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Blue and yellow moons occupied the sky. I was taken aback by the strange sight of the two moons.


Where am I? Andromeda? If you were going to send me somewhere, why not send me to Hong Kong? Why send me to a different galaxy?


I looked up at the sky with a puzzled expression. The blue moon and the yellow moon. I had seen a sky with two moons before in the territory of the King of Pride.


Oh, right. Since this was a projection of coming into the King of Pride’s home ground, it was only natural to show the outer dimension. 


But why? I scratched my head, feeling uneasy.


This extraordinary state of being, known by various names such as illusion, delusion, fantasy, clever trap, a prank of the devil, and past dream, could leave those who fall for it defenseless.


Many Awakened ones fell into the trap and died, and there was no way to deal with it except to increase their mental strength. It was a difficult state of being, but surprisingly there was a way to avoid falling for it from the beginning.


How exactly? Well, it’s nothing special. It ultimately controls someone else’s mind, whether an illusion or a delusion. You’re fine if you’re stronger than the spell caster using those tricks.


Was this what they call the Murim-style method, where strength is everything? If yes, what could you do? Just like the law of capitalist society was money, the law of outer dimensions was power. Anything could be overcome by being strong.


Therefore, I didn’t take any action in this regard. Since everything was weaker than me anyway, why would I need to worry about falling for a state of being? It was a careless thought.


“I should have trained harder in the past.”




“Oh, nothing. I was just talking to myself.”


I thought there was no chance of falling for it, but there was. After responding briefly to the boy ahead of me, I shut my mouth. I didn’t want to talk too much for no reason.


Why bother having a friendly conversation with someone you don’t even know? It would be better to spend that time PK hunting or something.


I turned my head and looked around. We were walking along the shore of a huge lake. The black water of the lake calmly swayed, holding two moons. It was a strange scene that seemed alienated from the world. We walked and walked, but there was no end in sight.


Where are we? I brought back the question I had at first from the endlessly continuing road.


I didn’t know how much time had passed. Outside, white monsters must be rampaging by now. I looked at the white-haired head of the boy walking ahead and spoke, “Where are we going?”


The boy, who had been walking ahead silently, turned his head at my words. Pink dots were stuck on his skin, as pale as his hair. Sharp fangs showed off their presence through his open mouth. He’s not human. I narrowed my eyes.


“Are you finally curious about that? I thought you would ask a little earlier.” The sharp white fangs on his slightly smiling face were as sharp as a saw blade.


I prepared myself for the upcoming battle, clenching and unclenching my hands. My senses still hadn’t returned. It was because I had used my power too much earlier.


“Where am I? And who are you?”


“This is the king’s territory. I am a guide.”


“Who is the king? The King of Pride?”


“Well…that’s what you guys seem to call him.” The boy playing with his curly bangs laughed. Scripted letters writhed over his pale face. Giant wings made of flesh burst through his neat suit jacket.


The lake shore shook violently as the boy flew up with his wings. With his twinkling pink eyes, he asked in a silky voice, “Ask the intruder. Why did they step foot in our territory?”


“I just want to go home. Where’s the way out?”


“This path tests those who have come to meet the king. There are only two ways out.”


The young voice was quite solemn. I rummaged through my pocket and pulled out my terminal. The screen of the trembling device was filled with unreadable characters. Everything looked broken, just like at the beginning of the war. Should I give up on getting any information?


“Pass the test and have an audience with the king, or…”




A deafening explosion was heard. I moved my numb fingers to feel around my ears.


“Die.” At the same time, the boy smiled. The flames engulfed the surroundings, and amidst my shaking vision, green letters danced.


[You have entered the territory of the King of Pride.]


[Token of the Keeper (8/8)]


[Those who want an audience with the king, prove their qualifications.]


[Confirmation of suitable persons.]


[The 2nd Army Commander, ‘Ardat’ appears.]


Ah, I could hear someone giggling somewhere in my head.


I swallowed a curse and picked up my bag. I don’t care about the king. Just send me home.




When Finger Technique was just put to the test, on the ground.


[Until the liberation of the Pit Where the Stars Fell, 359:13:27]


I Really Like of Paradise was calmly waiting in accordance with the order of Polar Night.


“Don’t open the space because you might get caught if you do something wrong.”


Together with the damn Loveless.


‘When will she die?’


It had already been a year since Melting Heart, who made cursing Finger Techniques her livelihood, cursed Loveless along with him.


Despite numerous cursed dolls and talismans being thrown away, Loveless was still alive.


‘Her lifespan must be tough.’


It was common sense that killing an ordinary person with a cursed doll was difficult enough, let alone an Awakened, but Melting Heart continued to do so regularly.


Melting Heart’s eloquence was so impressive that Polar Night scouted her, and I Really Like was scouted because he always let his instinct dictate his mind. But that didn’t mean her characteristics were that eloquence. She just happened to speak better than most people, and I Really Like only lived too thoughtlessly.


Look at the reality of Finger Technique, who has been cursed for even longer than Loveless and is still alive and well. How pointless this is.


His (self-proclaimed) friend, Geranium, and the master of nonsense, Letter, would’ve laughed if they’d heard about this funny thing. Unfortunately, though, Letter was a (self-proclaimed) friend of I Really Like, and he would probably never remove those parentheses in his lifetime, so he could avoid becoming a laughingstock.


In the long run, just to be a laughing stock would have been better.


And as he stared blankly at the sky, lost in thought…


“Ah.” Loveless, who held the position of the only sane person in the (pseudonymous) religious group mixed with abnormal regressor, lacking earthling, and incomprehensible alien, let out a deep sigh,


‘I wonder if that’s doing well.’


An alien with eerie green eyes. A being from an outer dimension. The trash with the same ingredients as the monsters that invaded their dimension. The guild member in charge of the core of this operation, Shuaib. Shub for short. A being called ‘Favor’ on Earth.


‘A monster that looks like a human. What the hell is he thinking?’


It was a well-known story that monsters were inhabitants of an outer dimension. But was knowing and seeing really the same thing?


They covered and followed it according to Polar Night, but when they learned of Favor’s true identity, even they had to speak up.


‘He is essential for the great cause.’


‘If I we were to make a comparison, he is more than the monsters.’


The content of his words was shocking despite his gentle tone. Loveless, taken aback, turned to say something but gave up after seeing I Really Like clapping his hands with a thoughtless expression.


‘Let’s not just think about it.’


She found a sense of purpose in Paradise, but Loveless was too lacking to understand their emotions.


Let’s not think too much about it. This mission was also quite strange, but whatever she was assigned to wasn’t important. As long as she followed and supported, everything would work out.


Today, the wind was particularly cold. Loveless tried to maintain a calm mindset like a master of meditation.


Bang, bang-!!


Perhaps, it would have been possible to reach the state of enlightenment if it had not been for that sound.


“The dungeon is collapsing!!”


The world had never helped her. And this time was no different.


‘This dungeon is not a proper dungeon. It’s a trap dug by the King of Lust using the sleeping King of Pride.’


The story she’d heard before leaving slowly came to mind. Loveless prepared herself calmly for the coming changes.


According to him, this dungeon won’t collapse until the audience is over.


‘To face the existence of this dimension, one must bring the inner world of the King of Pride, who cannot wake up from his sleep. What the King of Lust desires is a quick fusion of the two dimensions. A king’s name is not light, much less his inner world. If it just ends with the dungeon, then there won’t be a problem, but what if it becomes a wave? What if we can’t stop him and the dimensions start to fuse?’


The ends of Polar Night’s lips curl up evenly, and his purple eyes shimmer ominously. Loveless closed her eyes in anticipation of the rest of the talk.


‘The speed of fusion will be out of control. By then, we won’t be able to intervene.’


It was a story that the human race, which was not yet ready, could fall into slavery to the races of the outer dimension.


The Awakened ones may have enough power to survive, but what about the majority of humans? It would be a terribly monstrous ending.


‘The only way to close the inner world is to have an audience with the king. The exam is complex and takes a long time. That is what the King of Lust is aiming for. So after entering, we will form a group and clear the way to the king.’


Pass the gatekeeper’s test and collect the tokens. Go down to the depths and spread the tokens. The one with the last token will have the opportunity to meet the king, so prepare for the changes in the dungeon after placing them.


The white frozen breath dispersed into the air. Anyone who enters the path of the audience should dispose of everything else.


Monsters that incited mental contamination all changed their appearance at once. Loveless reached out and held an ice spear.


The dungeon, which had been shaken violently, trembled and changed its appearance.


Narrower, even narrower.


Monsters that play the role of cells rush to defeat the intruders inside the body. Loveless stood on the trembling ground like a wall and looked ahead.


‘The location of the inner world is usually different for each individual, but for the King of Pride, which we will meet this time…’


A viscous liquid leaked from the ground she was standing on. Loveless watched the progress, freezing the ground solid.


‘The inner world is inside the body. So, if the King of Pride’s inner world fuses with this dimension…’


Without hesitation, I Really Like tore apart the space.


Loveless followed him and watched the space change. It was chaotic, with screams everywhere. She vaguely recalled the world spoken by Polar Night.


‘The whole country will go into the belly of the King of Pride.’


His face that came to her mind looked quite refreshed.


I mean, is that something you speak of while laughing? Loveless wanted to ask for a second. Is this really what’s at stake for Finger Technique in this dimension? Can we…really trust that person?


But it had already happened and couldn’t be undone. Loveless desperately wanted to see Finger Technique at this moment.


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