightly unusual structure of Daybreak or Paradise, this is a large guild with a typical vertical system.


Hundred Thousands doesn’t have an S-class, so if I join, I’ll be able to get an executive position immediately.


But Hundred Thousands has a lot of entanglements in politics and other fields. 


Things get complicated when Hunter gets caught up in a cartel or other family. You can understand that by looking at things in other countries. Their end is usually futile.


That’s a reason not to join Hundred Thousands.


Research was a guild founded by the famous Tamer Ahn Taewook and some of his colleagues. I heard that because of the co-founding, the power of the executives is very strong, and the faction fight is fierce.


My goal is to live quietly, which can be ruined If I become the only S-class in a guild like that.


So it won’t be Research either.


After excluding everything I didn’t like, the only thing left was Daybreak.


Ah, but I despise Daybreak. I want to avoid joining Finger Technique fan club.


“Thank you for the meal.”


I put the bowl in the sink and poured water into the glass.


If I wanted to live an easy life without effort, I had to go to Daybreak, where there was almost no hierarchy, Paradise, where I could be the man of the world, or Constitution, who would take care of me like a baby.


If I go to Research, I may get entangled in a faction fight, and if I go to Hundred Thousands, I may get involved in complicated matters.


Should I just stay out of guilds?


Pretend I’m a Finger Technique fan and steal dungeons? If I do that, I may get a hot love call from Daybreak’s leader.


When it comes to Finger Technique, that person is akin to the representative. And now Ban Seojun is blocking my information, but he won’t do that anymore if I reject him and remain independent in the end.


Then my mom will suffer because of my dungeon steal. This is really tough.


“My princess, are you busy?” my mom, who was chopping zucchini, looked at me and asked. 


I shook my head and answered, “No. I have nothing to do.”


“Then go out and buy some tofu.”




“Mm. Take the card from my wallet.”


I nodded, holding back my desire to stick to the floor like chewing gum.


I should buy Capri Sun as well.


I had bought two boxes at the warehouse mart, but I had already drunk them all.


I packed my cell phone, wallet, and old terminal that I always carried with me. The new terminal was still a drag because messages still came in like a storm.


“I’ll be back.”


“Come home quickly. Don’t get lost.”


“Am I a three-year-old child? Don’t worry.”


Mom came to meet me at the front door and sent me off with a big smile.


I flung a finger heart at her and opened the door. I was glad that her expression looked much better than before.




There are two ways to drive people crazy: one is to stop talking, and the other is…


“Hello. Can we talk for a minute?”


…to block the way of someone who runs errands for her mother.


I slurped the Capri Sun Safari and lightly lowered my head.


I’m sorry, I meant to let me pass.


“Wait a minute, Miss Hunter. I am not a strange person.”


Choco Milk, clad in thick Daybreak attire, caught up to me while biting his lips in anxiety.


I know you’re not a weirdo. Your clothes scream you’re of Daybreak.


But I have no reason to answer Choco Milk’s call because I’m running Mom’s errands right now.


This errand is a quest with a hefty penalty; if I fail, I get the penalty of not having dinner later.


“We should speak the main point. Let’s reveal ourselves first.” Busan Milk, who was standing on the roof of a windy building, jumped in front of Choco Milk. Her white hair, one that was similar to Polar Night, fluttered in the wind she created.


“Hello. We are Daybrerak’s Busan Milk and Choco Milk. We’re in charge of managing Daybreak Guild’s YouTube and recruiting new people. We’d like to talk about the guild with you, who awakened at the Hapjeong Station Wave last time. Do you have a moment?”


It was a soft, pretty voice.


She was already gaining popularity on YouTube because of her pretty face; it was like staring at a famous painting when she laughed. Even the most ignorant IRL would talk to her first.


I nodded, feeling a bit like the stupid king who gave her concubine all of her liver and gall.


Oh, I shouldn’t do this.


“I was worried you would say that you have already joined another guild, but it seems you haven’t. What a relief.”


“Is that so?”


“You’re is an S-class Hunter. There are less than 10 S-class Hunters in Korea. I think everyone must have been eager to recruit you. Of course, that includes us.”


Until now, I thought I wasn’t someone who paid attention to looks, but I felt like I was becoming calm when a pretty face spoke.


Well, I almost fell for Polar Night yesterday too.


If it wasn’t for I Really Like, who broke the atmosphere when I was in trouble, I would’ve fallen for it.


He looks like the main character in a novel. I don’t know why he lives like that.


“Do you watch our guild’s YouTube or SNS?”


“Ah, I’m an exam student. I don’t watch SNS or YouTube.”


I usually turn on YouTube when I search for full-com videos of rhythm games.


Yesol would sometimes whine on KakaoTalk that she couldn’t close YouTube because she fell in love with its algorithm. I was really curious about it. I’ve never been into YouTube algorithms for hours.


“Then would you like to come to our guild? I think it’s better to go and see it once than to talk about it a hundred times here. Right, Hyeon?”


At Busan Milk’s words, Choco Milk nodded.


I know Choco Milk’s name is three letters, so is Hyeon a nickname?


It was apparent that the nickname was made up of milk.


I remember that there were frequent questions about whether the two of them were a couple in YouTube comments.


Indeed, I don’t watch YouTube often, but I watched a little bit of Daybreak because the crazy punk bothered me so much.


Big sis, your face is more interesting than the guild itself. Praise for Busan Milk’s face was one of the comments that ran without missing in every episode.


“I’m sorry, but I’m busy right now. I don’t think I can go right away.”


“What? We came because we knew you didn’t have a schedule…”


“I didn’t have a schedule, but something happened. I have to run an errand for tofu now. If I don’t deliver it quickly, my dinner will be gone later. This is important because I am a Korean who has to eat three full meals daily.”


Rice is a Korean characteristic.


Our people curse those who don’t eat rice even if they empty the rest of the course.


I’m sure my mom is making soybean paste stew for dinner tonight.


If I don’t get the tofu on time, I won’t be able to eat dinner. My dinner! I can’t stand missing out.


I bowed my head to Busan Milk and Choco Milk and went on my way again.


Busan Milk urgently followed and made a deal.


“I’ll treat you to dinner! At the hotel!”


“I like my mother’s food.”


“Then do you want me to buy you tofu?! About a hundred?!”


“I don’t want to eat soybean paste stew with a hundred tofu.”


Choco Milk and Busan Milk took turns making strange suggestions.


Ah, I just need to run errands. I didn’t even say I wouldn’t go, so why are you following me so severely?


The stupid race went on for a while.


I ignored them, who followed me, until I reached the apartment entrance.

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