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It was a story known to both dogs and cows that Finger Technique would have a seizure whenever she heard the words “Finger Technique”. 


Because I never revealed my identity, people seemed to think that I must be shy, but that’s nonsense.


I just simply had a seizure whenever those two words were said.


[Live] Finger Technique [Mars/KR] breaking Daybreak’s earthen pot was a hot topic in the market. It received a hot response and even led the news.


That’s why most people call me Finger King because they’re afraid of repercussions. Finger Technique? Fiiinger Techniiique, who?


Klotak. The dining room floor made a sound as it created a dent in the shape of a shoe sole.


My mom always said there’s no such thing as a free meal.


That’s true. I never thought he would set me a table and say something like this. And how dare he screw me by mentioning that name? He should die 500 times. I can’t believe he brought that up knowing about the “unnamed Hunter”’s legend. How simple is this man’s brazenness?


It’s a topic I wouldn’t have cared about as long as it didn’t touch me directly, but after getting hit, I quickly came to my senses.


If I recall correctly, he said he’d take care of something earlier, but at this point, I just hope he takes care of himself. Since I’ve eaten well, I’m going to leave now.


I jumped up from my seat and turned around.




In the midst of the noise of stone dust, Daybreak guild members who were holding their breath next to us shouted as if they had been waiting for this moment.


“Aaaagh! You can’t go!! People will die! People!!”


“Bro, I told you not to call her by that name. Bro, are you listening to me?”


“Finger King, if you leave now, we’ll be in big trouble. Can’t you sit down again, thinking you’ll save five lives? Hyeon, go get it quickly.”


A plant stem I presumed to be Minju’s blocked my way.


I trampled on the unknown creature, one of the precious members of the Earth community. The long stem was cut into pieces like that. Pop.


“Yes, thanks for the meal. If you need money for that, you can charge it to the association headquarters. I’m sure they’ll pay for it to serve people.”


Why did the headquarters give an advanced gate warning?


That must be an outer dimension they couldn’t collect, so they ask others to beat up the mobs and collect dimension information.


“If you’re worried about being unable to close the gate, don’t worry. How many world rankers are there in this narrow land? How can they not close one advanced gate?”


Yes, of course, I believe in our country. Isn’t it a place full of people who jump into the dungeon to make money after awakening?


At a time when the National Assembly or the Blue House might collapse with the appearance of gates, will a public official who eats from his wage want to suffer? Following the tides of the times, the people will first reach out to the Hunters. Yes, of course.


Mom, I didn’t mean to stay out overnight. We went for a drink for a bit because they said they’d buy me a drink. You know I’m strong, right? Nothing happened, so don’t worry ◀


Even if the world changes, what won’t change won’t change.


Foreigners question how there are so many rankers in this booger-size country, but that’s only because they don’t know how to grow Hunters in this country. People here only go to dungeons after eating, how can they not be strong?


World-class Hunters powerhouse, Korea! As a student, I believe in Korea! It’s not right after the doomsday, they’ll clear the advanced gate soon, right?


I clenched my fists and shook them, cheering myself up roughly.


Then the Daybreak guild members’ complexions turned blue in an instant.


Ah. Did you understand that I meant I would hit you if you behaved further? I’m sorry to hear that.


This is why I didn’t want to step up as Finger King. The karma attached to the nickname “Finger Technique” is terrifyingly great.


I sighed as I watched them turn blue like seaweed in the sea instantly.


It seems that this karma will not end unless I protest to the association headquarters to set up an image improvement program.


Can’t I just ask to change the nickname?


I thought about it as I roughly brushed my shiny side hair. Unfortunately, the trouble didn’t last long. It was because Ban Seojun, who had been silent all this time, opened his mouth.


“We can’t close it.” 


“What can’t you close? The gate?”


“Yes,” Ban Seojun said very firmly. He was so determined that I felt like I had eaten a sweet pumpkin. FYI, I hate sweet pumpkins.


“I think you can close it if all the five major guilds go in. Also, aren’t you overlooking the 1st raiding party, the main camp of Daybreak?” I said as I glanced at the 3rd raiding party members who were frozen by the side.


The 3rd raiding party of the Daybreak Guild are rookies who barely managed to get through the intermediate gate. Choco Milk and Busan Milk have some experience, but fighting isn’t their main job. You can tell that much just by looking at the two people who run YouTube or Geranium who blatantly show her face on TV.


That team is more like the face madam of the Daybreak Guild rather than an elite force. Isn’t it something you can tell just by looking at Minju’s characteristics?


Ban Seojun, who promised to become the king of raiding at the age of 27, scouted only the best talents in Korea.


Hunters who can set foot at Daybreak are at least B-class. All members of the 1st raiding party of the Daybreak Guild are high-ranking Hunters who specialize in combat.


It’s an unprecedented combination.


Even the core layers of that Paradise aren’t all high-ranked. Daybreak is truly amazing.


I measured the level of the 1st raiding party personnel by citing Korea’s ranking with my hands. 1st place is me, 2nd place is him, 3rd place is Polar Night, and who was 4th place?


I don’t know the detailed rankings since I don’t usually pay attention to them. But as far as I remember, three Daybreaks were in the top 10. So why is he whining that they can’t do it?


“I have no intention of stepping up unless it’s a wave.” I don’t know if it’s a special gate, but I have no intention of going to the front over an advanced gate.


Of course, it is true that the advanced gate is also a disaster for a country, but unlike in the past, power inflation is rampant now, so why should I step forward? Why?


If you predicted the advanced gate, did you know in advance whether it was a dungeon or a wave?


I put the terminal into my pocket and continued my thoughts.


Of course, I had a reason to take the lead if it was a wave instead of a dungeon. First of all, I have enemies in this country.


Well, it’s been a long time since I threw away the duty to establish the nation’s prestige as a ranker.


It’s been two years since a robber with an extraordinary nickname, not belonging to the government, started helping the national intelligence source. I was steadily working with the name Finger Technique even without working hard.


A first-class contributor who stands tall in international relations, a national hero, a hero of mankind, and a world hero. Finger Technique, who pays for food because of her name. In my opinion, this was just right. Superheroes usually don’t reveal their identities. Look at the hero movies on the market. That’s how it all goes.


“Wave will be a problem, but if it’s a dungeon, I think it won’t be too much for you to be in the rear. So let’s pretend we didn’t hear what you just said.”


How long has it been since I’ve been dormant? Frequent exposure is harmful to mental health.


Posts covered with Finger Technique and Finger King were already noticeable. Oh, that’s awful.


I looked at Ban Seojun as I swept my arm from goosebumps.


A machine might run amok after working for a period of time.


“Do you remember when the Paradise guild leader moved? It happened only three times.”


However, this sudden acceleration machine was surprisingly calm. He was very different from the Ban Seojun I saw in the dungeon or in private. Is that merely Daybreak’s leader’s public image?


I didn’t get used to it, but I understood.


“Once on that day, once during a pollution disaster, and once during an ice cold hell. We found the name of Polar Night on this gate entry list.”


The day Lee Yedan prophesied and became controversial, a pollution disaster in which all the land and air around the advanced gate area rotted, and an ice-cold hell in which half of the Korean peninsula was frozen.


Polar Night got I Really Like on that day, Favor during the Pollution Disaster Incident, and Loveless during the Ice-Cold Hell Incident.


I heard he took a lot of interest and talent, but this is an unknown area to me, so let’s move on.


Anyway, the above were the events in which Polar Night appeared “officially”, and all had something in common.


“The events directly initiated by Polar Night grown to an unexpected scale. I don’t think this one will end at the advanced gate line either.”


The events happened on a ridiculous scale.


On that day, the interdimensional war broke out, so needless to say, the contamination disaster and the ice-cold hell caused a problem of a special gate level in terms of scale alone.


“Therefore, before the damage grows, I ask you for help in advance. I ask you to reconsider your thoughts.” Ban Seojun lightly lowered his head and finished his speech. I didn’t open my mouth immediately, and the dining room fell into cold silence.


The lunatic prophet who had built a secret base in Antarctica and lived in seclusion would show his face.


This time, as in the past, Paradise will benefit, and others will lose.


I ran from place to place that day, but I pretended not to know about the other two incidents. It was an intermediate gate and an advanced gate. Both were non-wave dungeons, and I thought I didn’t have to step out.


It was the same this time. I had a moment of enlightenment.


Oh, I see. It’s not that Polar Night showed himself because it’s me. He only appeared to maximize profits.


Objectively, it was very suspicious.


The toe of my sneaker made a thumping noise on the smooth dining room floor.


Everyone in the room awaited my answer, but I was troubled.


Stepping up. Engaging in something I won’t normally participate in. Let’s say it’s all good.


But I don’t have a reason to help Daybreak. For me, it doesn’t matter who benefits. Even if Paradise’s guys have taken unusual gains so far, it doesn’t hurt me.


Actually, if you think about it, that could have been a good thing. If something good happens on their side one more time, won’t they become the first place in the guild ranking? It will prevent Daybreak from soloing, killing two birds with one stone.


However, there’s one thing…


‘I cross hundreds of millions of stars to see you again, my king.’


That’s the proof that he wasn’t a typical nutcase.


And he called me king!


It was so creepy that the memory got stuck in the corner of my brain along with that pretty face.


So do I choose the very unpleasant Daybreak or that very insane cult?


My cell phone vibrating with a buzzing sound broke the silence and my worries.


I slowly opened my mouth, clutching my cell phone where my mom’s reply would have arrived.



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