Author: Lubai

A fan of idols basically fantasizes about idols.


My brother must have a chic and dark personality because black suits him!


Who’s my sister in love with?


If you don’t know, don’t pretend to know.


This’s what fans usually think.


However, the person who hears it pervades the difficult delusion.


Who says that, you say? Well, me.


No one believed me when I posted comments anonymously, not even pretending to be Finger Technique.


Now, right before the real Finger Technique, a person wearing Tarnhelm imitation passed by. Since there’s no pattern on the cheek, it’s certainly an imitation product with the same shape.


If you wear Tarnhelm, the symbol of Finger Technique, you will be seen by others as their ideal type. In addition to this, even the fingerprints and saliva left behind while wearing this mask turned out to be the person in their imagination. 


It’s an item for the perfect crime.


Anyway, this mask is an object to hide my identity and a symbol of Finger King. 


When the war was in full swing, I spent a lot of money on Mr. Smith’s arrangement to make sure that my identity wouldn’t be stolen, but here, imitations are scattered throughout the building.


And that isn’t all.


I was silent as I watched Ban Seojun’s madness toward Finger King.


Blue-black color, the symbolic color of Finger Technique, was seen everywhere, people carrying imitation masks that could be said to be the symbol of Finger Technique, and people wearing key chains in the shape of Fragarach, Finger Technique’s sword.


Did I come to the Finger Technique fan club instead of Daybreak? I fell silent at the incomprehensible sight.


“Miss Hunter, could you wait here for a moment? I’ll be right back after answering the phone,” Busan Milk lifted the vibrating cell phone and said. I looked at her face and nodded.


It seemed like it would be fun to watch office workers with gloomy complexions busily moving in Daybreak.


But it all looked like it wouldn’t be fund if I became an office worker.


I’ve seen Fragarach miniatures and keychains bought and sold, but I’ve never seen anything so elaborate.


They’ll give me something like that if I join Daybreak and Finger Technique fan club.


The imitation of the mask is also very sophisticated. Anyone who sees it will believe it’s a real Finger Technique mask.


I wiggled my feet, watching them move busily. Occasionally, I saw someone wearing a mask playing pranks on others.


That’s normal. When I was little, I loved to wear superhero costumes, too.


Tick. The minute hand moved once more. Busan Milk was later than expected, perhaps because the call was prolonged.


I stood in the corner with the last Capri Sun I had tucked in my hoodie pocket.


It’s no secret, but I have a habit of taking my cell phone out when I have nothing to do. In fact, everyone in our country has a habit of taking out their cell phones when there’s nothing to do.


I finished the Capri Sun apple flavor and pulled my phone out of my pocket.


It was then that someone spoke to me.


“Hello, we’ve met before.”


The man wearing a Finger Technique mask was clad in Daybreak attire, which was only given to Hunters.


The shirt was a super expensive one from a luxury brand, and so were the pants and shoes. On the other hand, his face was very plain.


Ordinary but decent face.


I don’t think anyone will ever say he’s ugly. He has a strangely normal-looking face, and I have a strange feeling that it’s a style that Mom would love to see.


I noticed at once: that’s my ideal type. That guy has changed his face using an item similar to my Tarnhelm. There are some awkward parts because it isn’t as sophisticated as Tarnhelm, but it must’ve cost a lot just because it could produce a similar effect.


“It was fate that we met again here—”


“It’s a Coincidence,” I spoke my nickname to this human flirting nonsense.


What’s with this rich and dangerous bastard? What did you think when you approached me?


Seeing that they made imitations with functions similar to the real deal, are all guild Hunters so full of money?


The man listened to me and closed his mouth tightly. I moved away while muttering I’d seen all sorts of things.


The man did not follow, and Busan Milk appeared after ending her call.


“Did you wait long?” Busan Milk hastily ran over and said while tidying up her hair that had become a mess. Behind her, her partner, Choco Milk, followed and stuck out his head.


So she picked up the call and asked for her partner.


“Welcome, Miss Hunter. Would you like to take a tour of our guild, or would you like to go see the contract right away?”


“What do you usually do?”


“We usually go on a tour because our guild training ground has that expensive gate simulator. Since there are only two simulators in Korea, not only the Hunters who visit but also other guild Hunters are eager to try it out.” Choco Milk shrugged casually.


Oh, gate simulator? That’s insanely expensive. 


The Hunters Association headquarters sold only 50 preorders to cover the budget. They didn’t intend to make only 50 of them, but the production cost was huge, and the Hunter in charge of the neural connection circuit was sick and fell ill, so it was an unfortunate item that became a limited product.


It’s like the limited Animal CrXssing version SwXtch in the 20XX.


“Can I go see it?”


“Sure. Today is our raiding party’s day. Why don’t you try logging in too since it’s along the way?”


“All right.”


I never thought there would be such a huge thing in Daybreak. Should I say that stinker is someone who pursues the best?


I followed Choco Milk and Busan Milk even more excitedly.


Busan Milk and Choco Milk stopped by other places in the middle and boasted about Daybreak, but to be honest, I only let it slide through my ear.


Gate simulator!


When it was first released, I ran to the association headquarters to buy it, but then they said it would be sold on a guild basis. I was in despair!


That day, Lennon Tyler, whom I ran into at the headquarters, told me to come to Crown if I wanted to use it!


Lennon Tyler’s Crown is the number one guild in the US, so it’s a great guild, but the name sounds like a snack company.


Yes, yes, I know what a crown is, but really, it sounds like a snack company. So I called Lennon Tyler Jollypong, butter waffles when he’s talking nonsense, and cookie dough when he annoys me. I mostly referred to him as cookie dough.

[T/N: Jollypong is a Korean…soy bean snack? It’s really good and cheap, seriously.]


Choco Milk and Busan Milk enthusiastically showed me the training ground, simple accommodations, and conference room of the 3rd raiding party on the 6th floor of Daybreak Guild.


If I enter Daybreak Guild, I’ll definitely go to the 1st raiding party because of my rank. Then I can use the training grounds on the 1st and 2nd floors of the basement at any time, and I’ll be able to use the 3rd floor of a much better facility than here.


But those didn’t tempt me.


“The gate simulator training ground is on the 10th floor. However, we may have to wait for a while because our raiding party members need to connect first.”


“It’s okay. I am an outsider, so I should be grateful just for your recommendation.”


At my words, Choco Milk shook his head and smiled.


The number 10 was written on the gently opened elevator door.


“Come this way.”


Busan Milk led me to become Alice in Wonderland.


I clung next to Busan Milk to avoid getting lost while looking around.


A huge screen and a VR game console-like helmet were visible through the thick glass windows. Inside were the other two people I had seen at Hapjeong Station the other day and Geranium of Daybreak, who was famous for her lips service.


“What are you doing without connecting?” Choco Milk, the leader of the 3rd raiding party, opened the door to the training room and asked.


Then, the faces of those fiddling with the device with a look of incomprehension turned bright.


“Bro! You’re here?”


“Bro, the guild leader came earlier, and now this thing won’t work. We don’t know what setting he set up. Where’s the big sis?”


“Behind.” Busan Milk, called ‘the big sis’ by Geranium, took my hand and strode toward the training ground.


I came into the training ground with Busan Milk.


Five helmets with wires connected around the complicated main device were seen.


Ah, the simulation must start with that helmet.

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