Author: Lubai

There are five types of people in the world.


A stupid but diligent person, a clever but lazy person, a stupid and lazy person, a clever and diligent person, and finally…


“How are you going to handle the situation?”




A person who really pisses people off.


“I love you, Your Highness. You know how I feel, right? Should I slam my head to prove it?” IRL spoke while acting cutesy. He was the opposite of Loveless, who genuinely knelt and raised her arms to show remorse.


There was something in the picture of IRL blushing that could freeze one’s heart. Imagine the Sahara Desert turning as cold as Antarctica. Yes, that kind of chilling to the bone cold.


Feeling like I was an ice dragon of the Ice Dragon Army, I folded my right index finger in half, expressing my intention to fold his super junior in half if he didn’t shut up immediately.


IRL, who used his natural appearance to shake the mentality of those around him, fell into a panic.


“The condition of receiving the ancient god’s blessing is to restore 15 artifacts, but Big Sis Saetbyeol and Yoo Juha already broke 45! At this level, it would be much faster to demolish the old god’s temple and build the King of Sloth’s temple. Who knows? Perhaps if we quietly push away the ancient god’s temple, the King of Sloth will come and be humanity’s companion in the monster world.”


Taking advantage of the downturn in the atmosphere, the clever but lazy guy ran his mouth without hesitation. He was a human who was no longer afraid of dying after becoming a hologram.


“Mr. Letter.”




“If you keep joking around, I’ll bury you once we return.”


A fiery finger brushed over the translucent hologram.


His face, which had become a hologram and was already as white as Snow White, turned even whiter like a sheet of paper after my finger brushed against it.


It was a face that would be admired by anyone who saw him. They would’ve said he had learned the lead makeup techniques in the 19th century.


The person who had been babbling as if the dungeon were his own house finally shut his mouth, making the surroundings more peaceful.


Of course, the Hell Goats would still be enjoying a wild barbecue party at the top of the mountain, but at least at this moment, this narrow, old-fashioned temple seemed to be a paradise with a fresh start.


But then…


[(Player3) <Letter>(B+) used words that insulted the ancient god]


[The ancient god is furious and curses (Player3) <Letter> (B+)]


[Curses cannot be placed on a player who has switched to spectator mode.]


[The ancient god curses all party members.]


[You have been cursed with fire by the ancient god. The attack power of the fire-type attribute is reduced by 3%. (Cumulative number: 1)]


…the system window popped up.




A strong north wind blew through the half-collapsed temple of the ancient god and former ruler.


The dry territory of the Hell Goat with a tropical climate due to the boiling brass temple changed into a cold climate due to the wrong use of the language by the god of study.


King Sejong the Great, who invented Hangeul, would shed tears in grief.


Perhaps King Sejong would find him pitiful and poor because he hadn’t cursed. There’s a possibility that there was mispronunciation to a degree.


The group project made through a tour of the gate simulator was heading toward collapse.


I was deeply troubled before the age of darkness from Hell.


The only thing at the end of the ruined group project is the professor’s words that I can’t exclude my name and my grades that have been horribly trampled.


Considering that those credits determine my future income, this was a dire situation.


They say there are five stages of death.


I went through three stages out of five without even facing death.


The stage of denial, anger, and negotiation is over.


I was half-dried in the sun, spread out like peppers on a mat in front of an apartment complex.


The fluttering system windows were like cherry blossoms in spring in Yeouido, full of couples, making people lethargic.


“Your Highness.”


And I wasn’t the only one depressed.


The proletariat of this party, who had been ousted from the leader who had seized power, and IRL, who had fallen to the bottom after fooling around, were stuck to the ground like chewing gum on the car’s floor.


“I’m sorry.”


IRL tilted his head toward Geranium, his sad eyes twitching. Even as he stuck to the stone floor of the temple like gum, he still wouldn’t face his mortal enemy, Loveless.


With eyes like an abandoned puppy’s, his face looked like he would say something like this to a romance fantasy novel’s female lead, ‘How dare you run away from me! You can’t escape forever, ■■■.’


It was a bizarre and wonderful sight.


I looked at Cha Sehyeong, who belonged to the same guild Paradise. I wouldn’t be surprised if that hologram’s jaw fell out now.


I went through the acceptance phase with the whining IRL aside.


The situation wasn’t resolved just because they were stuck here like freshly steamed rice cakes.


The plan to put Loveless and You Really Are Crazy in the lead and pretend to be a newbie in the back failed, so I had no choice but to draw another card.


The hidden card that I cherished carefully so as not to use it to the end.


“My plan failed. The original plan was for Miss Loveless and that guy to be in charge of the main deal, but it would be fortunate if we didn’t die at this rate.”


“Why do you want to leave the comfortable path and go back to the difficult path?”


“You’ll be buried alive if you keep asking. Shut up, Sehyeong,” Sweet Melody, the symbol of sane people, blocked the troublemaker’s flamboyant mouth movements.


I thanked her wholeheartedly, and she patted IRL, who crawled on the floor like chewing gum, with an awkward smile. It looked like a call to get up.


But IRL didn’t get up, even with her tender touch.


His stupid, snobby, fXcker-like attitude of not wanting to talk with an ugly person chilled the spectators’ hearts.


I ended up grabbing IRL by the collar and getting him up myself.


This stupid bastard. How can you be so rude?


“I have something very important to say.”


There are as many tragic things in the world as the stars in the Milky Way. I’ll be locked up forever if I don’t get out of here.


I had as many things to do as there were stars in the Milky Way. I could never be stuck here.


Dying is not a good feeling. I’d say it’s unpleasant.


Even in virtual space, it was unpleasant to die.


“Actually I-”


The plan I made using Loveless and I Really Like has been ruined.


I readily accepted the stage of acceptance that came through depression.


If I can’t use two S-classes, the only thing left is for me to step forward.


I opened my mouth very slowly and solemnly, like a hero in a hero movie with a lot on my back, “…am Finger Technique.”


However, the words that came out were not heroic at all.


When a hero reveals his identity, he should be cool, but why does it look like an internet novel when I reveal my identity?


The genre of my life was more like, ‘She, the world’s no. 0, dressed up as an ordinary person and received a compulsory notice.’


The expressions of the party members, who followed me to create an infinitely solemn atmosphere, were instantly relaxed.


IRL, whom I had caught by the collar, opened his mouth with a face of infinite innocence, “Your Highness, everyone knows you are you except yourself.” IRL, the owner of great facial features, smiled with his red lips slightly raised. Even his teeth showed off a prominent presence among the red lips. “Are strength and intelligence inversely proportional?” he asked innocently with a face like a giant rabbit.


I said as I raised my eyebrows without letting go of his collar, “Mm. That must be why you’re so stupid.”


Saying that directly to my face, do you wish to be buried?


I glanced at his old pal, convinced that this white beauty’s idiocy pierced even the sky. The 19th-century lead makeup hologram grieved at the sight of his friend following his fate.

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